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Details about our Products All of our jewelry is hand crocheted bead by bead and requires much detail, time and skill to create. Our

Sisterhood Necklaces are inspired by our artisans and their beautiful culture. They are each

named after one of our artisans and use bead colors and stones such as turquoise, amber and coral, that are common to Himalayan people. We've tried to combine Western and Himalayan styles into these beautiful necklaces. Our Sonam, Chijeek, Lhakpa and Joma necklaces are 40" in length and our Ama, Renin, Sijok and Sangjung necklace are 70" in length allowing them to be wrapped and layered in many different ways. Our

Solid and Patterned Bracelets are crocheted to be approximately 7 inches long and ROLL on

with ease. Our bracelets are very strong and so don't be afraid of breaking them as you are rolling them on your wrist. One size fits most but if you find you need a larger size we can offer 8-inch-long bracelets. Our

"Littles" bracelets are made for children under 10 years of age. They are also hand crocheted

bead by bead and each bracelet measures approximately 6 inches and roll on with ease. Please keep in mind that they are not recommended for children under 4 years of age because they contain small beads.

Classic Necklaces are available in three lengths. Our 30-inch necklace falls right around midchest, our 40-inch necklace falls above your waistline and our 50-inch necklace falls below the Our

waistline or can be doubled to look like two shorter layered necklaces. The 50-inch necklace can also be knotted like a scarf for a different look. Our

Braided Necklace is the most intricate piece we’ve created. It is made of three separately

crocheted strands of beads, then braided into one elegant necklace and joined together with a silver or gold rhinestone clasp. It is a perfect addition to our

Wedding Bells Series. It measures 22

inches in length. We are very confident in the products that we create and we want to offer you the best quality bead crocheted jewelry that is available today. Because of that, we have a 100% guarantee on our products. If your jewelry breaks or has a manufacturing defect we will gladly replace your item for you free of charge.

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Blessed Hope Nepal Product Catalog  

Jewelry handmade by women artisans in the Himalayas.

Blessed Hope Nepal Product Catalog  

Jewelry handmade by women artisans in the Himalayas.