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March 2018

Dear Parents and friends of the college I hope you enjoy reading the fourth instalment of our newsletter for this current academic year. It has been a short half-term, but an action packed one. The season of Lent is central to the Catholic Life of our college and our students and staff have risen to the challenge of ‘Praying, Fasting and Giving’. The college has been alive with the sound of cake sales, car washing, talent shows and a huge variety of other fundraising events in order to help those less fortunate than ourselves. It is also of course a time of prayer and reflection and our students have responded to this in their usual mature and thoughtful way. We welcomed several new staff this half-term , Mr Xia joined the MFL department and his ability to speak 4 languages including Cantonese will further strengthen our commitment to the teaching of languages. Mrs Kendall is our new Raising Standards Co-ordinator and she will be overseeing English and Maths interventions for students of all abilities. Mrs Klosinska has joined our Science department as a Science Technician. I

am sure you will join with me in wishing them every success. This half-term ended with our wonderful Performing Arts Evening. One parent summed it up by emailing us to say ‘I have seen a lot of shows in the past (and taken part in a few) but I have never been brought to tears of happiness and pleasure before’. It truly was a wonderful evening and thank you again to all the staff and students who made it possible. If you haven’t yet had a look at our newly reinvigorated twitter and Facebook feeds can I please urge you to. They provide a window into what happens in our college on a daily basis. I can guarantee you will be amazed at what happens alongside the teaching of five lessons a day! In conclusion can I thank you again for your on-going support of our college and please continue to pass us feedback on all aspects of college life. My email is Have a restful, enjoyable and holy Easter break. Greg McClarey - Headteacher

Safeguarding Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College I am writing this ‘Chairman’s Note’ staff, parents, guardians and is committed to safeguarding and having just arrived home from the supporters; you all are crucial to promoting the welfare of all our students. Performing Arts evening at the the school and play such an Please continue to visit our website for college: 31 acts with a ‘through the important role in our children’s useful information and links to support year’s’ theme. Dance, bands, development and achievements. singing, orchestra and lots of Please take time to read the rest of our students. Miss Mason - DSL and LAC Lead talent. What a night! Wonderful the newsletter; there are great solos, retro bands and it was great sporting achievements recorded Key Dates to see the all boy groups from and examples of many 16th April - Students Return across the year cohorts: only 364 extra-curricular activities, all 17th April Year 9 Core Assessments days till the next one! further demonstrating the extent Mr McClarey was right, when he of our diverse and inclusive college. 18th April - Year 10 Exams begin 19th April - Year 7 Parents Evening said, “the arts are, and will always As we prepare for a well earned 20th April - Year 11 Tutor Group Photos be, a major part of this college”. break and all the blessings of this 24th April - Year 8 & 9 Girls HPV Injections As with the school production, a Easter time, on behalf of the 26th April - Full Governing Body Meeting few months ago, the acts, the Governing body, I reiterate my musicians, the back stage stars, thanks to all for your support, and 1st May - Good Shepherd Mass at St George’s Worcester and the technical teams, all look forward to seeing everyone 4th May - Year 11 Celebration Mass demonstrated a real sense of return, fully rested and prepared 7th May - School Closed - Bank Holiday ‘family’; staff and students totally for the examinations and committed to making the evening challenges this next term is noted 10th May - Ascension Day Mass at 1:25 14th May - GCSE Exam Period Begins special and memorable. for. 15th May - 1st Day of Ramadan I want to say well done to all, and Philip Carney - Chair of Governors 21st May - Year 9 Retreat to Alton Castle to give a big thank you to all the New School App I am encouraging all parents and carers to download our new free communication app! Our new app will allow you to receive priority messages, report student absences and access college information in one convenient source. Our aim is to significantly reduce the amount of paper we use annually. This means letters inviting you to Parents’ Evening will be done electronically. It will also give you the opportunity to reply immediately and let us know if you can attend. Welcome back letters , trip reply slips and consent forms will predominately be sent out this way. Our app can be downloaded for either iOS or Android phones. Please search for :

My Ed or click this button We also have a new automated absence number, which can be used to leave a voice message if your child is away from college. The new number is: 0844 239 3266 Thank you for supporting us in this new venture. Mr Edmunds - Assistant Headteacher

