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The TOP 5 Sci-Fi Movies as voted by you!

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golden oldies

Remembering the 1950s


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Memories of Blessington in the 1950s.

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Paranormal Activity 2 freaks out the punters, Zuckerberg makes his billions in The Social Network and villains come alive in the animated Despicable Me 3D.

30| Health Take My Breath Away The Five Minute Rule. Steps to follow when Asthma attacks.

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LOCAL news

by John Bohan

golden oldies

The Blessington I grew up during the 1950s is a far cry from the Blessington of today. Those were the good old days long before things we now take for granted such as Computers, Internet, Satellite TV, Mobile Phones, iPods and the Euro just to mention a few. Our currency, a word we never heard of in those days was pounds, shillings and pence. You could travel by bus all the way into Dublin believe it or not for half a crown or two and sixpence which probably would be equivalent in todays money to about 15c.Yes they were very happy days when us kids had to make up our own games to pass the time away. Don’t forget that there was hardly any television in those days as RTE did not come on air until the early sixty’s. The odd house or pub did have BBC and UTV but the reception was generally pretty awful. I do remember though watching my first Olympic Games and first FA Cup Final on television in McKiernans Chemist in 1960. It wasn’t until

RTE arrived that a lot of families got their first televisions which were rented in those days from Thomas’s Shop in Dunlavin. As kids we would play such games as hide and seek, Cowboys and Indians, marbles and of course football. We would always find something simple to pass the time. Matches would take place at various venues around the town such as the ‘Old Paddock’, Old Horse Show Field, Lakeview or in the field behind St. Joseph’s Road.

opened in the old Band Hall and there we saw the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges, Norman Wisdom or the great John Wayne in action. Those were the days you could buy an ice cream for an old penny in George Balfe’s, Mayfair, Miley Cullens or Twyfords. We also played games such as cards, draughts, snakes and ladders and ludo or listened to the radio. Radio Eireann, as it was called then, only operated for a number of hours during the day.

The Old Paddock no doubt will bring back many happy memories for a lot of townsfolk as many events happened there. Among them were Duffy’s Circus, Carnival, Travelling Shows, and of course Marquee Dancing. Sometimes there was a trip to the flicks which was Gobbets cinema on the Kilbride Road.

However the most popular station for youngsters and teenagers etc was Radio Luxembourg which would play pop music at night-time and we sang along to such artists as Elvis, Cliff, Buddy, Adam and of course The Beatles. Fishing in the lake was another pleasant pastime where happy hours were spent.

There on a Wednesday or Sunday you were likely to see films such as Jail House Rock, Rock around the clock, Gunfight at OK Coral or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In the early 1960’s a cinema

Yes those were the good old days my friends when you could leave the door of your house wide open without fear of being robbed. Do you remember Jem? Do I remember? Will I ever forget?

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LOCAL news

wicklow community directory

The Wicklow County Community Directory website provides information on a huge range of services, organisations, agencies and groups in the local area. With more than a thousand listings under various categories such as employ-


“Website Launch” photograph by Barry Hamilton

ment, education and religious groups, it is easy to access information, network and keep abreast of local events.

also been designed to be accessible to people with visual impairments and people who use screen readers.

The website allows online users to submit and amend information for free and has

For more information visit www.wicklowcommunity


LOCAL news

by Carole Lawlor

blessington g.a.a. club

Blessington GAA has been a cornerstone of the community since its establishment over a century ago. The Club caters for all ages and levels from Juveniles to Seniors with Ladies and Men’s Teams. The Club has won many trophies over the years, with recent successes in particular for the Juveniles. October was a great month for these teams with the U16 Team and the U12 girls crowned Champions this season as well as the three U14 teams making it to their finals. The Club has a wide range of teams including Men’s and Ladies Seniors, Men’s Junior A and C, and Juvenile Minors, U16, U14, U12, U10 and U8 as well as the Academy for the younger ones and those interested in Hurling. From humble beginnings, the Club is now extremely proud of its new state of the art development in the foothills of Glending. Boasting three amazing pitches and a first

rate clubhouse, this facility has made a huge impact on the club and its members, making Blessington a great place to play GAA sports. In addition, the Club are delighted to announce the official opening of their new Astro training pitch. This 80 x 40 pitch is fully secure and floodlit, providing a great training experience for all enthusiasts. The wider GAA community can avail of the facilities with team and individual bookings catered for. The Club were offering exceptional rates and opening offers including free trials in the month of October.

information or pop up to the grounds for a look-around and a chat. For information on training times, fixtures, events and booking the new Astro pitch, please log on to www.blessington.wicklow. This great website has everything you need to keep up to date with the Club. And for all you Facebook lovers, you can also follow the Club with regular updates once you “like” their page.

