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January 2014

Bleeding L ovely

Issue 10

Its all about Leona Lewis!

Hello Bunnies and a Happy New Year. What exciting time it is to be a Leona Lewis fan with a new single and album, which were a huge success internationally over Christmas, both reaching 'Top 1 0' in many countries with Leona globetrotting, appearing on the radio and television in many countries . Leona will be making her acting debut in a film called 'Holiday' playing the part of Eleana who's best friend and the friend's sister are dating the same man. the British produced movie is currently being filmed on location in Italy. The film due next summer, yes Bunnies, Leona will actually be playing a part in a movie in 201 4. Leona stated on Contact Music website that she is nervious about her acting role as it hasn't been since she was at school since she last had an acting role. Our Leona is a busy girl, as she is also working on her next album due out later this year. Another Motown inspired one and I have no complaints as she did a supurb job on Christmas With Love and its Motown influenced sound. At time of writing this text I have learned that Leona Lewis Memes Page is back, great news for all Bunnies who like Leona Lewis themed funny and creative stuff, myself included. Brought you by a nice guy in Canada call Jaldaire. If any of you do any Leona related projects let me know, then I can pass it on to the wider Bunny community via this magazine. I am thinking of bringing you a monthly news letter via the under used 'Bleeding Lovely Website' And last but not least I would like to apologise to all you Bunnies who had waited for this issue to land on the Issuu website in December. this was down to me finishing an admin course, looking for work then Christmas and the flu caught up on me. I am fit well and rearing to go now! I hope you all had a great Christmasand are not suffering to much from the New Year's Eve partying. Here's to another great 1 2 month journey with Leona and her Bunnies. Here's to 201 4.


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Christmas With Love by Leona Lewis An Album Review by John Messenbird

One More Sleep This one already sounds if it is classic. A new song written in 2013 truly captures the sound of the 1963 Phil Spector ‘A Christmas Gift to You’. It is astonishing how Leona Lewis does a perfect re-creation of a sound that was around at least 22 years before she was born. This was of course the single and what a great choice! White Christmas This is the old Bing Crosby classic, according to a BBC 4 (a UK TV Channel) this was written in sunny California on at a time where it was above 30 OC. You can not have a Christmas album without this one! Your Halelujah & Mr Right These are news ones made for Leona, and superb they are. Made for Leona’s brilliant vocal range, she takes the high notes and low with ease. Winter Wonderland & Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) The original 60’s versions was pure ‘feel- good’ by the Ronettes back in 1963. Leona captures the magic of this era. It makes you think how does she do it? Recapture to sound of 50 years ago with such perfection when she was born only 28 years ago, mind you this songs still sounds young which Leona is! O Holy Night Any Bunny will know this one, remember the YouTube video? The one where she sang Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, surprised this song never made it to the album! O Holy Night, Leona managed to put on a huge arena filling performance but still keep it intimate as if you was the only person she was performing for, she really connected with her listener and made them feel special. Leona Lewis can sing to millions at such a quality it can sometimes sound like she is singing to them a one at a time. She gets to you in a beautiful way. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday One for us Older Bunnies with a few grey hairs in our fur. Yes I loved this one when Roy Wood and Wizard came on Top of the Pops, this told us that Christmas was nearly here when it captured the spirit and magic of the Holiday Season. But now to hear Leona sing it! Her version had truly captured what original was about. See Leona perform it well, ten Christmases had came along all at once. Childhood relived but with the stunningly beautiful Miss Lewis. ‘Roy Wood she is not a Wizard, but a Goddess, that’s Leona Lewis. Ave Maria This one must go down as one of the oldest tunes to grace a Christmas pop music album, the music was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Leona even sings it in its original Latin lyrics in an operatic style. This one must of caught a few Bunnies on the hop, myself included. I really did not know that Leona Lewis can sing as a professional opera singer, I had to keep saying ‘This is our Leona Lewis!’ even one of my friends did not believe it and replied ‘You can easily download tracks on Google Play then create playlists. You had put all the Leona songs from the album into a new playlist then added Ave Maria from a download from the London Symphony Orchestra or Berlin Philharmonic’. I showed him the CD cover ‘OMG Leona Lewis!’, its genuine and beautiful, that is what I have to say. Silent Night This one is an old German Christmas Carol

