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irst of all I want to thank God for making this edition possible, for all the growth at BAA multimedia and subsidiaries. I'm so excited about the award edition because the idea of Blingz magazine was generated from the awards. The rst award was in the year 2009, it was a success and the rst of its kind in the city of Ogbomoso, the rst Red Carpet event in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology and it was followed up with a better edition in the year 2010 which was the year I left Ogbomoso . Returning to Ibadan I needed a platform to ensure that the award is of high standard. Then I introduced Blingz Magazine. It was given this name because the ancient city was popular for her brown roofs and I was prepared to show the world the other side of the ancient city which is the Most Nigerian actors are known to be cliché with roles; AY comedian once cracked a joke on actors and roles they are known for where he would mention a role and ask who it is popularly known for or vice versa, versatility is one blinging side. thing I personally doff my hat for Odunlade Adekola, in words of Tunde Adeyinka who wrote the cover story about the This edition is covered by an actor actor. who is loved by everybody, On the inner cover we have the host of the Blingz Events Award, Dr Smile and Aisha Lawal. Also, we featured all the Odunlade Adekola. winners of this prestigious award.

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Blingz magazine is published by baa multimedia. Editorial ofce: 34 Oyo Road, Coca-Cola Area, Sango Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Web: Blingz magazine is a periodical production of baa multimedia. The law prohibits any part or whole usage of this publication without the consent of the pubisher / editor-in-chief. 3











his is one simple, yet sophisticated outt for men with class. It is a versatile piece which can be worn for different occasions and events. It can be worn as a reception dress for a groom, also as an outt for a groom-to-be who is getting introduced, especially if you are from the South-southern part of Nigeria. Groomsmen will surely look good having this piece on. This piece can also be donned to owanbes, as a wedding guest and on rst dates.

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Bolade-Jolaoluwa Awotunde is a young vibrant entrepreneur who graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho in 2014. She studied crop production and soil sciences, and started her makeup career in her last year in school. She has been invited to several meetings to speak to youths on real life talks, and has been on several television shows. Her dream is to own the largest womanowned Beauty Company ever recorded in history; couple with the vision of helping every girl child get totally independent. She has a calling to help every girl child, who has dreams and aspirations yet remains un-privileged to see it work out. Her message for everyone who is struggling like she did, who has had to deal with one disappointment or the other, who's been walked on, taken advantage of , who doesn't have enough around them, is MOVE ON .......... Let's meet you: My name is Bolade-Jolaoluwa Awotunde. I am currently the CEO and founder of Beautifulseal. Beautifulseal is a one stop beauty store, where we offer services in makeup sessions, Headgear artistry, Aso-Oke embroidery, accessories, makeup products and makeup trainings. Why did you become a makeup artiste? In all honesty I was broke and tired of looking to the next person as my source of sustenance. It started way back in 2014 when I was done with University, and I knew I was never cut out for the 8am -6pm life. One thing I had phobia for was Make-Up. But the statement that says “....go with the idea that scares you the most, it is the one that helps you grow the most” kept coming to me mind. So far this has been the best decision I've made for myself....

What were the rst days like? The rst days were a mixture of it all, I mean , not like we didn't have good days , but there were really bad days, days when all I had enough strength to do was cry. Days when you would literally break your back to satisfy a client you got after series of prayers and fasting (lol), and still be paid so little . Building my brand got better per job, it become more structured per time. What are the difculties you went through...? The major difculty is always, how to getting an audience to believe you, to believe in the delivery and excellence of your brand. Convincing a woman who probably already had a makeup artiste or Aso Oke maker is one of the most

How do you handle a client that wants a makeup that doesn't suit them? Over the years, we have been able to develop a certain level of trust in our clients. We have proven our skills and excellence per time, such that they agree with the result of our prognosis per time. Nonetheless, we understand that our customers are always right so we appease the gods when we have to..... Who inspires you? I have a bunch of mentors whom, when I listen or read their stories, I get more reasons to say I must be successful! The likes of Tara Fela-Durotoye, Banke Meshidalawal , Jide of St.Ola, awlessfacesbyjane amidst lot of others are amazing makeup brands I draw inspirations from . Suppose you were to pick a product, which one comes to your mind rst? Errrrmmm...this might be a tough one because I have a long list of products that my heart is totally sold out to, but if I must choose, I'll settle for Mac foundations…Amazing coverage, easy to blend and lots more, especially when used with a good primer base! What is the biggest challenge you had to face? One of the biggest was convincing my dad into believing makeup is actually a proper job. I think secondly would be getting a primer that works for every skin type. In 10 years, where do you see Beautiful seal and how do you plan to get there? I see Beautifulseal as one of the largest brand, most excellent driven beauty homes existing and we intend to achieve this by building a structure that lasts, also by embracing our slogan “never relent in being consistent” school of thought !