The Season of Lent The season of Lent has provided all of our staff and students with an opportunity to ‘Give it up’ to help ensure that our brothers and sisters throughout the world have enough to eat. Each individual year group has been carrying out various acts of charity work to raise money for CAFOD, the Father Hudson’s Society and Mission Together. An extensive range of services and liturgies have taken place during Lent including Ash Wednesday services, foyer liturgies every Monday, Stations of the Cross on Tuesday’s, Services of Reconciliation, a day of prayer and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and Friday “fasting”. Easter services will also be held for all year groups on the last day of term. All of these events, where we have prayed, fasted and given alms, have helped us to prepare in a reflective way for the most important of all Christian festivals, Easter. Mr McCormack - Deputy Headteacher

Students Visit To Oxford University 10 students from Year 10 were given an insight in to university life with a trip to Oxford in February. They were joined by students from other Worcester schools to experience life

around the campus. Students also enjoyed a guided tour of Oriel and Brasenose, experienced a lecture and discussed the possibilities of further education with Oxford students. They gained useful information on grades

Worcestershire Skills Show Students from Year 10 gained firsthand experience of the variety of post 16 opportunities at the skills show event at Chateaux Impney. Stall holders offering employment advice and apprenticeships from a variety of industries ranging from the Prison Service to catering companies. It also re enforced the need for good academic qualifications as they prepare for Year 11. Mr Ebbage - Head of Year 10

required at GCSE as well as the importance of having more to offer than just academic attainment in order to secure a place at university. Mr Ebbage - Head of Year 10

London Marathon I’ve put aside my computer and have been training for several months in preparation for the London Marathon on April 22nd. Even the snow didn’t stop me from running a 20 miler! I’m running this in aid of Children with Cancer. Cancer is an awful disease that affects too many people in the world. Working with children and as a parent myself, I can think of nothing worse than children being affected by cancer, so I’m trying to do what I can to help. If you’d like to support me, you can do this by donating on my Virgin Money Giving Page: Thank you!! Mr Nicholls - Head of ICT

Virtues I received this email about Ksawery in Year 7 from one of his fellow parishioners. It shows a young man who looks out for others and who exemplifies many of the virtues we look for in our students. "Dear Mr McClarey, thank you for getting in touch. I have had Ksawery in Children's Liturgy since he was 4 and I taught him in Year 3. I have always seen him as enthusiastic and a truly great citizen, however since his transition to secondary school, I have noticed how independent and motivated he is. Ksawey sometimes serves as an altar boy but when he is not involved in this, he always turns up to help me in Children's Liturgy by putting out tables and chairs, helping to organise the younger children and tidying up. After church, he regularly helps with making tea and coffee for the older parishioners and does so without drawing attention to himself. I feel that Ksawery provides an excellent example of someone who lives by their faith and is a super role model to his peers." Mr McClarey - Headteacher

Young Writers Students at our College are currently involved in the Worcestershire Young Writers short story competition 2018. The 300 word competition, on the theme of ‘Kings and Queens,’ is being run by Worcester Literary Festival. It is open to intermediate writers aged 1113 years and senior writers aged 14-17. The competition gives the students a wonderful creative opportunity and, with a bit of imagination, will allow them to link their stories to the current work schemes of Crime and Punishment and Monsters and Places.

The City of Worcester is so rich in history; there is also the fantastic prospect of introducing aspects such as the English Civil War too.” We are delighted that our Patron of Reading and local author, Kevin Brooke, is working with students in a ‘Short Story Workshop’, where students have the opportunity to write a short story and enter it into the competition. The workshop engaged the students into thinking about various aspects of their writing and turning a blank sheet of paper into a fantastic piece of writing.

