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The 3mm Champagne – features and reviews The 3mm champagne is a transparent rolled glass crystal that comes with a dense irregular surface and it is a cubic Zirconia loose stone. This piece of irreplaceable item has an antique feel that makes it unique among fashion items. The 3mm champagne comes with an excellent clarity; the glass is easy to cut and weighs approximately 0.38kg. This gemstone is often referred to as the smoky quartz gemstone because of some fire treatment that the stone undergoes during pre-treatment- these are round 3mm loose beads that create stunning fashion accessory on the body.

The 3mm champagne is characterized with a wonderful gorgeous luster that has been excellently polished to bring out the beauty of the gemstone. Each gemstone has a drilled strand hole at the back, which means you can collect or buy as many of these stunning gemstones as possible to form a long strand of dangling fashion piece. Strands of 3mm champagne possess the colour and tone that can match any other fashion wear on you. You have to watch out for the 3mm champagne glass crystal you are buying, some crystals might come with some slight surface or inner colour that slightly alter their appearances.

3mm champagne comes with traditional Vintage feel; it is therefore suitable for modern and traditional occasions. The bright champagne colour makes it adorable and can easily match your clothes, bags and other fashion accessories on you. 3mm champagne is competitively prices especially when you buy at a reputable online sales outlet like You can find the finest and the best grade of 3mm champagne here and if you are searching for more information or you want to buy any type of gemstones, crystals and fashion items or accessories, will give you exactly what you want.

The 3mm champagne  

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