Beautiful Seal


How old were you when you rst fell in love with makeup? LOL ... Don't ask a lady her age.

tasking jobs in the universe. It just requires a level of maturity, commitment and skill. 7

GOD CONFIDENCE THE KEY TO A FULFILLED LIFE “But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, Whose condence is in him!”


believe that there are majorly two types of people: the ones who take charge of situations, and people who let situations take charge of them. From the current state of things in the world, we can easily infer that people who let situations take charge of them are going nowhere. They don't take active steps and so cannot get much out of life. Such people usually live miserable, fear lled, narrow lives, unable to achieve success or help others to do. They simply just exist; it is as a result of their direct or indirect disobedience of the word of God, in Genesis 1:28, which says, “…ll the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the sh of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Such people can never experience joy because they're not obeying their God's given mandate. When discussing the “take chargers”, it gets a bit trickier. Surely these people will enjoy prosperity and fullment. They are obeying God, right? Hmmm…not so much, at least not all of them are. Now, the question is how come? The answer is simple, not every condent person actually has the backing of God. To actually live the life that God has purposed for you, you have to take steps with a trust and reliance on him. This is a concept called “God condence”. What is God condence? This is simply that boldness that comes from knowing the one and true God, who is in control of the events that take place anywhere. He loves you so much and that you are secure in His hands. It is an internal assurance that once God gives the go ahead, he backs it up. It's the knowledge of the power of God and His presence in your life. It's what keeps missionaries smiling even as some of them are burned alive. It is what keeps a child of God going even when it seems like there is no way out. It is the only thing that can help us defeat the devil. We have depended on our strength long enough. Aren't you tired of always trying to keep up with the world? Aren't you tired of hiding from the devils agents in your workplace? Aren't you tired of relying on your own strength? If you are, then I am suggesting the following steps: · Surrender: As amazing as it will be to nally hand the reigns of life over to God, it comes with a condition: salvation. We all know the famous John 3; 16 but do we know Matthew 11:28, which says,” come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” To receive the peace, rest and joy that can only come from condence in God; you have to give him access to your life rst.

· Develop: Start building a personal relationship with God. Study the word, pray, learn more about him and grow in the faith, the quest for God condence is not achieved in a day. Of course, if you pray for it, you will receive it but for how long? You want a permanent, sturdy condence in the King of kings, not something that can be tossed around by the winds of life. Think of it like this, to build a skyscraper, you need a deep foundation that can withstand possible oods, earthquakes, etc. Others building bungalows and even duplexes may nish building before you are done with your foundation but you have to press on. They may mock you but once you stop the foundation and start to build, they stop, because now they see you aren't striving for the same thing as you build yourself in God painstakingly. Peers can be listening to motivational speakers that promote self-condence and reading the “Ten ways to achieve condence”, but when the storms of life come, only people with God condence are left standing. · Break: On a normal ground, there can never be two heads in a body. As human beings, we usually want to do things our way. With God condence, this isn't possible. For the world to bow to the Christ in us, we have to bow to the Christ in us. We have to learn to say, “Your will not mine, o Lord.” You have to give God the control. it's like a father sitting patiently near his child because he was called to help with the shoelaces; if the child, even after calling his father, refuses to let him help, the father can do nothing but sit and watch even while his child struggles. So, learn to let go and let God. · Act: After receiving the gift of God's condence, it can only work if you put it to action. Live out every day and every action with the condence that God has given to you. Lift your head high, square your shoulder, speak up and smile brightly. Act in the power you have received and let that light be seen by all around you. · Sow: Tell others about the gift you've received. The world would be lled with more happy and fullled people if more people knew the place of God condence in their lives. Don't be selsh. Tell others about the testimonies and joy you've received as a result of relying totally on God. Well, this is what I have to bless you, luckily, it doesn't end with me. Search the scriptures and ask God to enlighten you more on this fascinating and powerful topic. God bless. Maranatha! -Babanifemi

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n the early 2000's the name Odunlade Adekola won't ring a bell despite the fact that he started acting four years before the 21st century. Born on the 31st of December 1978 in Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria, though his parents are not from Ogun State. With a record of over hundred movies feature, his career kicked off professionally in 1996 under the tutelage of late Ishola Durojaiye (Alasari).

