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ACHIEVEMENTS We have many successes to celebrate about 2016 as well as areas for growth to share. Through all the seasons of 2016, we stuck together no matter what, celebrating and braving it all as a family with all our stakeholders, especially our children. Here is a glimpse of how we performed against our 2016 objectives: Objective 1: HEALTHCARE


We set out to facilitate medical treatment and care for 100 children under our care who are undergoing treatment for cancer by 31 December 2016.

ACHIEVEMENTS • 153 of our children received various forms of subsidized medical support in 2016.

It was all hands-on-deck for us at BCF with all staff and caregivers creatively helping the children to cope with the side effects of their treatment. We worked more closely with our partners, particularly Uganda Cancer Institute and Hospice Africa Uganda to ensure that all the children under our care had access to sufficient morphine to manage pain. We also engaged the services of a professional nutritionist to formulate menus and diets that were most suitable for children with post-chemotherapy side effects.

• 20 of our children were supported to undergo prescribed surgical procedures at various hospitals.

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Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016  

Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016