The Club also depends on your assistance both on and off the pitch, so please support your local GAA lotto and the various fundraising initiatives that the individual Teams run throughout the year. The Club always welcomes new additions to the game, so if you are interested in playing at any level, coaching or training, becoming a referee or just cheering on your local teams, please contact any member for




College Life

Blessington Community College is very proud of the achievement of all its students in this year’s state exams both Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate. Last year’s sixth years are now busy getting used to life after secondary school. The class of 2010 have gone in many different directions, both in terms of the paths they have chosen career wise, and

where that they have gone to pursue these careers. This year students from Blessington took up places in; Trinity College Dublin; NUI Maynooth; Dublin Institute of Technology; Institute of Technology Tallaght; Carlow Institute of Technology; University of Derry; Waterford Institute of Technology and Tipperary. The range of courses they have chosen is equally varied, from Biomedical Technology

to Psychology, Law, Nursing, Business, Sound Technology and Arts. The staff at the school would like to wish all its past pupils the very best. In particular we wish Darren Kavanagh good luck as he is coming to the end of completing his PhD in Trinity College, Dublin. Darren graduated from Blessington Community College in 2001.

Make a Difference! TY Community Care Project 19 Transition Year students are continuing the college’s involvement in intergenerational activities at the Day-care Centre in St. Joseph’s Hall. We will visit them every Thursday hoping to help them investigate their Family Trees and gathering children’s stories and folklore to put together in a teaching pack for the Junior Classes 08

in local primary schools. We are looking forward to having a chat and having some fun in their company. We have already raised awareness of Positive Ageing Week which took place between Sep 24th and October 2nd. We want to do this project because it will be a new experience and we hope to foster good relations between old and young.



How to Play:

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repitition! Solving the problem takes reason and logic!

Solution on Page 22 09




This is our second season in existence. We started last year with an under 14 team. 17 girls in total got together to take on all the other teams in Wicklow. It was a good season considering a lot of the girls never played before. At the beginning of this season we decided to try and get an under 12’s team up and running too. By the time we started the league this year we had an under 14 and an under 12 team with a total of 40 girls. Both teams had a great season with the under 12’s winning a County Championship. They beat St. Pats and took the trophy home to great celebrations. The Under 14’s are also in a County Championship Final on 24th October in Laragh. So watch this space!!! The girls and the mentors would like to thank the Club, Parents, Supporters and anyone else who helped in anyway throughout the year. The mentors would like to thank the players for their commitment and enthusiasm. Roll on 2011!!! We are hoping to expand our teams next year so if there is any girl aged 10 years and up and would like to play gaelic football in any of the age categories up to senior level they can contact: Lisa 086 7361418, Jessica 086 8602822 or Maura 087 6548744. 10



Grilled Salmon with chilli ginger and Coriander

West Wicklow House Recipe of the Month by Catering Services Ireland. Check out our evening specials at the West Wicklow House‌ Method

1. Finely chop or pulp chilli ginger garlic oil and lime juice with fresh coriander 2. Place salmon fillet with finely chopped chilli, ginger and sea salt, pepper and oil and leave to infuse for 1 hour in freezer bag sealed and then place in fridge (the longer the better) 3. Chop spring onion and pepper with remainder of coriander into small dice(rice garnish) 4. After this place salmon on tray and grill for 10 to 12 min until salmon is cooked 5. Boil rice and strain.. add garnish and place on plate topped with salmon and wedge of fresh lime or lemon 6. Optional if you want to drizzle natural yoghurt to finish (tip salmon can be also pan fried or baked in oven


6oz/ 8oz Fresh salmon fillet 1 fresh chili (extra if you like spicy) 2 spring onions 1 red pepper 1tsp peeled fresh ginger Coriander leaf 1 cup uncooked Basmati or Jasmine Rice

West Wicklow House

now taking reservations for all your party & Christmas requirements. All budgets catered for.




in cinemas

Reviews by Colm Geoghegan

paranormal activity 2

15 cert

Directed by Tod Williams. Starring katie featherston Brian Boland Sprague Grayden. Out Now, 89 minutes

1. (noun) success

“an event that accomplishes its intended purpose.” First time filmmaker Oren Peli’s 2007 Paranormal Activity was just that. On a 7 day shooting schedule and with a mere $11,000 budget he produced one of the most terrifying cinematic experiences of recent years. Since its release in October 2009 the film has earned a staggering $194 million worldwide. So here we are only a year later and a sequel has already hit our screens. And it’s only natural to worry. Will it be as awful as Blair Witch 2? Will it still utilise the ‘camcorder’ style of filmmaking? Alarm bells tend to ring! Well you can put your mind at ease because Paranormal Activity 2 completely defies expectations. In a rare turnabout of late, it’s a sequel (or in this case ‘prequel’) that actually manages to surpass the original. Yes it borrows the template that proved so popular first time

