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BCF is making progress towards achieving its vision by expanding access to treatment for children suffering from cancer and providing support to their families during the course of treatment. BCF works closely with national hospitals that offer cancer treatment to establish approaches that improve prescribed treatment procedures and increase access to treatment for all children suffering from cancer in Uganda. We ensure that, as much as possible, all children at the Akiba Homes access proper diagnosis and the treatment required. The children under our care are supported to retain a sense of normalcy through tailored schooling and recreational activities while they undergo treatment. We offer psychosocial support to the children and their caregivers to enable them access holistic solutions to the challenges they face. We believe that in so doing, we enhance the quality of care given to the children for better treatment outcomes. Through a committed Team and with the support of our partners and various stakeholders, BCF has managed to mobilize support for over 1,200 children suffering from cancer for the past 10 years. BCF has provided consistent and reliable support to them and enabling them to access treatment. Most of the beneficiaries of BCF were referred by other families with children who have cancer and because of the long term nature of cancer treatment, BCF is now family to them.



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Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016  

Bless a Child Foundation Annual Report 2016