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Objective 3: PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT We set out to offer psychosocial support services to 300 children and their caregivers in 2016. We collaborated with various professionals, cancer survivors, parents of children who have survived cancer and those who have not, and other resourceful people to add value to support-group dialogues. During these talks, caregivers are provided with support materials that teach them how to better take care of their children and how to cope with the complexities of treating cancer. ACHIEVEMENTS • 312 children received accommodation, meals, psychosocial support, palliative care and education at no cost at our Akiba Homes in 2016. • We facilitated weekly talks and support group dialogues with caregivers of the children under our care. • Caregivers and children of age were trained in making jewelry as a way to help them boost their income when they go back home.


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Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016  

Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016