around but it moulds it into a more enriching experience. And yes Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat), the young couple who were terrorized by a demon in the original film, are interwoven into the storyline. There’s also a neat explanation as to why Katie was the target of the hauntings. This time round our focus is on Katie’s sister and her family. After an assumed burglary, security cameras are set up throughout their home’s interior and exterior. This adds a new view for the story to unfold. Of course there is also the standard camcorder that changes hands between the father and daughter throughout for those fractured and frantic scenes. To be honest I was a little worried that throwing a whole family into the mix would dilute the power that made the first film so frightening but it’s a welcome addition and as it continued it really did feel like you were viewing ‘found foot-

age’ from the families horrific ordeal. The actors are perfectly natural (it helps that again Peli didn’t use a script, instead relying on the improvisations of the cast for more sincere, believable reactions). The prequel is set 60 days before the events of the first film so there are some interesting tie-ins (I won’t spoil them for you). This is a real slow burner and some fleeting horror fans might find it all a little too tedious but if you give it the time it needs Paranormal Activity 2 will surprise you. Once you’ve settled into the routine you can feel the inevitable dread building. Realism has always been the goal for Peli and he works wonders at pointing a looking glass directly at what we fear. The result of this is an experience that will stay with you long after you leave the cinema for the ‘apparent’ safety of your own home. CG

All Movies reviewed at Storm Cinemas, Naas, Co. Kildare For more info visit: 12


in cinemas

Reviews by Colm Geoghegan

THE SOCIAL NETWORK After being dumped by his girlfriend, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) writes a scathing blog to humiliate her. When it proves popular he is approached by the Winklevoss twins (both played by Armie Hammer) to create an exclusive Harvard Social site. As time goes on Zuckerberg channels his (and their) ideas into his own site The Facebook funded by roommate and best friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield). David Fincher’s dialogue driven drama plays out as a snapshot of our times. Whereas before we had the Wall Street politics now we are dealing in play school politics. You forget at times that your watching

20 year olds argue over Billions of Dollars. Fincher gets the best out of the cast and Eisenberg is extraordinary, his portrayal of Zuckerberg hides a darker, more malicious side that rears its head in most of the meetings with his accusers. “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”, he spits at the Winklevoss twins. Also worth mentioning is Andrew Garfield’s turn as ostracized friend and financier Eduardo Saverin along with Justin Timberlake as the slippery Napster founder Sean Parker . The Social Network is a well paced and fascinating insight into one of internet’s most unfortunate and bitter court cases. CG

despicable me 3d Tired of being 2nd place to rival villain Vector (Segel), Gru (Carell) decides to steal the moon. He adopts three cookieselling orphans to help get him into Vector’s lair to retrieve a shrink ray. Unknowingly he slowly begins to care for the little girls and finds himself in danger of losing his evil edge. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see a movie, whether live action or animated, that tells the tale from a villains point of view. The voice talent here is superb with Steve Carell’s Gru getting top ranking.

15 cert

Directed by David Fincher. Starring Jesse Eisenberg Andrew Garfield Justin Timberlake Brenda Song. Out Now, 120 minutes

G cert

Although not on a par with Pixar for combining effortless warmth and comedy it’s a fine film for all the family. The 3D adds to the look and some specific scenes really benefit from the technique. It all goes a little saccherine towards the close when Gru warms to the orphans but at the end of the day this is a kid’s film first and foremost and they’ll love it. Saying that though, all ages will laugh out loud at the hilarious ‘minions”. Their scene stealing antics make the film better than it should be. CG

Directed by Pierre Coffin Starring Steve Carell Jason Segel Russell Brand. Out Now, 95 minutes 13


Your top FIVE SCI-FI movies You voted. We counted. Here are the TOP FIVE SCI-FI MOVIES as picked by our friends on FACEBOOK


Steven Spielberg’s classic still resinates today. The tale follows a group of Alien botonists searching for plant life on earth. When they are disrupted by Government Officials, one of them is left behind. A young boy befriends the Alien and must race against time to help him return to his home planet. With it’s lovable hero, amazing effects and fantastic casting, the film remains one of the most touching and well made of all time. WARNING: Will melt even the coldest heart.



Princess Leia is kidnapped by the evil Imperial Forces in a bid to take over the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker & Han Solo plus a host of intergalactic comrades must rescue the Princess and restore Justice in the Empire. George Lucas’ sci-fi extravaganza still stands as a hugely iconic film and is known as the birth of Blockbusters. Blending effects light years ahead of its time with stellar performances it continues to mesmerise generation after generation.


