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BLEND TOGETHER BLEND’s Spring Opening 2013 collection is an astonishing cultural mishmash: Our inspiration comes from Harlem, from urban ghettos and street art. There are rough work wear and army inspired details aswell as feminine items – the perfect blend. You will find heaps of denim blue as well as many melange structured garments perfectly combined with prints. There are garment washed, fitted cargo jackets and bottoms. We have spray washed tops and dresses and fitted them with details of crochet lace. Casual pants are redefined through heavy washes and new silhouettes. Our many cool t-shirts come with arty prints and playful statements.

Part of the palette are dim nuances of blue, off white, khaki, red and grey with a variation of bold, colourful stripes to cheer it all up. Mix it for a unique and very personal blend of styles. You’ll be surprised how it all comes together in a cheeky whole. Have a look. Have a try. Blend. Main trends in the Spring Opening 2013 collection - Army inspired details and feminine items mixed in a cultural mishmash - Cool t-shirts with arty prints and playful statements - A variation of bold colourful stripes mixed with denim blues and washed items Press release - Spring Opening 2013

Press Release Spring Opening 2013 BLEND she  

Spring Opening 2013 Press release, BLEND she

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