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Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城 Evecutive Summary | for the launch in Aug. 2013

Managing Editor: Steven Bole Yuan Temple University 215-901-8324

Palette Executive Summary Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城

August 2013

Editor's Vision


One of the most consistent findings in journalism is that the use of news media is positively associated with higher social knowledge. Although today's media landscape has greatly changed by information technology, journalists — either the professionals or the grass-roots — constantly produce news to inform the public, and the public are constantly hungry for the news. Over 400 students with Chinese citizenship are nowing studying at University of Pennsylvania. At Temple University, each year there are over 100 students arrive in Philadelphia from China. However, there is no local news outlet tailered to serve these aspiring members of the city. Admittedly, some of these students are already thirsty information seekers: they are capable of searching actively for the information they need; in their leisure time, they rarely leave themselves without media products to consume. To them, the new study and life in America is a never-ending fun, and the established American news media have so much to offer. However, good journalism should also be like a mirror. While these students are gazing at America, can they see themselves in it? Here, we envision our publication efforts mirrors specificallytailored for them. They are a magazine and a website which both addresse the issues of these Chinese international students, stands by their sides and consistently creates interesting graphic and textual contents for them. The magazine, Palette, will be a 32-page monthly predominantly-English publication that uses high quality graphics to illustrate the city life, while the website, Good night, Philadelphia! will be a bilingual news website that is updated everyday. Let's see what we can do.

Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城 August 2013

Executive Summary The Name and the Logo of Palette


In the eyes of an artist, colors from their sealed packages jump onto the palette, where all the amazing blendings happen. We would like you, the readers, to imagine this magazine as a palette. Our journalists squeeze different kinds of information out from the streets of Philadelphia, put them onto this palette, and the artists are you — you will create your own story with the colors that we provide. And, the amazing thing about the word palette is that the number of letters in the word palette is seven, so is the number of colors in a traditional Chinese artist’s palette. In this palette, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, each of which represents one color in the rainbow, and in the eyes of the artist these colors make up the world. To highlight this cultural significance, for each color we picked one shade, one shade that is meaningful in Chinese literature and arts, for the seven letters in the word palette.

target audience

We target at all Chinese international students who are studying at either undergraduate or graduate programs in Philadelphia. They are likely to be students at University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University and St. Joseph's University. Their ages range from 20 to 28. According to the admission offices of these four universities, half of them are male, and half of them are female. We also see a potential market among those Asian students who are first-generation immigrants. Overall, Asians make up 23% of the fall 2011 semester undergraduate enrollment of UPenn's, 12% of Temple's and 16% of Drexel's, according to National Center for Education Statistics.


Palette Executive Summary Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城

August 2013

print product: A Collectable memory of american study and life

Palette is a monthly publication. In addition, it publishes an special issue on the last Monday before the day of Christmas Eve and another on the Lunar New Year's Eve. In each issue it has the following regular sections:

City Illustrated

A pictorialized guide to local news events of the month, featuring full-page and even across-page news photographs.

Higher Education in America

A long-form story (more than 1500 English words or more than 1000 Chinese characters) that documents, investigates or analyses American higher education from the angle of Chinese international students. To better serve the interest of informing the readers what happens in higher education, their most relevant topic, this section may contain stories in Chinese.

Student Portrait In this section we interview and profule interesting students. They can be university celebrities of any origin, or Chinese students who may share an interesting perspetive on American life.

Visual Dictionary

This section intends to help readers to build up their vocabulary for communicating with their American friends, especially when they need to show their friends something about China. At this point, this section will go beyond the definition of dictionaty and document newsworthy events in China through trendy words.

@Palette This section we reveal the latest correspondence between the editor and the reader. In each issue the editor will also select a topic for readers to talk about, such as "my favorite professor" and "the roommate I hate."


Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城 August 2013

Print Product Specs product hard facts



8.5'' x 11'' 32 pages, plus four covers. Color: Full color Paper: Gloss coated for cover and plain gloss for text Weight: 1 lb Print Run: 2,000 for Pilot Issue, August 2013 1,500 for the following issues

product first year rojected

Circulation (per issue): 500 free in university newspaper shelves and 1500 subscriptions. Readership (per issue): 2,000 (estimated number of Chinese international students in Philadelphia)

pricing and marketing

The retail price for The A.N. will be $7.99 an issue (including the annual issue). The subscription is priced at $29.99 a year. Coupons will be distributed through deal websites in special occasions. The A.N. will partner with local independent galleries, gainning a direct access to its target audience.