Los Angeles, 2019: The Blade Runner unit searches the micro-chip jungle of the 21st century for illegal humanoids known as ‘replicants’. Although the film was a critical failure on its original release this has only secured it’s fixture as a true ‘cult’ classic. Ridley Scott’s advertising background is on obvious display here with backlit rain pounding the gritty streets and his colour palette being put to serious use. Harrison Ford didn’t enjoy working on it though but then again he didn’t enjoy working on Star Wars either.





When James Cameron first wrote THE TERMINATOR, he actually had Schwarzenegger in mind for the role of Sarah Connor’s husband Reese. After meeting with the Austrian Oak he soon realised that no one else could play the Time travelling robot sent back from the future to kill Connors unborn son. A son that would lead the human race in it’s fight against the machines. The stop motion effects raise a smile now in a nostalgic way and although never the most accomplished thespian, Arnie injects the role with the perfect amount of malice. From the opening scene to the famous finale THE TERMINATOR grabs on and doesn’t let go. Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn are well cast as the humans on the run and the cat and mouse situations they find themselves in throughout the movie are expertly executed. Making a huge star of Schwarzenneger and changing the rules for sci-fi, it remains one of the all time greats.




LOOK TO THE SKIES! - Your top FIVE SCI-FI movies


ALIEN (1979)

“This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off_”

A cargo spaceship intercepts a signal from a nearby planet. A crew is sent to investigate unknowingly allowing an Alien Lifeform onboard. Ridley Scott’s original is one of the greatest pieces of Sci - fi put to film. When I watched it recently it still had that same level of intensity as on my first viewing many years ago. It’s a slow burner, letting the fear of the crew get under your skin before unleashing one of the most iconic of film monsters. H.R. Giger’s creature design remains a testament to his ability of creating original and terrifying

beings. The Chestburster scene still carries a heavyweight punch even now and the sense of foreboding as the creature stalks it’s prey one by one is truly frightening. The perfect cast was assembled with Sigourney Weaver playing the resourceful Ripley, who has also become an iconic character over the years. Scott’s use of the ship as a tool in making the audience feel isolated along with the crew is pure genius and only adds to the suspense of the final reel. The Alien Anthology is available now on Blu Ray. Get it and you won’t be disappointed!


WIN: BRING A LITTLE SCI-FI INTO YOUR LIFE! Enjoy some quality Science Fiction courtesy of THE GOGGLE BOX Video Store in Blessington who have given us a bunch of the best dvds to give away to one lucky winner.

To be in with a chance of winning just answer the following question:

“Who wrote and directed the 1984 sci fi classic The Terminator?” Email your Answer along with your Name & Address to: Closing Date for Entries: Monday 22nd November. The Winner will be notified by email. PLEASE NOTE: ALL ENTRANTS MUST BE 18 OR OVER

Congratulations to last months winner William Lynch who bagged himself a batch of Horror DVDs! 16



THE ARDENODE COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL The Ardenode Country House Hotel set on 5 acres of mature landscaped gardens offers an oasis of timeless charm and tranquillity away from the bustle of the city.

Located within walking distance of the charming village of Ballymore Eustace the hotel is the perfect venue for a wedding or special occasion. Open throughout the year for weddings and private events such as birthday parties and christenings the hotel is also a popular choice for commu-

nion lunches and Christmas parties. The hotel is owned and operated by Fitzers Catering Ltd who currently hold the exclusive contract for catering at Croke Park Stadium and The Convention Centre Dublin servicing all food and beverage requirements at both venues. More recently Savage Food Company has been developed as a more dynamic brand designed especially to service the Film and Event Industry. With almost twenty years experience servicing the Irish Film Industry, catering for such blockbusters as Michael

Collins, Braveheart & The Boxer, Savage Food Company are currently providing location catering on the set of Neverland with many of the scenes being shot on location in the Blessington area. All enquires welcome. Please contact Una on 045 864 198 or





Here at Bathrooms Perfected we live and breathe bathrooms. It’s how we earned the reputation as bathroom specialists. From contemporary to traditional, we offer one of the widest ranges of quality bathrooms in Ireland. Brand leaders such as Twyfords, Shires, Heritage,


Triton, Nouvellini, Hudson Reed and Mira are displayed throughout the showroom. Formed in 2004, Bathrooms Perfected is renowned for offering all the top name bathroom brands and accessories at truly affordable prices.

Our large showroom and out of town location allows us to make extra savings that other retailers can’t. And our ‘no pressure’ attitude to sales has meant that people have traveled from all over the country to our Wicklow showroom.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your bathroom purchase is a totally hassle free experience from beginning to end.

If you are looking for a particular item or service please contact us today to assist your needs.



