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Top Fifteen Garden Trends for 2018

Top Fifteen Garden Trends For 2018

Outdoor spaces are likely to be transformed into open air rooms this summer as homeowners are investing in quality outdoor spaces that seamlessly transition between inside and out. Open-air living rooms featuring wood arbors, fully upholstered seating and muted colours will be the fashion. This summer the nation will host candlelit parties to add a new level of sophistication to the traditional barbecue.

Outdoor kitchens with dedicated areas for cooking, eating and entertaining will grow in popularity. The trend of al fresco cooking will transition from the warmer climates of America and Australia to the cooler climate of Europe. Outdoor kitchens will come with plenty of options from cooking ranges and barbecues to pizza ovens, cabinets, worktops and sinks allowing you to be as elaborate or modest as you desire.

Mosaic Patterns are back and making an appearance across traditional and contemporary designs. An excellent choice for defining designated areas and encouraging movement throughout the garden whilst creating show stopping visuals in the process. Stone keeps its colour with the changing seasons and can play a big part in maintaining a constant focal point throughout the year - adding texture in the summer months and colour in winter.

Introducing rustic textures and repetative panterns to the garden is another functional trend, creating a bold visual this season. Used as much for decorative art as being an attractive pile whilst seasoning, this trend provides a new take on the prveious wood store trend. Wood piles also have the added benefit of creating a safe haven to house those insects in which our gardens require to create a balanced ecosystem.

A great way to add colour, texture and movement to a garden is to plant ornamental grasses. Tough and tall, beautifully ornamental and reliably utilitarian. Grasses are among the most versatile and hardy of plants and when there’s an unfortunate spot in the garden, they can provide enough cover to distract the eye or they can be planted to create a screen.

In 2018, sheds aren’t just used for storage. Shed conversions have become a popular choice amongst homeowners to create a new and exciting space in their garden. The trend has seen conversions for the use of entertaining such as an at home bar, games rooms and pavilions. The new use for garden sheds isn’t just for entertaining though, as people who work from home have been transforming theirs into unique outdoor offices.

The trend for expanses of glass in modern houses has been mirrored by lighting the adjacent outdoor space. Some home owners feel more secure if low-level lighting picks out their boundary, whilst others have taken advantage of advancements in low voltage outdoor lighting to illuminated key garden features. Many lighting schemes incorporate dusk till dawn sensors, increasing security and illiminating the need for switches and timers.

If you have a faded timber fence or shed that is bringing down the tone of your garden, one of the latest trends is to paint over them to brighten and rejuvenate your outdoor space. Before commencing work, make sure you assess the tones you have already in your garden and choose a colour scheme that will compliment rather than contrast.

Art and sculpture will create an impressive focal point to draw the eye. Sculptures come in many different forms of media and will often age through weathering. A chosen sculpture will help to determine the overall style of a garden and act as a great conversational piece. A sculpture can also be a good way to bring height to a garden or bring focus to a specific area of a garden.

Living walls are a beautiful feature to any garden, whether it be a simple collection of greenery or a well thought out arrangement to create an impressive decorative pattern. This trend provides a superb backdrop for seating terraces and can also be utilised to divide sections of the garden to add more colour and texture. Also benefitting the environment by insulating buildings and reducing energy costs as well as helping to reduce noise pollution.

To bring the outside in, moss terrariums are being used more frequently as an interior décor choice due to their low maintenance and cosmetic appeal. Made up of any kind of clear container, pebbles, soil and moss, this easy to make decoration can add a little green into your home. Terrariums are a great way to introduce children to gardening, with many families choosing to engage their imaginations in creating their very own miniature gardens.

Container gardening isn’t exactly new, but its certainly becoming more and more popular. With populations set to rise in cities over the next 30 years and homes already being built smaller, more and more people will choose to do their gardening in pots and containers. Growers are keeping up with this trend by hybridizing favorite varieties into dwarfs, keeping everything you love about these shrubs, but breeding them in miniature.

With outdoor space being such a precious commodity these days the vegatable plots are as much about good looks as good food. Raised planters, potager gardens, beautiful obelisks and neat symetrical rows of veg will provide a rustic aesthetic to a functional area of the garden. The ‘grow your own trend’ will continue throughout 2018 with an emphasis on growing more exotic vegetables from around the world.

Gardens and outdoor spaces lend themselves to places for immersion and contemplation. Incorporating elements into your garden which stimulate the senses helps to create a relaxing environment. This can be achieved by planting flowers with soft blues, yellows for energy and strongly scented plants such as lavender. There are many other aspects to consider relating to meditation, which will help to balance and harmonise a positive flow of energy.

The trend to create a bold splash of colour with lustrous petals has seen unfavoured traditional shrubs such as hydrangers make a come back, along with roses, fuchsias and rhododendrons. Once trained and shaped, these hardy staples can create dassling blocks of colour throughout the growing seasons. Apart from annual pruning these low maintenance versatile shrubs provide height and cover to almost any area of a graden.