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It's all in the bag!Â

Hi!! I’m going to tell you all about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant including everything you can get with your Enrollment Kit and through our StartSwell Program!! What is Thirty-One? So…quite simply, what is Thirty-One? Well, Thirty-One is a faith-based company that offers a personalized shopping experience to our customers. We offer purses, totes, accessories, and organizing solutions for your home. The name comes from Proverbs 31 and was built on the mission to Celebrate, Encourage, & Reward women! Thirty-One started in 2003 in the basement of Scott and Cindy Monroe’s home in Tennessee. We now have 3 distribution centers in Ohio and we are the #1 party plan company in the United States! DID YOU KNOW? – There are over 15 million direct sellers in the US- 80% are women, and less than 1% are Thirty-One consultants! The opportunity is HUGE!

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Step 1

Get your enrollment kit! And GUESS WHAT? You get to choose from TWO full Enrollment Kits!! Which one is your FAVORITE? Within 5-7 days after you enroll, you will receive a BIG HOT PINK BOX! Included in the box will be over $400 worth of products and business supplies. Everything you need to get started is in this box!

When you’re ready to enroll: Contact me for my website. Fill out the info! Order your kit! Keep an eye out for you kit to arrive in 5-7 days. Business Supplies included in your Thirty-One consultant kit: How-to Guide Catalogs (pack of 25) Mini Catalogs (pack of 40) Hostess Rewards Flier (pack of 25) Pink Envelopes (pack of 10) Opportunity Brochure (pack of 10) Product Feature Tags Recruiting Fliers (pack of 25) Order Forms (pack of 50) Thirty-One Gives Impact Flier (set of 8) Office Depot Flier Chevron Squares Fabric Swatch Collection Vistaprint Flier

Step 2

Plan your Launch Party!

We’ve found that successful consultants begin with a Launch Party! By hosting a party you will have the opportunity to introduce your family and friends to Thirty-One! I will be here to help you plan your party! You’ll be the HOSTESS and the CONSULTANT for this party. So not only will you be earning the commissions from this party, but you’ll be raking in the hostess rewards too!

Step 3

Build your own Startswell kits!  As an added bonus, promote to Director within 6 months of your start date, and you will earn double the promotion bonus – $2,000 instead of $1,000!**

Step 4

Get Paid to Party! An average party at Thirty-One is about $600 in sales. Our new consultants earn 25% commission So, 25% of an average party is $150!! You get to choose how many parties you’d like to hold each month. The more you party, the more you earn. YOU GET PAID TO PARTY!! Or as one of my friends always says, to drink wine and eat dip! LOL. How much would you like to earn your first month? We get paid by direct deposit on the 10th and 25th of every month.

Step 5

Consultant Discount Enjoy 40% off of your personal purchases!! How awesome is that??

Step 6

Stay Connected

When you join Thirty-One, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. You will be joining one of the best teams in the nation. We are a family, and I am here to help!! Thirty-One offers an online training website available 24/7. We hold local meetings and events with a director in your area, and our amazing National Conference happens in July each year! Additionally, I am your Director and will support you with training and communication throughout your Thirty-One journey. We have team Facebook group where lots of great information is shared as well, and you can connect with other women on our team across the country! Would you like to join these group to have a look around? Let me know and I'll get you added!!

That was a lot of information and a lot of FREE!! Let's recap: 1. Purchase your enrollment kit for $99 (over $350 in products and business supplies)! 2. Plan Your Launch Party (more free product as a hostess!) 3. Build Your Own StartSwell Kits (more free products for your first 4 months)! 4. Get PAID to PARTY (commission from ALL your parties)! 5. 40% personal consultant discount!! 6. Get plugged in for support! Simple, Easy & Fun!! In 5 easy steps you will be on your way to a SUCCESSFUL NEW BUSINESS!! And the moral of the story, the more you party, the more fun you will have, and the more you will EARN! So‌ what do you think of that?

FAQ Part 1 1. What is my initial cost to become a consultant? It only takes $99 (plus tax and shipping) to order your consultant display kit! It comes with over $400 in product and business supplies that you get to use for yourself and your parties. 2. What will I get with my kit and when can I expect to receive it? Within 3-5 days after you enroll, you will receive a BIG HOT PINK BOX! Included in the box are over $350 worth of products and business supplies (catalogs, order forms, flyers, etc…enough supplies for your first several parties). And by doing those parties, you will earn more products and business supplies for FREE after that! 3. Are there any other hidden fees? No, Thirty-One does not charge you any other fees throughout the year. The only other thing you HAVE to have is catalogs. You’ll want to replenish those when needed since your catalog is your BEST marketing tool you have! 25 catalogs come in your starter kit and another 25 come in your 1st Start Swell kit you’re going to earn! 4. Do consultants have a monthly/quarterly quota to stay active? To stay active with Thirty-One, consultants only need to submit $200 in sales every rolling three months. A qualifying party (with hostess rewards) for Thirty-One is $200! It’s very easy to stay active! 5. Does the company supply consultants with a website? If so, what is the cost? The cost is $14.95 a month for both the website ($12.95) and customer email subscription ($2.00). You are not required to have a website and will still be able to enter orders, but your customers will not be able to shop online with you if you don’t have an active website.

FAQ Part 2 6. What can I do to prepare while waiting for my kit? You’ll want to spread the word about your new business. Tell all your family and friends and start booking those parties!!! Your best bet is to have your launch party RIGHT AWAY and start earning all the products I showed you tonight for FREE. You can add all these free products to your kit for future parties! Not to mention…the Start Swell kit AND your cash bonuses! We can even get you started making some hostess packets for your first few parties while you’re waiting on your kit! 7. How are Consultants paid at Thirty-One? We get paid by direct deposit on the 10th and 25th of each month. 8. Does the company offer consultant incentives? Yes, Thirty-One offers consultant-only incentives and special sales throughout the year. They love their consultants so they spoil us rotten. If you are partying “consistently” each month, you will ALWAYS earn those incentives! And now you also get 40% off on your personal purchases!! 9. Is there a penalty or fee if I decide it’s not right for me? We know you are going to LOVE your journey with Thirty-One but should you decide it’s not the right fit…we simply contact our home office to let them know of your decision. Just another reason you literally have nothing to lose by trying it out!!!

Thank you taking the time to find out more about being a Thirty-One girl!! Still have questions?? Let's chat!  Phone- 979.540.7793 call or text Email- Cortni Kana Ind. Director with Thirty-One 

It's all in the bag!  

Get the scoop on how amazing it is to be a 31 girl!!

It's all in the bag!  

Get the scoop on how amazing it is to be a 31 girl!!