GAS HOME SERVICING “Did you know that by servicing your gas boiler you will save up to €150 per year on gas usage?” My name is Stephen Campion. I have been servicing gas boilers in Blessington since 2005 for Bord Gais. I know the problems limescale in heating systems has caused to many house holders in Blessington. The good news is that the water quality has improved, but boilers will still suffer due to years of poor quailty water and limescale

in radiators and heat exchangers . If you do suffer with cold radiator or noise from the boiler, the only answer is to have your heating system power flushed and filled with treated water, this is not cheap (we charge €400) but it will insure your boiler delivers all of its heat to your rads giving you a warm home and saves you money over time. Call 087 9060894 for a boiler service, repair or power flush.

Free 3 course meal for two in the Mussoorie restaurant (above Lakes pub) with every boiler serviced in November. Voucher is for a sitdown meal for 2 people. Voucher must be used before the end of November 2010




by Stephanie Bannon

tips & tricks As a beauty thearapist I get asked this a lot ”how do I achieve the smokey eye look?” and what I normally say is take some time and play around with colours that suit you. Practice your blending, a smokey eye has no harsh lines so where one colour stops and one begins each line blends into the other creating that sultry smokey look, so here is some handy steps that I hope will help you on your way to achieving this look and remember, have fun with it!

HOW TO…The oh so sexy smokey eyes Everyone has there own way of doing this. This is my way but you can change it how ever you like using any colours you want. I would recommend browns for a day smokey eye and dramatic black and dark purples for that night time look.

Choose 3 colours 1x light (base) 1x med 1x dark = Apply your lighter shade (your base) all over your lid, right up to the brow, so your whole lid, inner and outer corner and right up to your brow should be your base colour. = Then your medium colour should be applied to just your lid. = Take your darker shade, apply it to the outer corner and blend it in to the crease. = Apply eyeliner to your upper and lower lid and to your waterline if you like. Add mascara and your done! The smokey eye is about no harsh lines so if you have that your half way there. If you do have harsh lines just get a clean brush and blend it in tiny light circular movements.

TIPS- for your skin in the cold weather

Here are some guidelines for those with dry skin = Foundation- For dry skin I would recommend a liquid foundation as it doesn’t dry out the skin. Its very natual looking and very light weight. = Concealer- Again I would recommend a liquid concealer. I would apply this after foundation, and lightly finish with a pressed or loose powder and don’t forget to exfoliate at least once a week and moisturize daily!

My “must have” product for this month! For those of you who are aware of Dermalogica you already know how good it is, for those who don’t , youre skin is missing out on the benefits . Here is my all time favorite Dermalogica product that I would not be without . Dermalogica super rich repair : this is a super rich, heavyweight cream that nourishes dry to chronically dry, prematurely-aging skin, this product protects and repairs. it soothes, even the driest of skins and with the harsh weather around the corner, this is what I recommend using.

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patrick plant heating & plumbing Patrick Plant Heating and Plumbing have over 30 years experience in the industry, both commercial and domestic.

of our specialities, from start to finish, including electrical, carpentry, tiling and plumbing using only craftsmen qualified in each trade.

The company cater for every requirement from gas and oil installation and servicing through to tap washer replacement. A full bathroom installation service, including design assistance, is one

Supply and installation of renewables, solar thermal, biomass and rainwater harvesting are areas we are experts in. Ordinary run of the mill stuff like new storage tanks, showers, cylinders


and washing machine and dishwasher fitting are part and parcel of our service too. Any help required in sourcing materials, designing and planning heating and solar sytems and bathroom layout are available free of charge to customers. A more complete service would be difficult to find and we are proud to provide it. If it involves water and heat we do it!

sudoku solution did you solve it?

Check your answers against our solution below

Source: 22




The Facebook Phenomenon Facebook. From its humble beginnings in the bedroom of a Harvard student in 2004, the social network website has become arguably the biggest cultural phenomenon of the 21st century. With over 500 million members (that works out at about 1 in every 14 people on the planet), it has become an everyday part of life for a huge amount of the population. Whether it’s looking through holiday pictures of somebody you went to school with, or telling everybody how your crops are doing in Farmville, Facebook is rapidly becoming the easiest way to keep in touch with your friends. So what exactly is the appeal? Here are some statistics. The average Facebook user spends around 169 minutes per month browsing the site (compare this to news websites such as Google news which is around 13 minutes a month). What starts out as a quick login to see what your friends are up to can quickly lead to a chat with someone who is online, a look at some photographs of your friend’s new baby, and so on. And with most mobile phones now having internet capabilities, you don’t even have to be near a computer to keep track of everything that’s going on. But there are downsides. Just like in real life, there are annoying people on Facebook. Those of us who use it probably have at least one friend who is constantly updating their status, even for the most pointless of reasons. Or how about getting ‘tagged’ in a photo that you may not want every single one of your friends to see? (I for one believe there should be

by Will Hamilton

“you don’t even have to be near a computer to keep track of everything that’s going on_” a law against taking pictures on a night out, no good ever comes of it). There is also the question of Facebook etiquette. If someone requests you as a friend, you almost feel obliged to accept them, even if a) you don’t actually like them or b) you hardly know them. But there’s that feeling that if you ignore them it’d be the equivalent of them waving at you in the street only for you to walk by them not making eye contact (perhaps I think too much about this stuff!). In spite of these flaws however, we still come back to it. For every dodgy photo of you that gets tagged, there’s always much worse ones of your mates that make you feel better. And with every friend request that you accept, it means its one more person that you can have a good snoop around their photos and see what they’re up to. Which deep down is the main appeal of Facebook. Being nosy!

