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Organizing Corporate Award Functions for Conglomerates Organizing corporate award functions has become an way of showing appreciation and enthusiasm in the corporate world while showering employees and executives with the gifts, perks and rewarding them for their efforts Plan Your Award Function: Plan your award function based on the invitees and the attendees who will be attending the Award function. Planning an award function is the prerequisite, an idea that you need to get right Create a Budget: Your budget needs to include the expenses like decoration, seating, venue, sound services, awards, certificates, trophy’s and dinner if required, etc. Make an inventory of all the requirements and arrange for the billing and management of finances that is allotted for the Corporate awards Function. Scheduling the Awards Function: Corporate events usually happen half-yearly or at the end of the financial year. The date you choose for the award function must be comfortable for top-level executives to attend. Decide whether you want to start the awards function during the day or later in the evening after office hours Choosing the Venue: If you choose to have a venue outside the organization, it can be a large banquet room at hotels or an open area if you are expecting a large number of invitees. Visit the venue and make sure it can accommodate the number of invitees. Smaller award functions, can be held at the auditorium or board room in your organization. This is a more viable option if you don’t have a king sized budget and is doesn’t necessitate the need for one. The Venue is a colossal part of the event. It has a huge impact on the event. So look at the finer details of the place you are organizing your event. Sending out Invitations: Invitations is a integral part of all corporate functions. Invitations can be sent out in the form of cards or in the form of emails. Depending on the priority of the guests and invitees you may even call and inform them to lend it a more personal touch Decoration of the Venue: Decorations of the stage vary from every organization. The seats for the invitees are also to be decorated with satin ribbons and white clothes. Laying a red carpet adds to the grandiosity. The Front row seats are for the most privileged guests. If there are a large number of important guests then make sure you assign seats for each of them.

Guest Speakers: After the host introduces the guests and luminary it is then the turn of the top executives to address the audience and the media. The speakers usually speak the mission of the organization and inspire co workers and employees with golden words. Too much of narcissism should be avoided .The speakers must speak about the company on a broader consensus. Awards and Trophies: Sometimes your company may have its own set of trophies designed with the company logo at other times you may get it locally made. Make you certificates in a way that it will become a memorabilia for the recipient. Arrange for these things well in advance. Gifting: Giving gifts has become an integral part of the corporate world .At award functions companies gift invitees with watches, prepaid cards and much more. There are plentiful of ideas for corporate gifting. The list is exhaustive, but it’s up to you if you want to give gifts This is a consummate guide to organizing corporate award functions for conglomerates.

Organizing Corporate Award Functions for Conglomerates  

This is the comprehensive list to organizing a Corporate Awards function .Corporate Awards Function are different from art or film award fun...

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