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For your consideration... Matt Wayne from Finite Solutions talks us through some of the finer points of investing in a dedicated cinema room THINGS!TO!CONSIDER!WHEN!THINKING!OF ADDING!A!CINEMA!ROOM" The key points to consider when designing any room is to determine who will use it and how, just like any other interior scheme, if the specification does not match the client’s brief, regardless of how technically proficient the cinema is, it will not meet their requirements. The key factor is to ensure that the customer’s level of expenditure feels fully justified every time they use the room. WHERE!TO!START? Talk to the experts! Only once you have had the opportunity to experience some home cinema installations first hand can you make a well-informed decision. An experience such as this can not be sold via glossy brochures and slick visuals alone. Whether as part of a new-build, refurbishment or simply a one-room project, the success or failure of a home cinema install comes down to the planning and design phase, the greatest amplifier in the world will not compensate for a damaged or faulty cable or misplaced speakers, only detailed documentation and project management of the associated trades will ensure a prompt and efficient installation.

have they been an indulgence only for the super rich, but with advancements in technology over the years; from the lowering price of projectors to the advent of live Internet streaming , not to mention downloaded content now being so easily and expansively stored – never has the home cinema been of such highquality and easy accessibility. The cinema experience is one that can be relished and enjoyed in so many ways. Collectively as a group experience it can bring people together in shared emotions and experiences, while separately as individuals cinema can


provide unique and often poignant experiences. To have this availability located in your home is the next natural step – and with the versatility of being able to utilise systems that allow media functionality throughout the home, a dedicated cinema room can provide the ideal chance to alter the existing multimedia technology in a home and opt for something more. If you happen to have a larger space available the installation can easily switch to become a more varied lounge, albeit one with a filmic focus. Simon is currently working on a drop in system for his future cinema room installations. An exciting prospect which would encompass the roof being removed and a pre-formed cinema room dropped in place. This would cut out much of the work and expense that goes into this kind of conversion, while keeping the assurance of Finite Solutions’ high-quality technology infrastructure and the client-focused tailor-made design of Simon Milner-Moore.

Address book Blind Colour (Simon Milner-Moore), 01924 372 004. Finite Solutions, 0113 255 4765.

WHAT!WILL!YOU!NEED!#SPACE$!STRUCTURE$!ETC"%? Most rooms can be converted to be used as a home cinema; the wide variety of technologies accessible to custom installation companies allows them to carefully tailor the installation to suit the room, it is often the number of seats and desired screen size that will determine the ideal room size. Acoustics are another important factor, not only the performance inside the cinema but also its effect on the surrounding rooms and, should you really turn it up, your neighbours as well! Good acoustic treatment will help the system to perform to the best of the equipment’s ability and acoustic insulation will protect other parts of the house from unwanted noise and vibration from the cinema. Remember the room does not have to be a full-time cinema, drop-down projectors and screens combined with discrete in-wall and in-ceiling speakers mean that a home cinema can easily be incorporated into your day-to-day TV lounge and only reveal itself when required. WHAT!ARE!THE!COSTS!INVOLVED? A fully installed and professionally calibrated cinema system can cost from as little as £10k to in excess of £100k depending on the size and scope of the room’s interior and the quality of the equipment. The main equipment will be housed in a professionally installed, ventilated, dedicated AV rack, this will not only ensure the equipment is correctly installed, cooled and cabled but also allow room for expansion or upgrades to the original system. It is worth investing more in the fixed items such as in-ceiling speakers so these do not need to be upgraded in the future as this will entail a degree of disruption and inconvenience. WHAT!ARE!THE!OPTIONS!FOR!SCREEN!SIZE! AND!AUDIO!SET-UP? There are a myriad of options available to clients, some of these may be limited by budget and the peculiarities of the room, others by the client’s own visual and audio preference. Screen size will ultimately be limited by the size of the room and the available distance to the

front row of seating. To fully appreciate the high-quality audio and video particularly from Blu-ray discs we would recommend seven channels of surround sound and one or more sub-woofers combined with a processor capable of decoding the latest DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus soundtracks. IS!THE!DÉCOR!BESPOKE$!HOW!MUCH!CONTROL! OF!THE!DESIGN!CAN!CLIENTS!HAVE? The interior of the cinema is crucial for providing the sense of occasion that should accompany any project of this scale, from subtle, indirect lighting to reclining cinema seating the rooms should generate a ‘wow’ factor before the system is even turned on. The provision of fully bespoke 3-D design to show the client how the completed room will look is a must for a full cinema room installation and the client can have as much or little input as they like to tailor the interior fit to their tastes. ONCE!FITTED$!HOW!EASY!IS!MAINTAINANCE? A professional, CEDIA registered firm will have total confidence in the system they have installed; as such they will offer a thorough snagging service and offer a continuous service agreement to perform regularly scheduled maintenance and upgrades to the system to ensure the investment performs always to its optimum potential.



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