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Crystals – A Perfect Way to Increase your Beauty No one can escape from the beauty of the crystals; it is an all time favorite of not only the women but also the men as they are also treated as a devotional healer. The crystals of are something that will make you fall in love instantly as they come in various shades and colors and patterns. Crystals will add glamour to your ornament and make it even livelier. The embellishments with a perfect configuration of our crystals will become the show stopper while you adorn yourself with it. The greatest thing with this crystal is that you can add this piece with any of your sewing items, clothing and also for your quilts. The crystals not only looks attractive but has lot of other values too as this is supposed to be a powerful energy that can heal the person wearing it. It is said that the knowledge of this gem gets passed on to its owner while they start using it. These unique crystals can be added to your stock inventory as they come in 12 colors of sizes varying between 3 to 4 mm. You can even opt for the whole kit which comes at a very affordable range. The kit has a 20 piece crystal of various colors and sizes, all these colors will match with any of your attire, be it a formal one or for your casual wears. A perfect blend of love and light is certain from the crystals of

You can buy following Crystals from

3mm - Amethyst

3mm - Clear

3mm Aquamarine

3mm - Cobalt

3mm - Champagne

3mm Dk. Emerald

3mm - Citrine

3mm - Emerald


3mm - Jet Black

3mm - Siam

3mm - Lt. Siam

3mm - Sun

3mm - Peridot

4mm - Amethyst

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3mm - Sapphire

4mm Aquamarine

Crystal Ideas  
Crystal Ideas  

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