International Women’s Day The college was one of four schools invited to millennium point in Birmingham to take part in a ‘Stemettes’ event. The aim of the event is to persuade girls to consider pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subject based jobs. It was particularly pertinent that the event took place on International Women’s Day. The girls took part in a variety of activities, decrypting messages using a paper based Enigma machine to ‘hack’ a website using mozilla x-ray goggles. Honorary guests at the event included Prince Harry and Ms Markle, who took a genuine interest into the activities the girls were completing. As you can image the girls were very excited to see the couple. A special mention to Lauren who won a competition at the event for writing an excellent speech about female role models that inspire young females and why. Lauren was also interviewed on BBC Midlands Today and spoke confidently and passionately about the role of females in work. A fab day out which the girls really enjoyed and got to meet royalty!!! Mr Nicholls - Head of ICT

Thirty students from Years 7, 8 and 9 participated in this event The winner and runner-up will be announced at the launch of the Worcester Literary Festival on Sunday 10th June. First prize is a £40 book voucher and long listed entries will be published in an anthology. A celebratory launch of the anthology is due to take place later this year at the premises of the competition sponsor, Titania. Mrs Bromyard - Librarian

Year 8 Visit to Cheltenham Orthodox Synagogue As part of our Judaism study to commemorate Holocaust Week we visited Cheltenham synagogue on Monday 12th of February. When we arrived at the synagogue, there was a lovely person there who helped us and welcomed us very kindly, her name was Jenny Silverstone. We were all surprised when we came across a building that was fairly small from the outside that looked like an ordinary white painted house. When we got inside there was a very nice and homely hall, but through some doors we found a very big room with seats surrounding a raised platform called the Bimah, and on the front wall was a curtain drawn across the Ark, where the Torah scrolls are kept. Jenny taught us about the history of the synagogue and the Jewish community in Cheltenham and she accepted many, many questions from us all. We learned all about the type of prayers that are said in the synagogue, and Jenny read her favourite prayer to us. She also read a commandment called the Shema that might be found in the mezuzah (the object Jews put on their front door that contains part of the Torah). We were told about how Orthodox synagogues are different to Reform synagogues. The boys and girls in our class were asked to sit on different sides of the synagogue because, Jenny said, that Jews are expected to do this when they come of age, in order to follow the 10 commandments (age 12 for girls and age 13 for boys). The coming of age of Jewish girls and boys is called a Bat Mitzwah and Bar Mitzwah respectively. Jenny opened the door to the Ark and we were all able to see the magnificent Torah scrolls inside. However, Jenny was not allowed to pick it up and read from it because in Orthodox synagogues only men are allowed to do this. We were also told a story about how the Torah has to be buried once it deteriorates and the writing is not legible. The Torah scroll is buried because it is considered the ‘Living word of God’. I asked Jenny why their menorah had 9 candles instead of 8, and Jenny answered by saying that the 9th one was to light the others. This symbolized God’s light coming into the world. I also asked how Jews learn Hebrew and she said that as they grow up they learn it just like we learn English. I think my favorite part of the trip was looking around the synagogue. It was very big and there was even a red lamp above the Ark symbolizing the Light of God, which is the in the scroll of the Torah. One person in our class asked Jenny how she felt about the persecution of the Jewish people throughout history and especially during the Holocaust. Her answer was very measured and thoughtful because she said that persecution happens to many races and religions and even today Christians are being persecuted in many parts of the world. We really enjoyed the trip, and had a great time learning about the Jewish faith from Jenny who made everything sound so fascinating. Jenny has a gift for teaching and this was real life learning. Daniel – Year 8 Clitherow

Lourdes pilgrims go on a team building trip to Laser Quest and McDonalds On Friday February 16th, the students who have signed up for the pilgrimage to Lourdes went on a trip to Laser Quest in Malvern and also for a meal at McDonald’s. This was so all the pilgrims got to know each other. There are eighteen students from Years 7, 8 and 9 going to Lourdes at the end of May. We had two games at Lazer Quest, a free for all and a red versus blue team. Both were great fun and were exciting for all of us; we enjoyed it because of the adrenaline rush it gave us. After Lazer Quest, we all joked around and had a laugh before going to McDonalds. When we arrived at McDonalds, we bought some food and sat down and spoke about the Lourdes Pilgrimage. Before we knew it, it was time for us to go back; I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun… We’d like to thank Mr Tota and Mrs Fitzer for making all of this happen and for taking us on this marvellous team building exercise. Grace and Charles - Year 8 Line and Lourdes pilgrims

Geographical Association's Photography Competition Year 10 Geography and Photography students have submitted entries to the Worcestershire Branch of the Geographical Association's photography competition. The theme was water and sustainability. The winners were announced at the Hive on March 22nd which is the start of the United Nation's decade of work on 'water for sustainable development'. Congratulations to Ella in Year 10 C and Georgia in Year 10 J who came 1st and 2nd respectively. The entries are being displayed in the Hive for the next two weeks, so please pop along to see their work. Please see our entries below. Mrs Sparey - 2nd i/c Humanities


