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Independent Auditor’s Report to the Directors of Bless a Child Foundation Auditor’s Opinion: In our opinion, the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of the organization as at 31st Dec 2016, and of the surplus and cash flows of the year then ended in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, and comply with the Companies Act, CAP 110.

Report on Other Legal Requirements. The Companies Act requires that in carrying out our audit, we consider and report to you the following matters. We confirm that: We have obtained all the information and explanations, which to the best of our knowledge and belief were necessary for the purposes of the audit. In our opinion, proper books of accounts have been kept by

agreement with the books of account.

the Company, so far as appears from our examination of those books, and the Financial Statements are in

35 Thonna Associates P.O. Box 27818 Kampala, Uganda.

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Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016  

Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016