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This is the introduction

This photo symbolizes the destruction of all the information that we received.

As designers, the proximity between a creation and its audience is as important as the creation itself. Technology and society evolve hand in hand, so we have to try and reinvent the way they work together. Blink tries to reincorporate gesture and powerful ideas in an attempt of becoming the poster of the future. According to statistics, we receive 11.8 hours a day worth of information from the Internet at home. We have come to receive so much input from different sources of media, that a high percentage of us receive this information, but let it disappear in front of our eyes. Sometimes the most important information doesn’t impact us anymore. In a way, a lot of important messages that we are constantly attacked with, self-destruct because they have lost their weight in amidst the sea of information. Based on this idea, we thought about a message that self-destructs, an ephemeral message that comes and goes. Years have shown us examples of physical messages being destroyed, and now we only have to use mobile apps to send messages and pictures that in five seconds self-destruct. With this in mind, we have given the poster of the future a new definition by bringing back its interaction with the person but at the same time making it communicate with the person in a strong way. The idea is to have a series of naked posters with only the words – This message will self-destruct in five minutes – Seeming empty upon first appearance. Its only when they spray water on the empty support that a message becomes visible through the water. After a short period of time, the support dries, and thus the message disappears. Following the message as a form of impact, we have decided to include information and statistics impacting the participant. For example, 140,000 people died from Aids in Russia in 2011. We want the participant to search for the message rather than have it given to them. By spraying water and seeing the message appear, they pause, read and take the information in, creating a whole new experience for the participant. The irony of it all is that after 5 minutes the message will disappear, just like it does in our day to day. The exhibition is comprised of blank posters with the saying on it and a water spray bottle each presented in a very clean way. Previously, the posters have had a message sprayed on with a special hydrophobic spray using a stencil. Posters will be made from a size A2 cardboard. There will be various posters to ensure the participant is drawn in.

Ignorance is bliss

Our design inspirations

1. Nimbus, by Berndnaut Smilde. 2. Street art made from natural elements by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, he created hundreds of sitting figures out of ice. 3. Autodestructable 4. Billion

exhibition - Abraam Cruzvillegas.

Cycles from che-wei wang.

This is the process

Poster design





This is us

AdriĂ Serrano

Andrea Maresch

Maria Boixeda

Jade de Robles


blink. Ignorance is bliss  

As designers, the proximity between a creation and its audience is as important as the creation itself. Technology and society evolve hand i...

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