Ella Abigail Christian


Madelyn Alice



Emma Daisy




Father Sunny Trust On Friday the 16th of February we handed over a cheque for £500.00 to Niki Davies and Anne Booth representing the Father Sunny Trust. The money was raised from donations for refreshments received at the ‘Wizard of Oz‘ performances in January. Anne and Niki were able to come to Friday Mass and after the blessing, accept the cheque from Father Andrew Berry O.S.B, our College Chaplain. Mr James - Head of Religious Education

Army Cadets On March 6th Worcester Army Cadets visited College and gave a presentation in Year 8 assembly. Bombardier Harris explained how joining the cadets can help young people to challenge themselves. He outlined some of the many activities that the cadets can take part in. These included activities helping the local community, gaining first aid qualifications, field craft, expeditions and music camps for the Army Cadet Force bands. This was an informative talk which hopefully inspired pupils to think about a new way to meet friends, improve their fitness and learn new skills. Mrs Jones - Head of Year 8 Year 10 Mathematicians Maths Feast Two teams of our most talented Year 10 mathematicians entered the annual “Maths Feast” team challenge in February. Organised by the Further Maths Support Group, the event comprised various “courses” to test the students’ problem solving skills. The teams consisted of Amelia, Caitlin, Sabieka and Emily (team 1) and Shane, Charlie, Alice and Imogen (team 2). All had a very challenging and enjoyable afternoon, which will help to consolidate their problem solving skills. Well done to all the participants. Mrs Connolly -Head of Maths and Mr Taylor Maths Teacher

Youth SVP – Entertaining the residents at the Lawns Nursing Home in Kemspey On Monday 5th March a group of thirty Youth SVP students who attend Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College had the privilege to visit a nursing home in Worcester called ‘The Lawns’. This was the second time we were to visit the Lawns because we had sung Christmas Carols to the residents in December 2017. Once again we were all greeted by the friendly and outgoing staff of The Lawns and they took us into a room at the front of the building as we waited for the residents to be brought in to the lounge. The students had been practising their songs for a number of weeks and everyone was very excited about entertaining the residents. The first student to sing was Libby and she sang a beautiful solo which was called ‘At Last’. Charlie from Year 7 was next and he also performed a solo and he impressed the residents and staff at The Lawns as he had a wonderful voice. We all gave Libby and Charlie a round of applause as they ‘wowed’ everyone in the room. After the solos Ella, Aggie, Lara and Daisy sang ‘Riptide’. This song touched Alan’s heart as he had tears. Alan is a lovely elderly man who attends The Lawns nursing home. Levana was brave enough to sing a solo first sung by Vera Lynn during the 2nd World War called, ‘We’ll Meet Again’ which was delightful. The staff at the nursing home were so pleased that we had come to entertain the residents. Not only were they listening but some were singing along as they were given a booklet of our songs at the start. Another student had the courage to play the keyboard and she played ‘ La Donna e Mobile’ this was played by Carlotta. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was sung by Libby and Levana and this song was sweet and relaxing and made everyone smile. One of the staff ladies told us how well we all sang together and that it was perfect. Imogen and Jessica sang a duet to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. This song made some of the residents and staff sing too, as it is a well-known song. After these performances we all sang ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ followed by a crazy song called ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialdoucious’ which made some of the students and staff laugh as it was quiet fast. Ella was able to sing the words backwards. For our final song we performed our college hymn, ‘This Little Light of Mine’ which the residents clapped along to. It was such a joy to see so many of them with wide smiles on their faces at the end of our performance. Colin, one of the residents was a former chorister and the choral singing brought tears to his eyes, as memories of his own life flooded back to him. After we finished entertaining everyone we all had an opportunity to talk to the residents and the staff. They all gave us brilliant feedback which made all the students feel happy and proud to be part of the Youth SVP. Two of the Year 11 students, who want to train as nurses stayed behind and asked the staff questions about working in nursing homes. The staff gave them positive feedback and said they can visit The Lawns whenever they want. The staff told us that they have voluntary work for students to help with and that it would be a wonderful experience and help in their career. We all were very grateful for visiting The Lawns Nursing Home and felt that we had brightened up the lives of the residents. However, just as importantly the residents have shown us how warm and appreciative they were for our being at their home. We know that our visits to The Lawns are going to continue because it is so important for us to show our love and concern for those who are most vulnerable in our community. Shikira and Shannon – Youth SVP students from Year 11