and videos with humour. For the sake of those who aren't social media savvy, a meme is an image, video, piece of text and all that, typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. In a nut shell Odunlade has created a presence for himself on social media and in peoples mind as he is crowned the king of meme having graced over 85% of the Nigerian created memes. So even if you don't see Most Nigerian actors are known to be cliché with roles; Nigerian movie, you would have had an encounter with AY comedian once cracked a joke on actors and roles Odunlade Adekola online bringing out your full they are known for, where he would mention a role and dentition. His face is almost everywhere. ask who has played more in that role or who has been more popular with such roles. Odun as fondly called His consistency over the years has endeared him to has a superb versatility, this is something he gets many of his fans, a lot of actors has graced our screen doffed hat for from many. Today he is an illiterate thrift and made a list but within a few years fade into crowd collector, the next he is a pastor, lover boy, abusive in the industry but Odunlade has and is still standing husband or a notorious armed robber. Switching from the test of time, since his break into the A- list actors one character to the other is the most endearing category over a decade ago. He has maintained the attribute of an actor which is been proved to be a soft status quo and improved on his act over the years. He work for Odunlade Adekola. If I will personally create a has been consistently getting nominations and awards simile I will say as convincing as Odunlade or as as 'actor of the year' for over seven consecutive years dynamic as Odunlade. His ability to interpret any role aside other awards in different categories gracing his can be likened to that of a chameleon. In the words of a collection over the years. A lot of movie producers friend and colleague Dr Damilola Adegbesan-Balogun; know once they have Odunlade on their movie it is a Odunlade Adekola is just not your average actor, sure sell, even popular marketers advise producers to sometimes I just think he doesn't need a script to act, put Odunlade on set even if it is a scene or two and he is in touch with reality and doesn't fail to express it make him grace the poster as a publicity strategy in his daily movies. My husband dislikes Yoruba lms… which has been a sure bet all through these years. Nigerian movies generally but he loves Odunlade… My own Seyi? Loves a Nigeria actor? ... Na man Odunlade Some fans don't even want to know who produced, be joor! wrote a movie or its synopsis once Odun is on the movie's jacket or poster, they are ready to see the I remember when I dropped the question; why do you movie. He has built an integrity that seals the love Odunlade? On my whatsapp status, a friend of subscription deal. mine Dayo Adeoye said and I quote; 'he gets a role, enters the role, be the role and comes out of that role Consistency is a sure driver of success, no wonder his to enter another and the cycle goes on'. He can even mates are few. I remember a while ago when sharing act like a babe sef and then I remembered the movie- ideas with a colleague on event planning and attracting Jelili where he played the role of a lady called Sisi Kola people to event through actors, we mentioned a few in a beauty pageant. “Ta lo lo shi, iyalaya won! I hope names who can pull crowd and when the name Odunlade Adekola popped up, my friend said, see ehn those words rings a bell. Event planner and dentist; Dr Adesuwa Alalade opined guy, I intentionally didn't mention him ni o, because he that Odunlade's delivery is top notch, a very good will surely steal the day due to fans focusing their actor in short he is presently the most versatile actor attention on Him and forgetting the main thing they are there for, this the length fans can go, expressing their she knows in the Yoruba movies industry. love for Odunlade. The King of meme; his facial expression on set has given his face an edge as a social media sensation, his Once Odunlade appears at your event everything goes pictures has been used for different memes. In these gaga, people shouting and taking pictures. My advice to days of social media savagery, Odun's facial every event host, the moment you see Odun in the hall expression has been used to spice up situation, images just go mute else your word won't be heard till minutes

after he is seated, due to fans reaction. It might even take up to an hour before he sits, please just let the music play on. (Don't thank me, what are friends?). For a Nigerian telecommunication giant like Glo Mobile to count him worthy has a show stopper and sign him as an ambassador to help inuence their market threshold and also put him on tour of majority of their event is not a casual feat for accomplishment. In the same vein Goldberg also have him on their southwest tour train as a headliner, need I say more, he is undoubtedly a centre of attraction at events either private or ofcial. If you ask an average Africa lady for her kind of man, she will give you the tall, dark and handsome (TDH) specs. Little wonder Odunlade is the ladies' man, his physique is one to die for, a charming smile to seal the love deal, ladies won't mind taking a man like Odun home to mama plus he is hard working and smiles to the bank every now and then. An addition to TDH is a man's sense of humour, this is a super plus for Odun, his choice of words and savage in movies can be likened to be the uniqueness of Denzel Washington, like Denzel just audio from an Odunlade scene will betray his cover without you looking at the Screen. He has this Egba (traditional Abeokuta diction/ intonation) tongue he uses that to dazzles Yoruba movies fans, you can't but get cracked up when he throws a clap back, Odunlade is indeed a savage, as a matter of fact, an epic one. Well selshness will sometimes come in for anyone on top and leading an industry making it hard to let others grow to their level, but a good leader doesn't possess this. Odunlade is one of the few who has helped upcoming actors make a mark in the industry. There is never a wakapass role in an Odunlade's movies, even if it a statement every actor will deliver as lines, he ensures closeup shots even for all, he has great interests in upcoming acts. Without Odunlade Adekola's inuence, names like Bukola Adeeyo, Tunde Owokoniran, Eniola Ajao and recently Dr Smile won't be known as fast as they rose up the ladder in the movie industry. The aforementioned names and many others attends acting institute where raw talents are being rened and projected to the world. In essence, colleagues, lm enthusiasts, social media savy population and the general public have one or two reasons why they love Odunlade Adekola. An inference can there be drawn that “Everybody

Cover Story by Adeyinka Tunde Molade 11

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AdeyinkaTunde Molade Olubadan of Comedy