On Sunday 1st December Hopefield Animal Sanctuary had opened it’s gates to welcome hundreds of visitors to it’s annual Christmas event the Winter Wonderland. Of course Leona Lewis was in attendance with her loving Bunnies, help Hopefield raise much needed funds to look after many more neglected animals.

he left the stage area, he seemed in a rush, I said ‘Hello’ but he stopped looked around and replied ‘Hi’ and smiled. I can see why Leona is his friend like her, he has time for people and appreciates meeting them.

I had then decided to take a break and get a piece of cake and a coffee from the On this occasion Leona didn’t sing but we still Hopefield Tea Room, it was as if time got treated to a great performance by Leona’s was passing fast (a bit like something out friend and fellow X Factor winner Matt Cardel. of Dr Who!). I had to wish Leona a Leona was mainly there to mingle with her Happy Christmas, in one of the tents the Bunnies and get people to sign up to sponsor crowd had really grown and I could only various animals. get a couple of decent photos but heads in the way. Then I heard ‘That’s it!’ I had arrived at the start of the event and Maloy, Leona’s best friend brushed past there was a lot of people already there, for the me I wished her a ‘Merry Christmas’ and first time I had encountered a long queue to she thanked me and replied the same, get in. As it has become a bit of a tradition then Leona shot out I said ‘Merry for Leona to arrive in the middle of the Christmas Leona’ she stroked me on the afternoon, this gave me a chance to look out right arm and said ‘I remember you, have for other Bunnies and catch up on the news. a lovely Christmas’, just could not believe Also this gave me time to look around the my luck. farm and meet and greet the animals that all seemed pleased to meet us visitors. As another Bunny and me left the tent he Surprisingly for a December day it was sunny mentioned ‘I wish I could go to New and not too cold for the time of year, it was York’, Leona went to do the Rockefeller more like spring. Center gig during the middle that week. We talked to each other for half an hour By the middle of the afternoon Leona came then went our separate way, I hope I into sight around the side of the stage when didn’t make him late for work! On the Matt Cardel was performing, Matt then way home I thought ‘For seven years introduce Leona and bigged her up for the Leona had touched me with her beauty work she did for Hopefield, she only had and songs, but now she had touched me praise for him. And a few minutes later after for real’ and real Happy Bunny I was!

On Saturday 9th November 2013

After two and a half hours waiting with a friend Paul, no complaints we deliberately turned up too early to get a brilliant view before the crowds arrived. Within 30 minuets the crowd was getting big, this said that this was going to be special! Despite the cold weather everyone was in a happy moad, well you would if Leona performs live for free.

Passenger and Imagination an eighties band and Eliza Dolittle. With Jamie Theakston, Emma Bunt on also compaired the event.

Now the grand final, the moment that Bunnies had been waiting for Leona stepped onto the stage and burst in to singing "One More Sleep" and this brought on a real fill good factor her performance was sensational. She went on to sing White Around 5.30 the show started and this turned Christmas and O Holy Night. The two main stars of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, a out to be a big surprise, must admit I family movie that the event was also thought it would of been like the Christmas promoting, and all the musical stars took to light switch on from when I was a lot the stage to throw the switch and nothing younger. In 1978 I saw Prince Charles happened, a second time, still nothing. A switch the lights on and it was only a ten few minutes later a third attemp and the minute event, he made a speech wished whole street lit up as fireworks burst into everyone Merry Christmas and threw the life. Of course this was all well planned to switch and was it. But 2013, a show that lasted over 2 hours with Leona as top of the add to the drama. The crowds dispersed bill, things have moved on in 35 years. We the road was to return to its day job, being a passage for cars, taxis, buses and were treated to performances by Emma Bunton and Mel C from the nineties band the pedestrians through a part of central London. Spice Girls, KMS, the original Sugababes,