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computers / phones / gadgets

by I.T. Monkey

cloud computing Recently I paid a visit to London for a family get together and as I sat there in my hotel room in London working, it occurred to me that I.T. Monkey are heavily based in “the cloud”. What, I hear you ask, am I talking about? Well let me try to explain it simply. No matter where I am in the world, I have access to my email, my calendar, my contacts, my documents, my invoices and my cad drawings. When we set up I.T. Monkey, we chose Google to manage our email accounts. Using Google has many benefits to a business such as I.T. Monkey. Because a third party handles our email, we did not have to buy a Server and Server OS and Mail Server software, a side effect of this is that we don’t have to worry about backing up our mail server either. Another benefit to using Google to manage your email is that you also get access to Google Docs and Google Calendar. Google Docs allows me to access and edit my documents on any computer as long as I have access to the Internet.

I would imagine, and yes, you guessed it, those are all cloud based email solutions. How many of you use Flickr or Picasso or Photo Bucket to store and share photographs? or YouTube for hosting videos? Well those are all cloud based computing services also. Using these services, you can quickly and easily share photographs and videos with family members all around the world. If you would like to talk to us about any of the solutions above and how they could benefit you or your business, we would love to hear from you. You can call us on 045 855761 or email us at

Google have applications for many phones on the market. Some are more powerful than others, but in their basic form, all allow access to your email account, contacts & calendar. Should I lose my phone, I don’t lose the most important parts of my phone - my contacts and my calendar as they are synced in the cloud. Applications are available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia phones and many other brands. Many home users may be thinking to themselves, wow, that sounds great, but what does cloud computing do for me?? Well, you may already be using cloud computing without knowing it. How many of you have a Gmail, Hotmail, or other web based email account that you access through a web browser? Quite a few pLEASE MENTION BLESSINGTON MAGAZINE WHEN RESPONDING TO ADVERTS 25


what’s going on? - your guide to upcoming local events


The newly established crafts workshops and galleries in the grounds of Russborough have come together this Christmas and are hosting a Christmas Festival on the 11-12 December, 11am – 4pm both days. Come and find Santa in the Maze! Crafts Fair featuring high quality but affordable Irish made produce; West Wicklow Art Group’s annual ‘Artfest’; live music; live craft demos and workshops for adults and children. One of these workshops will see children helping the blacksmith getting Santa’s reindeers ready for the big day, by forging nails for a new set of shoes! Spit roast pig & mulled wine. Carnival games by the Blessington Educate Together National School. Come along to a cosy weekend! More info on the Russborough Artisan’s website:

photo by Michael Calnan, Blacksmith at Russborough

craft & gift fair

The annual Christmas Craft and Gift Fayre is taking place once again in St. Kevin’s Community centre Blessington on Sunday November 28 from 11 am – 4 pm. There will be a wide range of stalls with lots of bargains. Santa Claus will be coming along to visit the children at 1 pm. Those wishing to rent tables are asked to contact either Aishling tel. 045 865127 or Sandra tel. 045 865225. This particular event has proven very popular in recent years with people looking to purchase some useful gifts for Christmas.


The Blessington Citizen’s Information Centre is open every Tuesday morning at Blessington Library from 10.30 am -1.30 pm. The centre offers residents free and confidential advice on a wide range of issues including such things as Social Welfare, Tax, Finance, Work, Family Entitlements, Health and much more. For more info on this and the Legal Advice Bureau contact the Library on: 045 891740

Blessington Library

Every Saturday at 11.30 am: Storytime for ages 3 – 5 Every Monday at 11 am: Toddler time ages 1 - 3 Last Saturday of every month 10.30 am: Start your weekend listening to the Kilbride and Lakeside Traditional Band Saturday 6th Nov at 11 am: Improving your memory: why bother? Saturday 13th Nov at 11 am: Improving your memory: an essential life skill Talks by Sean Reinhardt Thursday 25th Nov at 7 pm: Blessington Poets: come and listen to local poets or join in and read your own. Opening hours Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat 10am -5 pm Tue and Thurs 10am -8.30pm Ph 045 891740 26

guys & dolls at tramway theatre

BYMD’s production of Guys & Dolls coming to Tramway Theatre, Blessington on the following dates: Thursday 18th November 2010—8pm Friday 19th November 2010—8pm Saturday 20th November 2010— Matinee 2pm & Evening Show 8pm Tickets €10.00 each available from The Office Shop & Hennessys Next Door


what’s going on? - your guide to upcoming local events

credit union Annual General Meeting AGM Thursday 2nd December 2010 in the Avon Ri at 8p.m. Car Draw takes place. Light refreshments. All welcome.