Palette Web Product

Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城

August 2013


networking with the audience


Our Chinese name, 夜读费城 , means understanding Philadelphia at night. In Chinses culture, reading at night are often associated with diligence and knowledge. With minimalized news, we don't want our readers to demonstrate their diligence after a day's work; we want to them to conclude every day. Every night, we serve one story about the city they live in a way that they feel relevant. We also want to be the exclusive storyteller of our excellent readers' city adventures, profiling a group of amazing Chinese alumni. • We show one photograph that reveals part of the city. • We also suggest one good place where readers can sit down and discuss about the news topic of each night. • During each weekend, we additionally recommend three stories, two writing about China from an American point of view and one writing about America through a Chinese voice. We envision the Web product mainly a showroom of news topics that our readers can discuss about. To serve this purpose, a lot of the effort with the Web product will be spent on using social media such as Weibo and facebook to interact with the audience and encourage them to discuss on newsworthy issues.

Palette Operating: The Production Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城 August 2013


production timeline

style guide


• Production staff: 2 editors, 1 staff photographer • Outsourcing: freelance writers and friends and associates with professional expertise in the field; contributors from our readership • 1 part-time social media producer • (Total: 4 staffers) Editors have a required meeting every Monday. The meeting is open to readers. The deadline of stories is 24 hours before printing, which is at 6 am on the last Friday of every month.

For English grammar, punctuation, capitalization and abbreviation, editors consult the latest versions of The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage and Webster’s New World College Dictionary. And Xinhua Dictionary is the official reference for stories in Chinese. If the dictionary is unattainable, use Handian ( to look up characters and their usages. For ethical and legal issues, editors keep their instincts in mind and should be consistent through their efforts. They should consult the latest versions of The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage and The Associated Press Stylebook. Palette's title and default headline type:

Sakkal Majalla. Text: Cappuccino Serif (default serif type) Cutline:

Sakkal Majalla (default sans serif type) 7

Palette Annual Financial Plan Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城

August 2013

budget $308,100

revenue $138,985


• Minuteman Press at 1717 South Broad St calculates approximately $1,400 for every 1500 issues. So, the first year of printing will cost (plus two special issues): $1,400 x 14 = $19,600 • Employment Budget (three full-time staffers plus contributors, payroll tax inclused) $150,000 • Office: Home • Office Equipment: $5,000 • Storage Space (Rental, for packaging): $5,000 • Marketing and External Affairs: $55,000 • Business Insurance and Professional Fees: $3,500 • Distribution: $70,000 (subscription delivery through USPS) Annual Subscriptions: • $49.99/subscriber; $74,985 for the first year of launching Advertising Rates (Palette): • $200/single-issue full-page advertisement • $100/single-issue half-page advertisement • $400/four-issue advertisement package (including up to one full page) • $500/four-issue advertisement supreme package (including up to two full pages) Advertising Rates (Good night, Philadelphia!) • $20/cpm for every sidebar link • $1.99/day for daily promo (for detailed information please refer the website's media kit) Advertising Goal: • $1,000 worth of ads per month during the first year. • $1,000 x 14 = $14,000 Kickstarter Crowd-fundraising Goal: • $50,000 for the initial launch

Good night, Philadelphia! 夜读费城 August 2013

S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths




• • • • • • •


Accurate marketing. Flexibility of coverage. Targeting at an underdeveloped market. Emphasizing on graphic presentation. Covering a under-reported community. Readership loyalty. Printing products as collectables

• Limited financial resources in the initial stage of launch. • Limited number of qualified contributors. • A lot of topics to cover • Social networking among the target audience • Satisfying the need of Chinese international students for news. • Satisfying the needs of educational institutions to communicate with Chinese international students • Partnership with Chinese student organizations and local immigrants' organizations • Support from city's cultral exchange programs. • • • •

Economy of print news industry. Various tastes among the readers Racial bias in reporting Tight production deadlines for a small staff


Executive summary  
Executive summary  

The business plan for both Palette and Good night, Philadelphia!