Poet Laureate Visit On Thursday 16th March our College was delighted to welcome Nina Lewis, Worcestershire Poet Laureate to work with 60 Year 8 students. Nina wowed them with her talent as a poet, and encouraged them to play with words and sounds on the theme of Monsters, which is part of their scheme of work this term. The students were captivated by Nina’s enthusiasm and produced two acrostic poems as a joint project. Nina also introduced them to a different way to start a poem, called the Golden Shovel, which the students will continue exploring in class. It was an honour to have the Poet Laureate in College, Nina was so entertaining, and the students learnt such a lot from her. Mrs Bromyard - Librarian

Rainforest Talk Today we were given a talk by Paul Carpenter. He talked about his adventures to the rain forest to study the insects and spiders living there. He told us about some of the dangers of travelling to different countries, not only from the creatures living there but also from the driving in India and the food in some other countries! Paul described how a lot of people live in some of the countries he has travelled to and explained to us that we live very privileged lives, even if we don’t realise it. Paul showed us a power point that contained some of the most amazing photos of different countries. He suggested we travel to different places around the world if we get the opportunity. He said we should take every opportunity we can. We learnt so much about the animals of the rain forest, the people that live there and what it is like to spend time there.

Science Week - Life in the Rainforest On Thursday 15th March our key stage 3 students were treated to a selection of workshops and talks by Paul Carpenter. Paul has been keeping and breeding insects and spiders for over 30 years. He has also travelled extensively to the rain forests around the world to photograph and study the life there. In 2015 Paul had a spider named after himself ‘Phormingochilus carpenteri’ which lives in the rainforest of Sulawesi. Paul’s presentations were

based on his experience of travelling to the rainforest. He was able to discuss evolution, food chains, camouflage, habitats and the importance of the rain forests not only to the native people, but also the humans all around the world. His talk was thought provoking! Our students were enthralled by Paul’s talk and fascinated by the creatures he brought into school. They included a Goliath beetle, a tarantula, stick insect, millipede, dart frog, tree frog, gecko and a corn snake. Mrs Ballett - Science Teacher

Civil War Stories "Imagine you are forced to follow a particular religion? Imagine only one person being in charge of the country? Imagine this ruler cares not for you or your family? Imagine this ruler brings his family heavies to have a scrap right here in Worcester, at Powick Bridge? Imagine this skirmish being the catalyst for a Civil War – starting right here in this city? Imagine the King’s son Charles II coming to reclaim his thrown and using Worcester as the site of a massive battle between royalists and parliamentarians? Imagine opening your door to 16,000 royalists who would take your food, clothing, strip your homes, sleep in your bed, (sleep in all the beds), (and on all the floors) and completely take over your city? Imagine another 28,000 parliamentarians turning up for one massive, bloody, scrap that would take the city 50 years to recover from? Imagine the slaughter of Sidbury Gate where the streets ran red with the blood of trapped and

slaughtered royalists? Imagine King Charles II hiding, having to dress in women’s clothes and begging a ship’s captain to take him to France; using Worcester rivers to take flight? Year 7 were given a dramatic portrayal of all of these events as they watched a play called 'Civil War Stories' This was a tale of the English Civil War seen from the eyes of a young boy in Worcester. It starred Charles the I, Charles II, Oliver Cromwell, a monkey and a poodle called Boye! Even Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May get a special mention too!" Mr Jessop - Head of Humanities

