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The Voice By Daniel Grandits Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Leona Lewis, the most skilled vocalist of the decade, is known for extraordinary vocal performances which impress people from all over the world. It was obvious from the very first moment on that she possesses a special talent. Sharon Osborne (judge on the X Factor) raved after the performance of The First Cut Is The Deepest: “You have such an amazing vocal range.“ Let‘s take a closer look at this powerful voice and its

Leona uses two different ways of going for lower notes. On the one hand there are those haunting falsetto notes which make her sound like an angel sent from up above. There is a crystal clear purity to this register. For example: the first chorus of I Will Always Love You. Leona is also capable of reaching low notes with her chest voice alone. The first half Stop Crying Your Heart Out is a great showcase of this ability. Now think of those amazing runs in Homeless, Bleeding Love or Run. That‘s the mid range of her voice, also entirely sung in chest voice. There‘s not many artists these days which can hit those notes with such a huge power. You can definitely tell by these belts that Leona has been doing opera training. The C5 in Bleeding Love sounds very operatic, especially due to the vibrato she adds to her voice. Also take into consideration that Leona is able to sustain these notes with such an ease. The upper belts are also part of the chest voice. Leona does plenty of them on ECHO and they have certainly improved since SPIRIT. You will stumble across many of these notes when listening to the endings of Brave or Broken. The head voice is often said to be the best part of Leona‘s voice. It‘s obvious that it is also heavily influenced by opera singing. There are numerous examples of Leona using her head voice: the vocal run in Happy (before the bridge) or the chorus of Can‘t Breathe. Leona has proved that she is able to go beyond the head voice register. She hit a whistle note in „Lady Marmalade“ during the X Factor. Now that you‘ve learnt something about her singing registers, we can move on to defining her actual vocal range. The lowest note she has ever hit is a D3 in The Best You Never Had. The highest note she has done is a F#6 (whistle note) in Loving You, a song that was recorded in her youth. That would make a total vocal range of 3.2 octaves based on her recordings alone. She could, of course, go higher or lower than that. It has often been said that she actually possesses a 4 octave vocal range. So there are still a few notes we are yet to hear. The pop princess isn‘t only very skilled, she also knows how to take care and rest her voice. That‘s one very important aspect of opera training as well. Leona sounded amazing throughout her first tour because she knows what to do with her voice or better not. Leona‘s voice will still improve in all the years to come. Yes, someone that perfect can still become better


So we know for a fact that our shining star has got an immense control over her voice, a superb vocal range and the ability to inpret songs of different genres. But there's one thing that sets Leona apart from nearly any so called vocalist out there. Leona doesn't scream out her songs, in ordner to impress someone. She uses her voice to tell a story and convey emotion. Ryan Tedder, who has worked on Bleeding Love and Happy, reveals: "I've never been in the studio with anybody that knew their voice better." 9

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