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Best Friend? Sometimes I wonder what it really means to be your best friend… You once acted like you loved me & you wanted it to be that way… Now all I hear you saying, you only see me as a BFF… Do you know what you’ve done to me? You made me go insane, I used to write your name and draw little hearts around it… Now I don’t know what to say, you pulled me away said you wanted her but we’d be BFF’s… So today I’m now dating and you’re with her… For some reason I’m still going insane, sometimes I start crying when I hear your name… Once you told me, you missed the old times but then you went back with her… So now I’m dating and you’re taken too but then Why won’t you leave my mind, its driving me insane!! The world keeps spinning; you want to still talk… You used to be there, listen to all I say you’d even talk more But now all I get is “hey” There is this feeling I get around you and I can’t explain it But its driving me insane… I don’t understand…what made us be this way? You knew I was happy, I knew you were too… Why must it be this way…?


This is a poem I wrote this morning... Im poundering the question of...does the ex/bff/idk

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