Fundraising for Maggs Day Centre Last month the Youth SVP team took part in a sponsored swim to raise money for Maggs Day Centre. We managed to raise £500 towards this worthy cause. From our research we discovered that Maggs was originally started when John Maggs, a man from Worcester, died on the street of hypothermia in 1984. The people of the city decided that it wasn’t right that in a society as rich as ours the homeless were dying on the streets. They decided to act immediately and a small chapel was used to shelter the homeless. This was named Maggs Day Centre in honour of John Maggs. On the 19th March, we received a visit from Colleen, a manager at Maggs. We presented her with the cheque which Gothic Literature will go towards helping more homeless people. We We were delighted to welcome Suz Winspear to thoroughly enjoyed her visit because she was able to tell us so speak to Year 8 who are studying Gothic much about how Maggs operates on a daily basis. As a result Literature. Suz, who was Worcestershire Poet we now have more knowledge and understanding of the Laureate in 2016-2017, is involved in many vitally important work that Maggs does for those people on literary events including the Worcester Lit the margins of society. Maggs mainly relies on charitable Fest. She writes and performs Gothic poetry donations which they are very grateful for. which has many different moods and subjects, Due to recent drastic weather conditions, many communities strange disquieting and at times have been asked to open overnight shelters to accommodate humourous. Suz talked about her own school the homeless and get them out of the freezing cold. When the experiences which gave her lots of subject weather is below zero, this is compulsory. Numbers of the matter for her poetry, she read some of her own homeless in our city today are increasing and only we can work and encouraged students to think about prevent this by highlighting the plight of these people and their own imaginary monster. It was an honour raising money for charity. to have such a talented poet in College and the Ella and Lara – Year 8 students had a good introduction into their own Gothic work. Mrs Bromyard - Librarian

Morgan Cars Malvern On Tuesday I took a group of year 11 students to Morgan Cars Malvern. This is an essential part of their coursework as it puts into context their studies to date, as well as discovering the possibility of apprenticeships in this area. The range of processes on show at Morgan is staggering and would provide a varied career for any one interested. Of particular interest to the students were the processes of laminating the ash rear wheel arches and the hand forming of the louvered bonnets. It was revealing to hear how the company have adapted to demand over the last hundred years and how they are developing an electric vehicle based on their successful three wheeler. We wish them all the best for the future and thank our well informed guide. Mr Jauncey - Creative Arts Teacher

Dance On Tuesday 6th March a group of 11 Gifted and Talented Dancers from Years 7-10 took part in a workshop with local choreographer Sophie-Jo Lusted. They worked really hard and put together a fabulous upbeat piece to 'I Will Survive'. It was shown at Performing Arts Evening . Mrs Barrett - PE Teacher

Netball The years 7,8,9&10 netball teams finished strong this year with their last friendly matches against Hanley Castle this week. The 7’s narrowly lost, 8’s and 9’s both won and 10’s drew, however all were playing a year up against Hanley so all winners in our eyes! The teams have finished the leagues in 1st place and all are City School Champions in the District tournaments. A great start to the “this girl can” week happening at in our college 19th-23rd March! Miss Ingram - PE Teacher

District Netball The Year 8 girls played the District Netball Tournament at Nunnery Wood High School and are State School Champions! They beat Nunnery and drew with Christopher Whitehead Language College but on goal difference came top of the table! Also in the tournament were RGS and Kings who they closely lost to. Well captained by injured Jenna, some great play and team cohesion displayed. Well done girls! Miss Ingram - PE Teacher

Netball U12B Netball City Winners! On Monday 12th March the girls attended the District tournament and finished 3rd behind Kings and RGS which made them the top City School. They beat Tudor and CWLC, all very well played and captained by Bethan. Hard work, 100% effort and fantastic teamwork demonstrated throughout, well done girls! Miss Ingram - PE Teacher

Tri Golf Festival On Thursday 15th March Our Lady Queen of Peace, St George's and Holy Redeemer attended the Year 4 Tri-Golf festival. The morning ran very smoothly and the 15 volunteers were fantastic in directing the primary students on each station. I am amazed how well our students communicate with the younger ones and how calm they are giving instructions. Mark Dove from Worcester Golf Club also commented on their leadership ability! Well done Tri-Golf leaders team. Miss Ingram - PE Teacher

Cross Country Festival On Thursday 8th February 6 leaders helped to run the Years 3&4 Cross Country Festival on our fields and Cherry Orchard's school field. It was a great event and lots of very good runners turned up to race. The leaders were fantastic, totally in their element displaying what they do so naturally with the younger students. Warm ups, cool downs, pacing, coaching, tactical advice, lead hare and marshalling the course, well done! Maya, Lauren , Lucy, Ronan, Andy and James. Miss Ingram - PE Teacher

Volume 17 issue 4 march 2018  
Volume 17 issue 4 march 2018