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MAIN EVENTS 2013 Sunny side of life

Slovenia’s Alps - Gorenjska. Diverse landscape, with high peaks linking Slovenia with Italy and Austria. Rivers and valleys from the Alps to the Mediterranean. Bringing people together! New stories and rich heritage.

So nice, so easy! PIECE OF CAKE!

Nowhere are the highest alpine walls so accessible; few places are so beloved by kings, presidents and artists from the world over. Where else is nature so easily accessible? Slovenia’s Alps are very accessible. In this pastoral idyll life still reflects an ancient way of life: medieval towns, age-old ironworks and dancing to the rhythm of popular folk melodies. It’s so simple and so close! SO, TAKE A BREATH, TAKE A BREAK, PIECE OF CAKE!

Each day offers something different. Sample what we have to offer.

TRADITIONAL EVENTS Numerous carnivals are among the largest traditional events in winter time, Prešeren Fair in Kranj in February, the Alpine Night in Bled in May, Potato Day in Šenčur and Historial - History festival in Škofja Loka in June, Lacework Days in Železniki and Bled Night in Bled in July, Shoemaker's Sunday in Tržič in September, Evenings of Avsenik music in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Kekec Days event for children in Kranjska gora, several New Years' Eve celebrations in the open and other events. The largest events in the Slovenian Alps are international sports competitions: the Vitranc Cup in Kranjska Gora, ski jumps in Planica, biathlon world cup races in Pokljuka, rowing regattas in Bled, telemark in Bohinj. The Gorenjska region invites you with several international festivals, such as the Bled Festival with classic music, the Okarina Bled Festival with ethno music or the Old Music Festival Radovljica. The Wild Flower Festival takes place in Bohinj in the spring, while in the summer Kranj hosts numerous festivals: the Carniola Festival, Jazz Kamp and Kranfest with Kranj Night. Every year in May, Tržič hosts the International Days of Minerals, Fossils and Environment - MINFOS, which is considered as one of the largest events of its kind in Europe. The ethnographically interesting and entertaining Blacksmith Holiday in Kropa in July, the Sheep Ball in Jezersko in August and the Cow Ball in Bohinj in September remind of old customs. From May to September villages and towns in the Slovenian Alps come to life with fire-fighter’s parties which are organized by fire-fighter associations and offer relaxed socialising for locals, where guests are also welcome. In 2015 more than a thousand performers in the streets of Škofja Loka will stage again the grandiose Škofa Loka Passion Play, the oldest Slovenian dramatic text. You are warmly welcome! e | t +386 (0)4 574 11 22 | f +386 (0)4 574 15 55

BLED 17th Traditional walk and tour skiing on Mt. Galetovec, February 3 Children's carnival procession, February 9 Bled Winter Swimming Cup, February 23 Eurosank 2013 – the most attractive slalom in the history of Slovenia!, February 24 23rd Pokljuka Marathon Adriatic Slovenica, March 9 European Icestocksport Championships, March 12 – 17 Biathlon Alpine Cup, March 15 – 17 Easter Events, March 30 – April 1 54th May Day Rowing Regatta, April 20 – 21 Taekwondo European Championships, April 22 – 28 Traditional May Day walk into the cave under Mt. Babji zob, May 1 45th Internal writers meeting - "PEN" Bled meetings, May 8 – 12 27th Alpine Night, May 11 Magic day in Bled - event for families, May 19 7th Medieval Days at the Bled Castle, June 8 – 9 58th International Rowing Regatta, June 14 – 16 18th International Music Festival Bled 2013, June 27 - July 14 15th Rikli's Walk to Straža hill, July 7 10 km Night run around Lake Bled, July 13 Bled Days and Bled Night, July 19 – 21 St. Margaret's Fair at Bohinjska Bela, July 21 23rd Okarina Ethno Festival Bled 2013, August 1 – 4 and August 8 – 11 Bohinjska Bela, best fishing village, August 16 – 18 Movie at the lake – open air cinema, August 21 – 25 Rudi Hiti Summer Hockey League, August 22 – 25 4th Bled Half Marathon, August Bled Strategic Forum, September 1 – 2 Triathlon Bled, September 7 23rd National Rowing Championships, September 21 Broomball European Championships, October 31 – November 3 Folk Music Hit Parade, November 16 Advent in Bled, December Choir concerts and the lighting of candles at the Bled Castle, Advent Saturdays Potica cake day at the Bled Island, December 7 Legend of the Sunken Bell, December 25 St. Stephen's Fair and horse blessing in Kupljenik, December 26 Merrily with our folk musicians, December 29 Circle of Friendship and Bled Water Symphony, December 30 New Year's Eve parties and fireworks, December 31

