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ISSUE 7 December 2012

In this Issue! News of a confirmed Tour of the UK & Germany Glassheart - The stunning new album from Leona Leona at Hopefield Stuff from the Bunnies Leona Lewis News So dive in for your Leona fix now!

BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

Editoial As I write this, today is the Sixth Anniversary of Leona Lewis winning the X Factor. She has a legacy of three brilliant albums Spirit, Echo & Glassheart many great singles, countless television performances, a successful tour of the UK & Ireland back in 2010 with another in the UK & Germany next year. The real frustration is Bunnies calling ‘Why isn’t she up there with the World’s greatest singers’. Leona herself is to blame, due to her lovely humble personality, there is no doubt that Leona Lewis has ‘The Voice’ and bags of talent, but what people love Leona for could be working against her. In modern pop music its about feisty chicks with attitude and in your face ‘Girl Power’ where Leona is just the opposite, she is to nice and innocent. But when she does something she puts so much dedication and love into it, so Bunnies, don’t blame Simon Cowell, Syco, Modest! Or Sony Music. Its Leona, she still is that humble girl that doesn’t believe how great she is just like on the X Factor, just six years older. Here’s to many more years of Leona Lewis!

Meet The Team - The Publishing Bunnies Chloe Leadbeater - Editor in Chief, Staff Writer, Designer. John Messenbird - Sub Editor, Staff Writer, Designer. Robbie Owen - Staff Writer, IT Specialist. Daniel Grandits - Staff Writer, Designer. Alexander Bihn - Artist, Staff Writer, Designer. Please note the order does not show any importance, everybody’s work is truly valued and without which there will be no Bleeding Lovely Magazine. Thanks All! Thanks to Leona Lewis for the inspiration and all the beautiful things she brings to this world. Fonts used Neutra Display various sizes & Arial 10pt & 12pt

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

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Hopefield A Special Place


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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

Issue 7 here at last! It’s been a year since the last publication of Bleeding Lovely Magazine this due to most of the Publishing Bunnies going through life changing events, such as leaving school and going on to college or starting a new University or careers and having to deal with the worst recession since ‘The Great Depression’ of 1930’s. But the good news is there is no recession on the Leona Lewis front, with a brilliant new album called Glassheart in most of your hands, TV & Radio appearences and a visit to Hopefield, on the 2nd December. It’s quite an exciting time to be a Bunny wouldn’t you agree?

News broke of an immanent single release by Leona in September, called ‘Trouble’ It hit the stores & download sites on the 7th October and ‘Glassheart’ got released the following week on 15th October. As you agree the wait was worth it!

Glassheart Album Signing On Monday the 15th October Leona was out & about at HMV in Oxford Street, London signing copies of her album Glassheart for her fans (the Bunnies). The CD was released in three formats that day, the standard CD, the Delux copy and a special HMV CD with a cardboard slip case.

Glassheart Delay Again!

Hopefield Christmas Event

Earlier on this year it was announced on a couple of websites the Leona Lewis' third album Glassheart has been postponed from the 26th March to the 26th November. It was brought forward to the 15th October in the UK.. What little news has indicated that Leona was not happy with the album and she wanted to do more work it. This has caused a lot of frustration amongst her Bunnies.

On the 2nd December Christmas came early for some Bunnies as Leona returned to Hopefield and performed, fellow X Factor Winner Matt Cardell was performing. Full story in the next issue.

Easter Bunnies in Essex An Easter Treat For Bunnies To Rabbit About On Easter Sunday, 8th April. There was an amazing Easter Treat for Bunnies that didn’t involve chocolate or eggs. No! Leona made an appearance at Hopefield’s Easter Funday. She met and greeted her many fans, Leona even gave Bunnies a chance to be photographed with her.

Leona to Tour 2013 After the long awaited release of Glassheart Leona has announced that she is going to tour in April and May 2013. So far this has been for UK & Germany dates, there has been no mention of overseas dates in other countries but this could change (fingers crossed!).