Welcome my people, how una dey? No vex say my greetings too much o jare, the truth of the matter is that I actually don't know what to write today, but because I still need this job for survival, you readers are also here to read something, I hear the declaration most of the aspirants of political and public executive ofces dey make as per their running mates; I come kuku think say make we check out this election thing, abi wetin you think? As usual my own school of thought is diverse but unique, you still dey ask how come? Na me be the proprietor which means I write the scheme of work nah! So if I say its diverse just accept that fact that it is, meaning obey without complain. Today's write-up might be short because as I have told you before, I no sabi wetin I go write so make e no be like say I dey lie, e go short by force. But I go try sha! There are different kinds or type and categories of running mates, today we go discuss the types wey I see say them exist. The rst kind of running mate is the ghting running mate; did you just say ght! Yes nah when you realize it's a war you are about to ght in the ofce you are vying for; most especially in a country with lot of decays in various aspects of its effectiveness, with you being in the military for example, you have no choice than to choose a man of God (MOG) yes nah because the war you are about to go for is not only of the physical but also of the spiritual, come oo why you con dey disturb your mind whether nah person wey contest for febuhari 2015 I dey talk about abeg oo your rising star no go come down due to emergence of herodic mindset ooooo!!!! The sophomore category (if you like dey conrm if the term I just use correct nah your wahala be dat oo, I don collect salary) is the eyeing my job running mate, this type are the ones who despite the fact that they are supportive in your quest, but that same oval ofce you occupy is their dreamland that's why this kind of running mate stay close to the chief judge's ofce when the honorable members of the house are busy moving motion for your impeachment so that their swearing will be fast enough since they are your deputy, before court go give order for your reinstatement abi make people wey go start dey paste posters declaring their interest

for your position, get the news and announcement say its impossible to give you the privilege of a third term in ofce. Hmm, I know say una go dey wonder when I turned to be a politician, no vex my brother me sef no wan make my career enter trashcan, so therefore the next category I will be talking about will be viewed from another wealth brewing vocation in our dear country, abeg stop all this your rhetorical questions joor; what other thing t contest accumulation of politics money if not music! Our next stop will be the 'I don port running mate', these ones builds a strong dynasty with you, make you the most sort after personality by record labels, you and them go become the best duo ever, enemies go dey ask why you? Make ladies fall in love, discover a black diamond for your crew, crown you the prince of music production which later makes you an Igwe, then all of a sudden Kick Switch you like a scape goat, use your walking stick or rod as the case maybe to strike you. Momentarily hitting you just because of good music, forgetting there is no Dr to get your deciencies sealed. These kind of mate try to devour you simply because they are white lions, big sh (eja nla) in the industry, but the good news is that despite the fact that cocoa na chocolate you can still be a doro mega superstar because there is God who is Omniscient and omnipotent. I still remember the fact that I promise this edition will be short, we are about touching the last but not the least kind of running mate which is; the four years don waka running mate, these ones stick close to you through the rough and tough times like your blood brothers would do, trying their best to make things work and telling foes you guys still dey carry go and say nobody waka, but as fate will have it nah only you nally waka come. You kuku know say I dey get answers to your questions and I know say wetin dey your mind right now naa; which kin running mate con make sense wey no go leave you till the day of rapture? The best kind of running mate is what I tag the trafc/goslow/hold-up running mate simply because since I don dey chop gala and lacasera my stomach never get commotion before. Even if you check out from historical diaries, the longest celebrity marriage is that of gala and lacasera the best love story ever! Just make sure in whatever choice you want to make opt out for someone who will compliment you and makeup for your weakness. Can you see I actually had nothing to write? Now answer me, with all the aforementioned kind of running mate categories you've learnt today, if you are to be my running mate, which one you go be? 13

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Gaining wider popularity with his Instagram freestyles online, , Punchline Amund is certainly on the rise, the rising rap star, with his ear for music and melodies, is a crafty storyteller with his witty, relatable delivery style, he had critically received EP released in 2012 titled 'Diary of a College Boy' chronicling his journey through FUNAAB where he had his University Education, bagging a Bachelor degree in Environmental Management and Toxicology and graduated with a rst class assurance of his musical skills after a brief hiatus. He began his Freestyle Fridays late in 2017 discussing topics as varied on aspiration, purpose and success. He weighed in on the tithe controversy started by Daddy Freeze and garnered more than 23,000 views across different media. In January, 2018 he continued his Freestyle Fridays with a freestyle cover of Cobhams Asuquo's One Hit single. Considering the wide acceptance of his works, he recorded a full cover and it has garnered over 52,000 views on Instagram. He is twenty something years old, greatly talented in music and rap, very ready to make people feel him anytime any day.

DJ KEYWE Ibrahim Iyiola also known as Schoolboy DJ Keywe is a professional video and audio disc jockey, that's the DJ you will always see carrying a school bag. He is a graduate of Theatre Art from University of Ibadan, he started his DJ career about 6 years ago and has excellently perform his jockey skills at top events, wedding, club events, Radio stations, activation programs, rally, award parties and corporate events. Keywe, who is on a mission to dene, earn a name for himself and get known as a world class afro beat DJ is also a professional stage, light and sound design manager. His style of performing is quite different from others in Nigeria, he blends the trending elements. @djkeywe


Adiat Helen is a passionate and creative female Artist who started drawing as a toddler. She has so much love with art and her strength lies in trying new things, she likes to capture the beauty in mundane objects, places, people and culture in her artworks, using different mediums to express different ideas. Over the years, she realized she tends to create more new works when she's fully focussed on art and not being distracted by other things. Currently she runs her own art studio in Ibadan, Nigeria; where she is working on a series of paintings that portrays nature and culture. Her paintings and drawings have appeared in dozens of several galleries across the country. Her artworks evoke emotion that has been drawn from her love for nature, people and different cultures. She believes her paintings and drawing offer something important to the art world that no one else can offer. In 2017, she worked with a team of 5 artists at the Annual Calabar Festival; a unique team named (Passion 4) was oated and ranked rst in the carnival.

