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FOREWORD As I write this I have many memories of 2016 that cannot be captured in this report or else we would not have enough space for them all. I have seen children walk through our doors in pain, fighting for their lives with despair written all over their little faces. I have watched them recover, smile again, some learn to walk, talk and play again in an environment where they are looked at as normal despite their tumors or illness. I have watched children fight for their lives until the last day when they pass on, but supported, cared for, pain-free and knowing that they are loved unconditionally. I have also seen parents coming in with absolutely no hope or strength left to keep on, but yet they keep trying, giving all they have as they pray for a better tomorrow. I have watched them find a place of rest, a home away from home at Akiba, close to other parents going through the same challenges. They encourage each other, share meals together, dreams and hope is restored as they live at Akiba without a worry about what they will eat or where they will sleep, because all our services are provided to them at no cost.

In this report is our little testimony of what the LORD has done and can do if we allow to partner with Him. I believe this is just the beginning of many more great years of miracles, wonders and amazing exploits. I can never end this without thanking our partners, friends and volunteers, we could never have done this without your generous love and support. THANK YOU! 2017, here we come!

Brian Walusimbi, Executive Director,

2016 was a great year for us. We celebrated 6 years of the Akiba Home being open since 2010. What started as a little dream, a tiny seed, has blossomed now into a new home in Gulu where we are helping the children suffering with cancer in the northern part of Uganda.


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Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016  

Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016