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we really wanted to utilise that. The kitchen was originally down one end with no view whatsoever. So we put it into the centre, because the kitchen is the heart of the house anyway, and then it gets the great view as well.” When designing their home, Nicci and Phil were initially going down much more traditional routes, trying to build on the existing formation of space in making the house their own. It was at this point Simon came in and the decision was made to look at the entire space as a blank canvas. Three partitioned rooms were joined to create an elongated living area with a dining space on one end and a children’s lounge on the opposite. A long, spacious and light kitchen completes the space that opens onto the aforementioned Yorkshire panorama. “The kitchen is just effortless!” proclaims Nicci. “To create any kind of meal or entertainment; you have the space and freedom to socialise with people while you’re doing things, but also just the way it’s designed – with one arm stretch you can reach pretty much anything you want, but

at the same time it is big and spacious. This is an amazing space we wouldn’t have had without moving the kitchen – I just love it.” The ground floor typifies Simon’s design aesthetic. Working in white, everything must have clean lines, well proportioned open areas and more enclosed spaces and be finished to promote high levels of ergonomic functionality. Technology is utilised to its full potential, with a central hub controlling an audio-visual system that can be accessed and enjoyed from every room and the outdoor decking. But most important in all his projects are the lighting features found throughout; recessed, coloured strip lights provide ample back-lighting, creating a subdued and sophisticated summer environment, whilst during the longer winter nights it creates an entirely different atmosphere, coming alive in what can be dark and dreary times. Reflecting on working with Simon, Nicci said: “I think it really helped to work with Simon because he was a good mediator, taking our ideas to the next level. Both Phil and myself have quite strong views

“I think it really helped to work with Simon because he was a good mediator, taking our ideas to the next level”

THIS PAGE Simon’s contemporary design influence is tempered with some more traditional, eclectic furnishings in the rest of the house.




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