TIWA SIGNATURE Established in 2007, Tiwa Signature is being propelled with the sole aim of delivering matchless service with a touch of excellence. After fully considering the fact that people have an impression that the people of Ibadan has poor fashion sense, they have been able to correct that notion by creating styles that are of top notch class and affordable. They have been able to style many personalities from the city. Tiwa Signature has created a value for itself through its delivery of quality to both existing and potential clients who get to know them by referrals. The highly circulating eradication of "poor dressing” has also enhanced the increase in demand even by the very learned. The fashion Signature outlet has been at so many fashion exhibitions and fashion shows. The CEO Ololade Hassan is a graduate of electrical engineering but her passion for fashion has electried her to pursue her dreams and share her ideas through fashion.






s t s o h n g t h e o u n c i A n n

z g n i l B


r a w a

s r e n n i w ds

Dr. Smile A

graduate of English language from the Premier University, he is fondly called the Emperor of comedy, he is one of the most sought after event compere and stand-up comedian, hitting the headlines for most of the top notch comedy shows in recent times.

Ogunleye Pamilerin Olamilekan as he was christened is a friendly entertainer, probably the most approachable comedian in the southwest by both fans and junior colleagues, he is the same person both on stage and off stage, a fee spirited man, always free to relate. One of strengths which also makes him outstanding is his unique way of ow which makes audience never get tired listening to him over and over again. He is so unpredictable, awesomely skilful when it comes to delivery, he is a constant king of remix, there is always something new in the joke you have heard from him before. One joke from him is like a season ď€ lm with many episodes on the same storyline and punch-lines that takes you by surprise.


Dr Smile is the brain behind Dr Smile Unusual Comedy Show which is in its fourth season and Dr Smile unusual tv show designed to celebrate Legends of Comedy in Nigeria.

His dynamic nature has won him a lot of fans from all strata of the society. He is the ofď€ cial compere to Royal personalities and excellences in and outside his base (Abeokuta), there is this thing about him, he doesn't joke with his friends and family.

Having spent over a decade in the comedy industry, to all intent and purpose Dr. Smile is undoubtedly a force to reckon with, a creative mind to the core.


l a w a L a Aish I

can be unpredictable when it comes to movies, sometimes I am the huge fan, at other times I switch off. On One of my happy moments I decided to see a movie the title I can't remember as at now, but I can't forget seeing a slim lady with her mouth as sharp as anything, literally the mouth looked sharp and long (#lol…. not knowing its a result of studying law and acting by the side), she was seen throwing jabs at this young ne boy asking her out and I was like who is this one again ooo. Well to make a long story short, my sister who coincidentally is a law student also, who came home for hols, years later gisted me about this movie she love some much, titled "false ag" . She actually forced me to see the movie; Wow! it was the best movie I have seen in recent times the genuineness in characters and all about it was unique. I was surprised with the performance of all the actors and actresses, the actress I previously described as sharp mouth was the lead act and remains one of the best. Well, her name is Aisha Lawal. I must confess I was amazed by the ne women she had grown to be and the way she had harness her skills, her switch between English and Yoruba the languages used in the movie was effortless as her act was.


My personal experience with her when a senior colleague of mine introduced me to her through social media was another total sign up to her FAM base; Yes! am not just a fan but a forceful family member, her humility is out of this world, she doesn't want to know who you are before she accords you the love and respect she has abundantly stored in her persona. 19

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Ibadan Countdown Festival Ibadaan Countdown Festival, an event packaged to promote the Ibadan culture and environment, a whole month of music and entertainment. The 2017 edition took place at The Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan, from the 1st - 31st of December, 2017. Part of the activities include a Fuji festival, Reekado Banks’ ThankYou Concert with the grand nale being a Gospel concert which also served as a crossover service into the year 2018 lots of featuring reworks 21

Event Videographer of the Year

John Osafele (OSJ Media) John Osafele is the C.E.O of the mighty Osjworld media, a production media company in Nigeria that creates digital video portfolios for events, programs and adverts. We help to preserve memories and project ideas in the most visually appealing digital format. Osjworld media started operation on 21st May, 2011 offering distinctive and unique videography with a highly professional crew who pay great attention to details especially in capturing every moment, including the minute's details of an event. In 2017, Osjworld got a nomination at the Ibadan wedding award in the Wedding videographer of the year category. The rm remains a non-biased rm, offering equal opportunities to all gender. With an impressive array of clients which includes individuals, rms, national bodies and international organizations. Osjworld is known for punctuality both at the point of production and delivery.