Christmas Farmers Market at AVON RI

4th & 5th December - Santa Arriving by sliegh. see for more details

Customer Event at Manzors Gifts & Cards

Come along and help Manzors celebrate their 5th birthday on Friday 26th (6.30 – 9.00pm), Saturday 27th (10.00- 6.00pm) & Sunday 28th (12.00 – 5.00pm) of November. There will be free gifts, special offers and spot prizes on offer. Free gift for the first 20 customers on Friday evening – so arrive early for a special surprise!! Manzors is located next door to Dunnes Stores.


Blessington Community College is holding an Open Night at the college on Thursday November 4 commencing at 7.30 pm. All prospective students and their parents are especially welcome. Then on the following Thursday November 11 the college will hold its annual Awards Night when the outstanding achievements of students in the last academic year will be recognised.


The very popular Car Boot Sale is coming your way on Sunday November14 to St. Kevin’s Community Centre Blessington commencing at 10 am. Those wishing to open up a stall can do so on the day. A car load will cost only €10 while a vanload will set you back only €15. Those wishing to open up a stall can just come along on the day. But make sure to get there early as it can be very crowded. Car boot sales are a great excuse to clear out the garage and attic of those unwanted items that have been stored away for a rainy day. It is also a marvellous way to make a nice few euros which you can put to some good use. So make sure to drop along on the day and check out all the bargains. This will be the last Car Boot Sale for 2010. All going well they will resume in February 2011.

West Wicklow Walkers Open Day

On Saturday 20th November 2010 come along and try an easy fun hill walk with the West Wicklow Walkers hill walking club. The walk is absolutely free and everyone above 18 years of age is welcome to attend. It will be a really fun and positive time out in the beautiful Wicklow hills so dust off those boots and come and join us. We will be meeting in Dunnes Stores car park at 12am. We would be delighted to see you there. Don’t be shy, we really are very nice!!! visit 27



bathrooms 4 less We are ready to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. We know your time is valuable, that is why when you call, we will arrange a consultation at your convenience. We supply a complete bathroom makeover service from start to finish. NO MIDDLE MAN! We are a complete one stop shop for all your bathroom needs. We do everything for you. The price we quote you before you make your decision, is the price you pay!

Call stephen for a Free Estimate m: 087 268 0481 t: 045 851973





by Amanda Tivnan


Take my Breath Away With life being as hectic as it is, we all get a little breathless……..but some of us more than others…….. Asthma is a condition in which the small tubes within the lungs become sensitive to elements of everyday life such as dust, or even cold air. The muscles surrounding the airways tighten, making it difficult for the air to flow in and out of the lungs; and the lining of the airways themselves swell and produce mucus, similar to your nose during a cold. This means that taking the slightest breath is a huge effort for the sufferer. Alarmingly, Ireland has the 4th highest incidence of asthma worldwide, with 470,000 people affects….that’s 1 in 8 of the population!! The causes of asthma are not fully known. Researchers think a combination of factors (family genes and certain environmental exposures) interact to cause asthma to develop, most often early in life. These include an inherited tendency to develop allergies, called atopy (AT-o-pe), children whose parents have asthma or exposure of a child to certain respiratory infections increases the risk of developing asthma. If asthma or atopy runs in a family, exposure to airborne allergens (for example, house dust mites, and animal hair) and irritants (such as tobacco smoke) may make your airways more reactive to substances in the air you breathe. One theory researchers have for what causes asthma is called the “hygiene hypothesis.” They believe that Western lifestyle—with its emphasis on hygiene and sanitation—has resulted in a decline in children experiencing the same types of environmental exposures and infections as children did in the past. This affects the way that the immune systems in today’s children develop and it may increase their risk for asthma. Different factors may be more likely to cause asthma in some people than in others and research continues in order to develop more efficient treatment methods. The primary symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath which may occur suddenly and in repeated episodes; perhaps 30

brought on by colds, chest infections, exercise, change of temperature, dust, irritants in the air or by allergens such as pollen. Medications used to treat asthma can be either quick relief: used to treat acute symptoms; or long term control medications: used to prevent further exacerbation typically in the form of meter-dosed-inhalers (MDIs). Asthma attacks can still occur no matter how careful a sufferer is; and with such high prevalence in Ireland, knowing The Five Minute Rule may save a family member’s life. The Five Minute Rule contains recommended steps to follow in an asthma attack: 1. Ensure the relief inhaler is taken immediately 2. Sit the sufferer down and loosen tight clothing 3. Ensure that both the sufferer, and yourself, stay calm 4. If there is no immediate relief; take the inhaler every minute for five minutes 5. If symptoms do not improve in five minutes, call your doctor or the emergency services on 112. Don’t be afraid to “cause a fuss”, even at night time when, quite often, symptoms can be worse. Delaying treatment in severe cases can be fatal. Asthma does not have a definitive cure, even when you feel fine you still have the disease and it can flare up at any time. But, with today’s knowledge and treatments most people who have asthma are able to manage with few or no symptoms living normal active lives.