Bunnies Un-happy About Publicity

In the last couple of months Leona has been doing a lot of appearences on TV and radio in the UK but very little publicity has been made about it. On the BBC Children In Need website Hackney Festival Update there are links to all the artistes performances Leona Lewis performed as the first act on Satur- except Leona Lewis’ performances. Not having Leona’s private life plastered all over the tabday (23rd June) at the Hackney Big Weekend. loids is great but not publicising her new releasAn annual event put on by BBC Radio1 (a UK based radio station). This year’s one was a very es or TV/Radio appearences is crimenal. Even special one due to the Olympic Games opening the Beatles get the song and dance like an new iPhone about re-issues 50 years after release. just over a month later in that area of London. Myself personally, I am getting most of my info from you The Bunnies! Leona’s In Trouble! »

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

The Reason Why We Are Bunnies!

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

By John Messenbird It was Easter Sunday (8th April 2012). I was up early that morning on the computer trying to locate a farm in Essex, but not an ordinary farm, this farm was a special place. Hopefield was a special place that Leona holds dear to her heart. They had their Easter Fair on that day, with many a Bunny hopeful of an appearance by Leona Lewis. It had all started on the night before whilst on Facebook & Twitter, the Bunnies were all discussing whether Leona would show up at the Easter Fair, so many were convinced that there would be a show of our Bunny Princess. Someone, I can't remember who it was, posted Nicola Carson would be at Hopefield, we ere all certain that Leona would go. I thought time for an early night to rise early. After a long journey across London, I arrived a Newbury Park I had to catch another bus for the last leg of the journey and upon boarding the bus I met two other Bunnies, Aidan & Iona let me follow them to Hopefield. Whilst talking to them on the bus to Brentwood. I said 'It look like we were going to see the Beatles, not Leona Lewis' as the bus driver got lost. The bus was on the a Magical Mystery Tour. We eventually arrived at Hopefield after getting off the bus then walking for half an hour. We approached by walking down a long lane then paid to get in, a few minutes later we were greeted by couple of Bunnies who handed us programmes for the event. After a couple of hours meeting and greeting the animals to the sound of Happy Hour a band who sang hits from the 70's to the present. Two Shoes an act from the 2011 X Factor season had been mingling with their fans plus children's entertainment in the tent behind me. I had decided to have a cup of tea, then Leona arrived. I was trying to do a balancing act with a cup of tea, a mobile (cellphone) and a camera. Leona looked amazing. She had a small entourage but this quickly swelled as Bunnies and the general public were allowed to join the entourage. Myself in a band of Bunnies following Leona. The paparazzi had their cameras focused on the beautiful Leona but it was a relaxed and good natured. The professionals were then taking photos of Leona and

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proud parents pushing their young children in shot to have then photographed with Leona. As things got busy with Leona and the paparazzi. I decided to have another look around the sanctuary and meet some more of the animals. Upon leaving the stables a horse nudged me to prevent me leaving, that's how friendly the animals are there despite the bad treatment some of them had received in the pass. Hopefield had a big raffle at end of the afternoon, Aidan had previously told me that I would have a better chance to meet Leona when most of the crowds had gone, and it paid off, they were doing the last photo shoots with Leona & the professional photographers. Leona suddenly came out near me and I asked if I could have a photo with Leona Nicola Leona's manager said yes its OK. I trusted Aidan with my camera, he looked like a man who knew his stuff with the pro camera and big lens hanging around his neck (See photo above!). Leona was really nice and relaxed about it and she was very much enjoying the event. You could see it wasn’t work for her, she has a real passion for the animals including her Bunnies. As she walked away you could here The Proclaimers singing in the background, I said 'I Would Walk 500 Miles to see Leona' she over heard and thanked me in the lovely charming voice she has. It was now time to leave and in the narrow lane that leads out of the farm we met up with Leona again had a chat and joked with her. As we left we caught up with a couple of more Bunnies at the bus stop. When I arrived home I found I had a photo of one of the Bunnies with Leona so emailed it to her (the Bunny, not Leona that was.). The following day was a bit of an anti-climax, I the same as the day after the Labyrinth Tour. I don't drink or smoke, Leona is my drug, I get a high when I see her then its withdrawal symptoms the next day.

BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

Hopefield is a place that saves animals. Abused field was born! In nearly 30 years the Clarks not ponies, staving cows, battered hens and neonly gave up their day jobs to dedicate their glected rabbits are amongst the many lives to animals and their well being. animals that arrive near the state Paula & Ernie even received recof death with the sadness of ognition from those in high appalling injuries. Hopeplaces, when the Queen field welcomes them awarded them a MBE without question, they (Member of British try to save any aniEmpire) honour for mal. their services to animal welfare. During the winter of 1983 when a Sadly on the major news sto19th September ry had broken 2009 Paula had that highlighted passed away the plight of the from cancer, neglected poErnie still carnies, many had ried on with died but the Hopefield with ones that had the help of Lisurvived were anne and other rescued and this volunteers. Leona lead to the start of Lewis had got to Hopefield. Paula meet them and deClark a doctor's recepcided to take Hopefield tionist, who had spent under her wings when her time raising funds for she became a trustee and various other animal sanctuarpatron, this was just a natural ies, decided something have had to move for Leona due to her love of be done. She had enlisted the help of her husanimals. band Ernie, they secured the ponies future by raising enough money to buy the ponies and Ernie had promised Paula to continue with the pay various sanctuaries to house and look after work until his death from cancer on 11th Septhem. tember 2011. The legacy is still the welfare of hundreds of animals whose lives had improved Paula and Ernie decided not to stop at this after Hopefield had taken out of a life of misery stage so they would take it a stage further and and abuse. Leona and a dedicated band of volopen their own animal rescue centre, and Hope- unteers carries on the legacy.

"I've always loved animals and felt a kinship with them ever since I was a child. I love loyal, trusting and comforting they can be. I grew up with dogs and been around horses since I was young, which I have a real passion for. I can't count the amount of times I've felt upset or sad and come home and curled up with my dog on the sofa or gone riding with my horse to cheer me up. Their companionship is incomparable." Leona Lewis.

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

What Does Leona Lewis Means to Me! John Messenbird

Leona Lewis is our Singing Princess, who’s as cute as a baby bunny, she sings like an angel from heaven. I then dream because Leona Lewis is better than perfection.She has all Bunnies hopping and dreaming. When we see Leona Lewis, its bright eyes, upright ears and twitching fluffy tails.

Broken Glass Hearts By John Messenbird

Leona As X Factor Judge Bunnies’ back legs thumping, hearts beating.

Anticipation for Leona Lewis' new album, Glassheart. A delay in the album release, brings broken hearts. No album from Leona, no Glassheart.

A new spring date, gets Bunnies hopping,

Anticipation for Leona Lewis' new album, Glassheart. Another delay, no heart beats till autumn.

A fall in Bunnies spirits, shattered Glassheart. Will the album come in November?

Anticipation for Leona Lewis' new album, Glassheart. With the release of the album brought forward,

Will the Bunnies come forward to claim their Glasshearts. If only one single track from Leona in October, there will be Trouble! Hope no Christmas shattered Glasshearts for Bunnies.

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Back in October Leona got to sit on the other side of the Judge's table on the UK version of X Factor the very show that brought Leona to our attention. At the time they had various celebrities standing in as Guest Judges and Leona got the chance to do the honours and experience the competition from the other-side of the table.

Six Years of Leona Lewis Talking about the X Factor, it is six years ago today*, that Leona Lewis won the UK Factor. She was the first ever female contestant to win the UK show. Kate Thornton called the name “L-E-O-N-A L-E-W-I-S!!” and Andi Peters was at the start of CDs going into production at a pressing plant in Bolton, in the North of England on the 16-12-06 (or 12-16-06 in US date format). Kate & Andy (British TV Celebrities) were very excited for her. Leona herself just looked shocked, in a state of disbelief.

The Next Issue, Number 8 Bleeding Lovely Issue 8 will be out in early April 2013, in time for Leona’s 28th Bithday. And it will be at the time she will be touring Germany & the UK! Exciting times lay ahead for Leona Lewis & her Bunnies in 2013. *This issue was published on Sunday 16th December 2012,

BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

Hmmm, where’s my present Mummy Bunny Leona?

A Very Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to Leona and all her Bunnies from The Publishing Bunnies at Bleeding Lovely Magazine .