Event Planner of the Year

Bayo (High Flyers Events) Adebayo Olukokun is the CEO, High Flyers Events. An event outt committed to creating memorable events for clients. They work in the area of coordination and planning and they get great feedbacks from their clients which motivates them to keep their service consistent and of world class.

Traditional Wedding Anchor of the Year

Amoke Alaga OLAOLUWAKITAN DEBORAH ABIOLA is a Statistician turned Entrepreneur; a graduate of Statistics from the prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria. She has harnessed her passion for public speaking in the events and entertainment industry. Popular known as "Amoke-Alaga", she adds glamour exquisitely to introduction and engagement ceremonies through her Alaga Iduro/Ijoko outt. She is a registered member of the Association of Professional Wedding & Engagement Coordinators of Nigeria (APWECON). She is a passionate entrepreneur, dexterous with her creative works. She is the Creative Director of Treasury Hands Crafts and Wears - a fast-growing creative craft company that specializes in Beads and Wire Jewelleries, Bridal Hair, Make-Over, Hair Fascinators, Bridal and Ankara Accessories, among many others. She is inspired and motivated to venture into an industry that will be a platform and point of reference for community development and national empowerment of youths with special interest in girls and women.


Comedy Event of the Year

Lafuplive (Made in Ibadan) The 2017 edition of lafup live was tagged: Made in Ibadan to celebrate the consistency of the brand. The organiser of Lafup also celebrated his 15th year on stage as a stand-up comedian. The show has provided stage performance platforms for so many comedians, herself inclusive, given Ibadan comedians voices in the comedy industry in Nigeria. It's a show that has bridged the gap between the high and the low sides of the industry. The big ď€ shes sit and watch the upcoming display their talents which has resulted to greater opportunities and effective networking. 23

Makeup Artist of the Year

Atunda Beauty Lucien Shantal Rita is the creative director at the Atundabeauty studio, a studio that is specialized in bridal makeup, event makeup, pedicure and manicure; she is a graduate of Computer Scientist from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. She is also into skincare and lifestyle needs like skincare products (organic), makeup training, massage (male and female therapist) and lots more. The Ibadan based beautician learnt makeup in the year 2013 and started ofcially on the 5th of May 2014 which stands to be her birthdate. Just like the brand name (ATUNDA), the mission of the brand is RECREATION. She has worked with the likes of Funmi Awelewa popularly known as MORILI Omo Ibadan, Folakemi mighty of Naija FM, Yewande Adekoya (omo elemosho,Kudi Klepto) Molade Sijuwola CEO (Mollz confectioneries), Atinuke Awobode CEO (dress my closet DMC) to mention a few, her scopes and passion for what she does has maintained a cordial relationship between her and her clients.

Event Publicist of the Year

Ibadanlawa Established on the 6th of February 2016, Ibadanlawa has been a voice on the social media scene in the city of Ibadan. Created primarily to serve as a platform to help small businesses show what they have got and also to provide social media advisory services to them so as to ensure that they don't keep winking in the dark, Ibadanlawa has been championing Ibadan in the right lightof campaign as it is all about changing the Ibadan narrative, while ensuring that people all over the world get adequate information on events, news and businesses in the pace-setter city. Ibadanlawa was of great Inuences with powerful results In the year 2017. Ibadanlawa worked on events and projects such as Social media festival, Another stage play in Ibadan, Hangmen Also Die, OYA Awards, The Unveiling, Choc Party, Thirty-Two Fm launch, Hi-Frequency by Dr. Frick, Shift Season 2.0, Laffmataz with Gbenga Adeyinka, Ibadan Countdown Festival Prest Club, Laykay Sax, BK GMB, Laffup live, Mowumi Onisasun, Among many other projects and brands.

Performance of the Year (Dance)

The Xpandables The Xpandables Is Co-owned By two great minds, Onaifo Opeyemi Emmanuel (Speedope) and Ogunbakin Oluwafemi Michael (FemiGinger). Both born and raised from the city of Ibadan (Oyo State, Nigeria)....They began with dancing at a very tender age, both grew up and was in a dance charity organization where their passion for Dance got increased. After graduating from the prestigious Lead City University Ibadan in 2012, the duo went ahead to serve their country. Following their service, the two began performing with artists on stage. At the end of every show, people gave remarks and the comments “two performers that expands like more than a pair on stage” often came up, they got awoken and received the insight which led to the name to be called… Hence, the Xpandables got ofcially formulated. The rst of February 2014 marked the ofcial beginning of The Xpandables and since then, they have performed in notable events in and out of Nigeria.


Performance of the Year (Comedy)

Woli Agba Ayo Ajewole popularly called Woli Agba is a multi-talented individual who has been able to master the art of comedy, acting and music to produce a perfect blend for his fans and followers. He took his creativity to Instagram by dropping different skits that brought him to more prominence and has been able to put his name on the spotlight. His comedy prowess has seen him feature on great stages which have made him attain higher pedestals.

Event Compere of the Year

Peteru Over the years the name Peteru has become a brand that is popularly sort after both home and abroad. Having performed at so many comedy shows and always exiting the stage with standing ovation from the audience as he deliver his jokes with originality and accurate spontaneity. He has hosted different comedy clubs in the city of Ibadan which has created more conclusive atmosphere for people to relax and connect.