Happy 5th Birthday to Manzors Gifts & Cards Are you free on the weekend of the 26th, 27th and 28th of November?

Catherine and Michael would like to invite you to Manzors 5th birthday party on Friday 26th November from 6.30pm – 9.00pm. It will be a great way to get in to the Christmas spirit and of course start your Christmas shopping. There will be cheese and wine, free gifts, special offers and much more. The event will continue over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Manzors Gifts & Cards opened its doors in

November 2005. Since then the shop has developed in to a premier gift and card destination. All of the top brands in giftware and cards can be found in store including – Newbridge Silverware, Belleek Living, Galway Crystal, Tipperary Crystal and much more. To complement your special gift you can choose from our extensive range of Hallmark Cards and gift wrap. As part of our service we also gift wrap presents free of charge. Why not call into the store

to see the full range of what we have to offer. With free parking and extended opening hours it couldn’t be easier. Manzors are open late night on Thursday and Friday and now are open on Sundays from 12pm – 5pm. Our Christmas Club is now open. Catherine and Michael would like to thank all their loyal customers for their business over the past 5 years. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon and at our birthday party in November.




Get in Shape, Stay in Shape and Have Fun with Body Evolution Body Evolution run fitness and wellness classes, courses and events. We are all about getting you fit and healthy while ensuring that you also have a laugh and a bit of time to relax. If you fancy some toning and flexibility exercises why not try Pilates, Yoga or Yogalates. If you would like to loose a few pounds as well as tone up then try a Bootcamp or Women’s Fitness Class. Enjoy the great outdoors? Then try kayaking or biking. Both activities offer a great


way to tone up and get fit, learn a new sport and have a bit of craic. We also run navigation courses and rock climbing courses.

Body Evolution owner Jenny Kibride is a former member and manager of the Irish freestyle kayak team and is the current chairperson of the West Wicklow Walkers. She holds a national sports mountain bike championship title, plays Gaelic football for Kilbride and just this year beat over 300 competitors to

win the Connemara Adventure Challenge. This year Jenny also won the Epic Development bike race at Ballinastoe and was second in the sports Wicklow Roar. Just like Jenny, all of the teachers and coaches at Body Evolution are passionate about fitness and wellness and are highly qualified instructors. Friendliness and value for money is our priority so call us today. One phone call is all that stands between you and a lifetime of fitness and wellness.



glitzi bitz celebrates first year in business Glitzi Bitz celebrates its first year in business at the Blessington Town Centre in October. The Store is focused on quality products at affordable prices.

customers and local support. To celebrate the first anniversary there will be a draw for Christmas for a beautiful multi coloured Swarovski Crystal Hollywood Classic Necklace.

Customer service and customer care are the main priority of the business. The owner Helen Dunne would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all her loyal

In order to be entered into the draw each customer spending a minimum of €20 euros in the shop between 23rd of October and 17th of Decem-

ber will be given a ticket for the draw. The draw will take place on Saturday 18th of December in Glitzi Bitz and the lucky winner announced. Please feel welcome to call in and browse and if you do not see what you are looking for just ask and we will do everything we can to accommodate our customers. Thank you again for all your support.





This year Renic Interiors celebrates 15 years of manufacturing kitchens. During those years Renic have gained a knowledge of the Irish Kitchen Market and have learnt to integrate the latest trends and styles without losing that essential and unique touch associated with the “Hub of the Home”. Of the numerous kitchens

and bedrooms designed by us, no two are alike. From the traditional to the ultra modern, we have a complete range of styles to work for your interior. Careful attention to detail ensures that we create the perfect working environment. Renic Interiors can design & manufacture to your requirements. We also specialise in custom built furniture such as bookcases, attic stor-


age solutions & home bars. Some samples of the range available are : Maple, Oak, Alder/Cherry, PVC range, Birch, Beech, Antique Pine, Light Pine, Ivory and many more. For Kitchens and Bedrooms of the best quality, design, style & service Renic can’t be beaten. Call now for a free consultation and quotation on 01 458 2877.

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Blessington Magazine - Issue 2: November 2010  
Blessington Magazine - Issue 2: November 2010  

Blessington Magazine - Issue 2: November 2010