This page is for all fans funny Leona related stuff. Markus Linnemann from Germany has got us off to a great with his Leona Lewis customised car. Please send your funny pictures stories to Bleeeding Lovely At

By Markus Linnemann

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

‘The night I met Leona Lewis!’ By John Messenbird

20,000 but Leona didn't chart by selling only 1,000 but for a 100 weeks. No chart position for Leona Lewis but still 100,000 this still outsells Lady GaGa five times over*. Artistes like Paul McCartney, Sting & U2 sell albums in huge quantities over time but we never see any Singles# chart entries or Brit Awards nominations for them. The landscape for the singles chart has changed a lot since the late 70's when you would get '2 Million sellers' like 'Mull of Kintyre' by Paul McCartney & Wings, now they talk of sales only in tens of thousands.

On Monday the 15th October (the day of release) at 6pm (UK time), Leona Lewis was down the HMV store in London’s Oxford Street. She was there for the signing of her new album Glassheart. Leona greeted fans wearing a 1950’s style black prom knee length dress with white squiggle design and black mesh material covering her shoulders and upper arms, a red belt with bow effect and black stiletto shoes. Leona was sporting golden blonde hair bunched up to a couple centimetres which This does just highlight that you can't judge an artist on the quantity of sales, all that means is they got a good gave way to a cascading long ponytail. marketing team behind them. Leona Lewis is a true artist, she does with her voice & a microphone what Michelangelo did with paint & a brush, the ceiling of La Chappella Sistina (Sistine Chapel) took 4 years to complete from 1508 to 1512. It is now recognised that it had Leona who is delay the album till now due to her being a perfectionist, she could release her album now, she has recorded enough material but she doesn't think it's good enough for her fans, 'The Bunnies'. Let's not kid ourselves Leona has a huge creative input into her albums and it is not just Syco & Sony Music that calls the shots. The downside is we have to keep waiting for Leona and the upside is when she delivers she delivers perfection, not just a couple of classics in an album of forgettable hits. Leona was so happy she wanted to be there just as much as her fans, to her, this was not just part of her job but truly something that she loves to do for her fans, the Bunnies! And of course this was a special event for her admirers. The nervous anticipation with CDs clutched in hands awaiting the beautiful cursive handwriting of Leona Lewis to leave happiness on many album covers and have brought smiles to many a Bunny. The sounds of Glassheart being the soundtrack to the evening just added to the already amazing and exciting event. If you were there! This would be a great story to tell future generations of Bunnies about, with a tear of happiness in your eye you would say ‘The night I met Leona Lewis! …….’

Enduring Leona

On many forums, Facebook & Twitter the fans are getting very vocal about the constant delays of 'Glass Heart' and understandable to! But us Bunnies have to understand that Leona is more active in the production of this album. Many of today's artists are just vocalists and many of them are very good at it. But Leona writes songs and is very involved in the production of the album. We should not be blaming Syco, Sony Music or Modest! Management as the only thing they have done is bring one amazing artist into our lives. This is what Leona Lewis is about, she takes her time and creates pure magic and excitement. So Bunnies don't worry about the third album, the wait just gives you time to enjoy 'Spirit' and 'Echo' more. It's because she is so talented that the wait frustrates us, but spare a thought for poor ole Leona as she must be frustrated in thinking that she has to do better than a 110%. The Music Bunny will never let her Bunnies down.

By John Messenbird We are now approaching the stage when six years ago a shy young & beautiful lady from Hackney was crowned X-Factor Winner 2006. A Princess from East London who’s dream came true. Leona has gone beyond the stage winning new fans by having chart success. Many musicians from the 60's to 80's still sell albums and perform at live shows on stage & TV. They see no current chart positions but still sell because of their loyal fan base. Has Leona reached this stage?

When Leona first got up and sang it was her dream to perform and make people happy, she had to push through many set backs and wait till she was 21 year old to get her big break on the X Factor so a couple of years in between albums is not much to ask of a Bunny. *This example is to purely demonstrate the maths involve with single sales, and is not to belittle Lady GaGa. I just picked a random popstar to highlight the maths involve.

#Here in the UK singles are now only available as downloads, this is probably the case in other countries. Say if Lady GaGa had a number one for two weeks CDs just contain full albums now and even these may selling an average of 10,000 per week that would equal just downloads in a couple of years time. Page 10

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

Designed by Chloe Leadbeater, 2012 Made for Bunnies by Bunnies

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BLEEDING LOVELY - The unofficial Leona Lewis fan magazine.

Issue 8 Coming in April 2013

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