Live Band of the Year

Laykay Sax Laykay Sax is a consummate Professional Saxophone player with a live band and he is regarded to be one of the most sought after in the country presently, with over a decade's experience at servicing diverse events. He is the Lead Creative Director of Lakeside Entertainment, an entertainment outď€ t that provides musical Solutions to any form of needs whatsoever for events, ranging from Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays as they have consistently serviced the A-Class clientele in different parts of the country. 25

Brand Promotional Event of the Year

Glo Laffta Fest Ibadan, the Oyo State capital witnessed the most hilarious comedy show, Glo Laffta Fest, packaged by Glo-Mobile. Juliet Ibrahim and Mercy Johnson hosted the event, comedians who performed were Omo Baba, Kenny Blaq, Gordons, Bovi and Basketmouth, they took turnson stage to dish out what they know how to do best as the audience cheered and rocked in between bouts of hilarious laughter. Nollywood actors, Odunlade Adekola, Mr. Latin and Mama G were guest celebrities at the event and they added to the thrill of the evening.


Fashion Designer of the Year

Tiwa the Tailor The city of Ibadan is blessed with a few creative individuals who possess a certain level of dextenty at their chosen elds, such is Tiwa the Tailor. Her ability creatively drive her passion to a fantastic level of appreciation stands her out. The outt for fashionistas was founded in January 2014;Tiwa the Tailor has been able to put her city Ibadan on the map by styling celebrities within and outside Ibadan. She has worked with Gbenga Adeyinka, Sean Tizzle, Aaron and Sharon among many others.

Performance of the Year (Music)

Babatunmise Babatunmise has a highly magnetic personality. He is multi- talented, a singer, an on air personality (OAP) as well as being a master of ceremony (MC). His performances are usually lled with display of energy, spontaneity and poise. Whether he sings or anchors an event, he holds the audience spellbound as he exude passion of great magnitude. Babatunmise has successfully carved a niche for himself in the Gospel music and entertainment industry at large. Many people know him with the sobriquet “Priest of praise” because of his pragmatic way of leading “hot praises” in programmes. More so, his music comedy and presentation skills give him a comparative advantage in the industry and make his fans.

Event Caterer of the Year

Martha’s Kitchen Martha’s Kitchen are event caterers whose dishes are prepared with their unique recipes under highly hygienic environment, taking extra care to ensure adequate preparation of each dish. They are committed to serving fresh foods at all times, using only the freshest ingredients from their carefully selected suppliers of organic farm produce. Their team of professionals include chefs, cooks, supervisors, waitpersons, accountants, administrative staff and logistics personnel. Their reputation for excellence continues to make them the caterer-of-choice for a lot of their corporate and private clientele, as their preferred supplier. They also offer bespoke services on a regular basis for companies during major corporate events. 27

Religious Event of the Year

Shift 3 (The Event) Shift is a divinely orchestrated event organized by the commissioned; the drama arm of harvest house Christian centre. It is an annual production in its 3rd successive season as at 2017, these include: Asake, Foul and recently Events, an evening of drama, spoken word poetry, comedy and jazz music. The last edition tagged "Shift3" with the theme "Events" had a viral publicity with a wedding themed trailer on social media; it took place on Friday 27th of October 2017 at the Alpha cathedral Akobo Ibadan. The drama presentation was majorly on stage.


Award Event of the Year

MAYA Awards 4.0 The Moreklue All Youth's Award is an annual event geared toward showcasing young people whose achievements have contributed positively to Nigeria's integration and advancement as they are being celebrated in grand style. This epoch-making event draws spotlight on notable greatness-driven individuals from different walks of life such as music, media, movie, fashion, education etc. 29

Event DJ of the Year

DJ Banky Everybody Dance Now may have been the catch phrase that C+C Music Factory used to rock the 90s, but with Incredible DJ Banky it is a phrase that comes alive with each tune he spins. 'Purveyor of deep infectious dance-groove and in a feel-good atmosphere.' That's how Incredible Banky describes himself as a DJ. A self-taught disc jockey that's never afraid to go too deep with his emotive musical selections that serve as his therapy in fullling a life-long dream of sharing his style of DJing and music with the world. Having grown up listening to the best combination of country, old skool, Hip-hop, Reggae, Highlife and many more, Banky ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical inuence. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of music that he loves best while insisting the industry needed to make space for him after graduating as a Mechanical Engineer. As an active entertainer in the red roof city, Banky is no stranger to the ups and downs of the music scene. He suddenly became the popular demand DJ after doing his thing efciently at most big and private events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes as he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically.

Event Photographer of the Year

Olere Photography Olere Photography is a registered Nigerian based Events and Lifestyle Photography Company based in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. At Olere Photography, they have an eye for beauty and composition, they are always condent and willing to explore new ideas. They believe that their approach to their general photography services is both fresh and urban. They therefore regard themselves to be among the top photography company in Nigeria. At Olere Photography they are a passion driven photography team providing excellence services.

