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nathaniel curran words • bones • photos • stan seivers In California spring has sprung, south swell is on the rise and the water is heating up. With the warmth in the air also comes warmth in hearts, and charity surf events starring one of California’s hottest up-and-comers warms our hearts. This year marks the 4th Annual Young & the Brave charity surf event in Newport Beach, which is hosted by Tyler Gunther. Wise beyond his years, young Tyler wanted to broaden his skill set while also doing a lot of good at the same time. The waves were pumping, the weather was perfect and the surfing was amazing.  Having touched almost all of us in some way, shape or form, cancer can be a very hard thing to deal with, and not only for the person going through it but also those around them. The Young & the Brave is a nonprofit charity looking to make a difference for those who are going through cancer treatment. Seeing what the foundation was doing and how it was helping those in need, Tyler teamed up with Young & the Brave to put on a surf charity event to help raise more awareness for this great cause. With major brands backing the event there are usually awesome raffles and great silent auctions. And trust us when we say this event didn’t disappoint, as Tyler and his team pulled out all the stops. Our favorite moment was all the groms having a race to see who claims the brand new RVCA wetsuit. If you ever witness 20 kids running full speed in ankle-deep water while tripping each other then you know what we are talking about – hysterical! When you have a great surfer for a host and an even better cause to go with it, you get some big names showing up at your event. With the likes of big-wave legend and now WSL host Pete Mel, or California natives like Christian Fletcher, Nathaniel Curran and Chase Wilson along with up-and-coming groms like Jon Mel, Shane Borland and a score of other local groms, you get a great event to watch. With a four- to six-foot combo swell in the water, Newport was doing its thing and there was no shortage of highlights. From Christian Fletcher’s spitting left tube to Nathaniel Curran’s giants backside airs, to Shane Borland taking out the expression session with a backside air on his last wave with seconds to spare or Pete Mel doing giant forehand hack on a wave

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that looks nothing like the Lane, the event highlighted nonstop action. The mini groms and girls were charging doing big turns and getting some sick tubes as well! Staying glassy all day, Mother Nature gave us her everything on earth day.

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They say love beats cancer, and even though most of us aren’t doctors, we can all still help make a difference. Congratulations to Tyler and his team for a great event, and kudos to you Tyler for spearheading the movement to get younger kids involved and giving back to those around them. We can’t wait for next year.

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