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“In my own world, voices are colors. In this album MACACO, AFRICA UNITE, TREMENDAMENTE, Gloria Bianco Vega y Elisabetta Rafaele, CANIJOS SIN FRONTERAS, Yunix y Zuli, have colored the songs from my trips around South America, Africa and Europe. I sing about immigration, protests, pollution, love and my own dreams. Blind Reverendo



Blind Reverendo reveals the music of those who have overcome their difficulties. He emphasizes the synthesis of rhythm, lyrics and metrics. With his rhythm and melodies, he promotes his idea of a world full of exiting challenges. His development as an artist was build up after his permanent contact with musicians from different backgrounds. A party of commitment, the happiness and the social consciousness. He studied Latin and African percussion, guitar and singing. He has achieved the hybrid between Reggae and Flamenco, Ragamuffin and Bossanova. He also has an European Degree of Audio Engineering and Sound Recording. During these last fifteen years, he has colaborated in the scenary or studio with Shilon Band, Zuli, Joy Tassello, Mr Brown, Sotto Suono, Belli Fulminati nel Bosco, Noi dobbiamo Rimanere Fuori, Mani Sulla Pelle, Back Ground, Javi Man y Dani Tremendamente among others Mario has been blind since he was 8 years old, and his loyal company while touring and in his daily life is Leo, his dog.


The Disc This new album was born naturally, simply because this is what I do. It’s called VOICES… in my world, voices are colors. I want to paint my experiences, my dreams, and my own reflections, mixing different rhythms, languages, and my friends’ artistic vvv voices such as Dani Macaco, Dani Tremendamente, Gloria Bianco Vega, Elisabetta Rafaele, Alexis Bassiliou, Africa Unite, Bunna Vitale, Yunix, Zuli, and more tones that build up my project as a musician and as a person. In this canvas, the musical matrix is reggae, but I also give some strokes of Ragamuffin, dub, rumba and other styles without style that turn my life into a trip, and this trip into a permanent learning process.

VOCES is the end of a jorney and the beginning ot a new one. As an arrival point this production closes two years of work and colaboration with more tan a dozen of musicians, sound engeners, technicians, graphic artista and visual creators and more tan fifty people who economically suport the production of the disc as part of a crowfunding plataform, VERKAMI. But now it is time to start the new adventure: to travell with this music and share it with the public.


ALBUM'S SONGS Danzaré - I’ll dance - (feat Dani Macaco) Dancing to stop pollution could even sound naïve, but for me, music is one way of starting change. Any social or political transformation passes through dance, paint, art and other forms that make us think. I want to lay stress on some issues like pollution, in a relaxed way. Sueños – Dreams -(feat. Gloria Bianco Vega and Elisabeta Rafaelle) It comes from a personal reflection about the concept of secrecy linked to immigration. And the idea emerged after a strong experience at the airport, when I realized how difficult life can be for immigrant people from the south facing secrecy and illegality in the north. My Darling (feat Bunna, Africa Unite) This song has been in my guitar for more than twelve years. But people stay with it. I want to evoke those relationships of love, misunderstanding, desire, and fantasies. Those “bolero “adventures, that move from hate to love. In this version I’m working with Buna, from Africa Unite, a musician with whom I share friendship, rhythms and “darling” nights. Horny (feat Gloria Bianco, Elisabetta Rafaele) The meaning of this song is complemented by its video. Ironically I want to criticize the sexist and elitist ideas that some hip pop videos give to the audience. It is against stereotypes. I wonder if sex is related to connections, communication and complicity between two, rather than marketing beauty. El Pueblo del Enano – The Dwarf Town- (feat Zuli) It talks about Berlusconi and how the mass media lobotomized the majority of Italians with illusions and lies. It is an ironical text about Italy and its mentality during the Berlusconi era. Volando voy, volando vengo (spanish classic) This is a reggae-rumba-raga version of a famous tune this time sung by Dani Termendamente, Canijos sin Fronteras Canijos without Borders and me. It talks about how flying can be a no-depression state of being. But I also play with the word “omertà”, a law silence within Sicilian mafia. Viajar – Traveling- (feat Yunix) When you feel like a square peg in a round hole, travelling cantrav be an option to escape and be yourself. In this song Yunix and me sing about the feeling of being different: he as a Moroccan immigrant in Italy and me as a blind person. I Tuoi Gesti - your Gestures- (feat. Canijos sin Fronteras y Alexis Tremendamente) Gaddafi used to be a close friend of Berlusconi not so long ago but then he was attacked in name of democracy. This is the latest case, but during the last two decades we have had many examples like this one. Pre-made wars by European Union, and The United States of America as if they were medieval crusades but now using the flag of democracy. A big flag that hides interests of the military and oil industries, and those of construction companies and pharmaceuticals. 4

Es difícil – Not easyThis song wasn’t created during insomnia, but the lyrics talk about those endless nights during which you can suffer from paranoia attacks -from the gut to the heart- that don’t come out shouting or crying. You just keep it inside, and it allows you to sleep in the deep darkness, awaiting for the first sounds of sunrise. The stars are not so far I want to sing a photo. A photo about my feelings, about what I hear in and out side of myself. Maybe this will be a photo of Africa, to include a profound and rooted sound… or maybe I will come up with an acoustic love ballad as a bleached and beautiful photography.


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Mario Rivoiro +39 3890716139 skype user mariorivoiro Links | Videos Projecte VERKAMI


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