Event Photographer of the Year

Biyi Adeleke Photography Biyi Adeleke is a seasoned photographer whose approach to photography has called the attention of individuals home and abroad. His works has featured on popular blog site like Bella Naija, Nigerian Wedding Blog and many more.


Alternative Event of the Year

Me and My Students Me and My Students is an annual family comedy show rated for all ages hosted by Cris da Lecturer, a fast rising comedian, creative and spontaneous in the city of ibadan. The aim of the show is to rebrand stand up comedy in Nigeria. Every year the show hosts just 4 comedians unlike the regular comedy show where 10 comedians shares 30 minutes. The talk show segments of the show has raised issues like mentorship, surviving reccession, importance of education in any chosen feed e t.c 31

Event Security of the Year

OB Events and Security OB events and security is a rm which was established in Ibadan since April 2016. It now has its wings spread across major states of the country to take care of the safety and security of its clients during their events. Through this unending journey, they have acquired lots of experiences and constantly upgrading their strength in all areas of event security execution. With a team of young, creative, dynamic and dedicated professionals, they have pushed all areas of event security to new frontiers whether it is wedding ceremony, funeral ceremony, church programmes, exhibitions, countdown festivals, product launch, fashion show, celebrity management etc. The urge to deliver more than client's expectations has always been the company's top priority which has made them a one stop place as regards any security service needed by the wide spectrum of clients.

Event Centre of the Year

Mauve 21 Mauve 21 is a multi-purpose event center created for people with a well-dened taste. With a top notch hotel service, state-of-the-art lounge, well equipped event rooms that varies in capacities to fulll clients purpose. The Event center is privileged to have a spacious parking arena for cars in their numbers. Mauve21 has been able to carve a niche for herself by becoming one of the most sought after event center in Ibadan. From the painting to the structure and the ambience it creates, Mauve21 has put Ibadan on another pedestal reaching for excellence.

Event Ushers of the Year

Xquisit Ushers When it comes to events ushering, XQUISIT-USHERS are one of the best in the Event Industry. They believe every event has got a brand/reputation to protect and promote, and uphold client's brand by paying extra attention to detail. According to the CEO WOLE SAWE; 'we are the best hand to work with in event ushering nationwide,we've got the Experience and we are trained Ushers/Hostesses.' They have handled top-notch events in Ibadan and across other states in the country.


Club Event of the Year

Plat’num @ 20 Plat'num Night Club and Lounge celebrated her 20th anniversary in a grand style by organising a 3-day event which featured artistes like CDQ, Keanzo, TU Wyze, Oyinkanade, SB Live Band and a host of others. It was a time to connect and give back to customers of the club who basically enjoyed themselves and went home with various gifts. 33

Event Decorator of the Year

Dexterity Plus At Dexterity Plus Events Styling and Decoration, they believe that everyone loves and appreciates a beautifully organized space. Dexterity Plus has been in existence, with expertise in the events decorating and home styling business, for 13 years now, and counting. The staff team at Dexterity Plus is made up of over a hundred knowledgeable and skilful individuals, who are willing and able to go the extra mile, to see clients happy and of course, satised! Dexterity Plus is an events styling and decoration company, which was established by Mr Favour Essang in October of 2005, and located in the Bodija area of Ibadan. The desire to raise the bar in event decoration and the love for ner things prompted the existence of Dexterity Plus. Following years of hard work, skilled personnel and an experienced management team, they have managed, by Gods innite grace and mercy, to triumph over storms and challenges and given their friends/clients the best.

Award of Excellence (Contribution to Events)

Hon. Dapo Lam Adesina Honourable Dapo Lam Adesina is a member of the National Assembly Representing Ibadan North East/South East Federal Constituency. Over the years, Honourable Dapo Lam Adeshina has proven to be a man of reputable personality and great passion for Youth Development. His contributions towards sport and educational events are of great magnitude. Interestingly, Honorable Dapo Lam Adeshina does not see himself as an mere politician. He views himself as an active citizen with the responsibility of making lives better for others by supporting events. He demonstrates his contribution to events and the entire Entertainment Industry. Despite his tight and busy schedule, he creates time to attend and support comedy shows, awards parties, concerts and so on.

Award of Excellence (Contribution to Events)

Rotimi Ige Roy – media is a young man who shows in-born passion for media and events promotion. He uses media as a platform that support events and empowers others to grow, with few more people in his capacity, Ibadan will be a hub of entertainment and an attractive place where people can come and invest immediately. His foundation of Roy gay is based on his aspiration to see local artiste, unite, collaborate and work together to achieve greatness. No doubt, Roy-media shows untiring support and commitments to events and the entire entertainment industry. His impetus lies in the fact that he sees Ibadan as a prominent player especially in the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Nigeria. Roy media can be described as an embodiment of passion for events, media and helping other to achieve greatness.


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2018 magazine first quarter edition  

Everybody loves Odunlade the winners of the Blingz Event Awards 2018

2018 magazine first quarter edition  

Everybody loves Odunlade the winners of the Blingz Event Awards 2018