known for it’s theatre and music classes. With many of it’s former students going onto becoming well known stars in their chosen fields, a kind of ‘Fame Academy’ like to New York School of Performing Arts which featured in the 1980’s Movie and Television Series Fame "It took nearly two hours door-to-door, but was so worth it 'cos it's such a great education there. There's no other place like it and it gave me so much." Leona Lewis Former Music Student Winner of the X Factor 2006 About the Brit School Brief History The Brit school has been established as a well known the academic field for creating future popstars. The school opened its doors to the first students in 1992. BRIT is an abbreviation for British Record Industry Trust and as the British recording industry (one of the biggest in the World) is the largest sponsor the school can offer free places to students Key People Some of the students from the pass include Stefan Abingdon, Adele,Katy B, The Feeling, Imogen Heap, Jessie J,Cush Jumbo, Rizzle Kicks, The Kooks, King Krule, Leona Lewis, Ashley Madekwe, Katie Melua, Kate Nash, Shingai Shoniwa, Amy Winehouse, and Rainy Milo. Age Group and entry requirements The school is open to the age group of 14 years old to 19 years, for both male and female students. People from any background can apply for a place at the school but will have to pass an audition to get a place. Subjects The Brit School obviously teaches the standard subjects like like English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, History, Physical Education etc. but the school has a curriculum of specialists subjects covering all aspects of the creative performing arts and technical production, but is most well

Leona did not just get lucky on the X Factor prior to her appearance on the show she put a lot of work in to her chosen career of music, she was unhappy during her school years. Leona attended various stage schools but had to leave due to her family not being able to afford their fees. The Brit School is the only free performing arts academy in the UK so Leona was willing to spend many hours per week to commute there from Hackney to Croydon. This would be a lot easier task now with the London Overground that had been built since then, a railway line that links South London to East London and beyond.

"It took nearly two hours door-to-door, but was so worth it 'cos it's such a great education there. There's no other place like it and it gave me so much." Leona Lewis Former Music Student

Winner of the X Factor 2006

Laura and Jass are two up and coming professional singers who came to the attention of Leona's Bunnies after posting their videos to the Leona Lewis Facebook group for the Bunnies to evaluate their singing style. We have came to the conclusion that both ladies are very good singers, we especially love it when they sing Leona songs. Laura had come to my attention a couple of years ago when a link was posted on Facebook and the same had happened a couple of years ago with Jass. I have to point out that neither artists sounds like Leona but this is why they are so good, they don't just copy Leona Lewis but they sing her music in their own unique style. Both ladies do perform songs by other artistes. They are both huge fans of Leona Lewis!

Laura can be found online at:

Jass can be found online at:

If you are in the mood for classical music, Laura is one half of a brilliant act called Il Divina at:



Leona Lewis Memes is a humour and creative based website set up by Jaldaire Napier, in which Bunnies were also encouraged to contribute to the site with their Leona Lewis themed jokes, humour and artwork. The highlight of the site is it's daily posting on Facebook which would be a funny cartoons with people obsessed about Leona Lewis or photos of the lady herself with comedy captions.

The site kept us entertained for well over a year and it was there to encourage us Bunnies to get involved and get involved we did, it actively wanted us to send our funny Leona related stuff and artwork. But due to

other commitments of the site owner the site had to close down last year, but now the good news, LEONA LEWIS MEMES IS BACK! Jaldaire has re-launched it on the 1st January 2014. Check out the archived creativity from the original site at The site’s host Jaldaire works in drama and theatre as a Director and as a singer/ songwriter, his song “Innocence” and other great work can be seen on Youtube at 6 please check it out, he is one of us, a Bunny! We wish him the best of luck.

Bleeding lovely issue 10  

A fan magazine for the amazing singer Leona Lewis for all her Bunnies (Her fans).

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