BOHINJ Telemark World Cup, January 11 – 13 Green Weekend in Bohinj, April 12 – 14 Eco adventure – adventurous competition abiding by the sayings »back to the roots« and »back to nature«, May 25 7th International Wild Flower Festival, May 25 – June 8 Tuesday Music Nights in Stara Fužina: every Tuesday from July 2 – August 27 Music Summer in Bohinj – Church of St. Martin in Srednja vas: on Thursdays in July and August B.O.FEjST – summer festival for children in Bohinj, July 6 Evenings under the linden tree in Srednja vas, July 8 – August 19 9th Kanal Festival in Ribčev Laz, every Wednesday from July 10 to August 14 Ethno Weekend (village courting' custom and peasant wedding), July 26 – 27 Running challenge around Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park, August 10 Bonfire Night, August 10 Ironman Triathlon, August 31 6th Hiking Days in Bohinj, September 13 – October 13 57th Traditional Cow Ball, September 15 Vogel Mountain Race, September 21 4th Fishing Festival and International Fly Tying Meeting: September 28 – October 5 Bohinj Kayak Marathon, October 5

KRANJSKA GORA Magic Day in Kranjska Gora – event for families, January 20 52nd Vitranc Cup, Audi FIS World Cup, March 9 – 10 Q Max Party / Winter Party, March 9 Planica 2013 – World Cup Ski Jumping Final, March 21 – 24 Open Air Planica, March 23 Kekec Days – event program and animations for families, June 23 – 30 19th Run on Vršič – 8th Andrejček's Run, June 25 Russian Weekend – a series of events dedicated to Russian prisoners perished under Vršič, July 27 – 28 21st Village Day in Rateče – event dedicated to the local ethnological heritage, August 15 10 km Run to Rateče ("Kranjskogorska 10ka") – running event, August 15 9th Škerl Days – series of cultural events, August 23 – 24 Aljaž Days – cultural and entertainment events, August 23 – 25 35th Cycle Race to the Vršič Mountain Pass – cycling competition, September 7 Hike to Tromeja, September 8 Mihael Fair, September 29 Meeting of traditional Slovenian folk music bands in Kranjska Gora ("Veselo v Kranjsko Goro"), October 19 Lavtižar Days – cultural event , October 24 – 27 Fire spectacle – the largest meeting of St Nicklaus devil companions from the Three Countries, November 29 Living Nativity Scene in ice, December 25 – January 2 Horse blessing, December 26 Open air New Year's Eve celebration, December 31

CERKLJE NA GORENJSKEM – KRVAVEC Merrily to St. Joseph's Day - folk music concert with renowned musicians, March »Luža contest« at the end of the winter season on mount Krvavec, March Ascent with Bicycle for the King and Queen Title of Krvavec 2013, August Rok’s Fair, August Traditional fair on mount Krvavec and Saints Mass, August 18 "A prideš na… naj pridelek 2013" – cultural and entertainment event where the largest and heaviest agricultural products will be selected in ten categories, October Glass Advent – exhibition of glass Advent decorations, November Traditional horse blessing in Štefanja Gora, December 26

GORENJA VAS - POLJANE Hike through Zala, Salamijada and Market Day, April 28 May Day bonfire – Kladje, April 30 »Janez že kleplje« - ethnological event, May 19 Visoko Run and Moon Festival – sports and childrens’ event, May 25 Traditional Meeting on Blegoš, July 7 "It is really nice in the countryside" and Harvest Festival - ethnological event, July 27 – 28 Day of charcoal makers, August 4 Slovenian Serenades Evening and Fair Day, August 10 – 11 2nd Slovenian Festival of Caricatures, September 21 – 22

GORJE - POKLJUKA Traditional event "Vleka ploha" on Mardi Gras, February 12 George's Fair and »hobby program« exhibition, April 27 – 28 Šimen hike, May 18 Hike to Obranca, June 25 Evening under the village lime tree, June 25 Hike to the Kranjska dolina, October 5

JESENICE Downhill for the Swine Head Trophy, February 10 St. Joseph's Fair, March 15 – 19 Triglav Trophy – figure skating international competition, April Bonfire on Mt. Golica, April 30 Daffodils Month in Jesenice, May Peasant games in Planina pod Golico, end of August Eurobasket Slovenia 2013, September 4 – 22 Meeting on Rožca - Arh Janul meeting, September 14 Čufar's Days, November Horse blessing in Blejska Dobrava, December 26

JEZERSKO Luka Karničar and Rado Markič Memorial, tour skiing competition, February 2 Skiventure – Easter tour skiing, April 1 Hunter's Giant Slalom Skiing Competition for the Crystal Chamois, June Vox Laci Music Festival, June – August Ethnological Weekend in Jezersko, August Sheep Ball – oldest Slovenian ethnographical event, August

KRANJ Prešeren Fair – handicraft, recitals of Prešeren’s poems, February 8 Carnival in Kranj – procession of ethnographical and other carnival groups, February 9 Children’s carnival, February 12 43rd Week of Slovenian Drama, March 27 – April 8 Youth Week – the largest Slovenian youth festival, May 10 – 19 Carniola Festival – international multicultural festival, June Kranfest - 31st Traditional Kranj Night, July 26 – 28 Jazz Kamp Kranj, August 16 – 25 Chestnut picnic in Besnica – ethnologic event, October Halloween in tunnels under the Kranj old town, October 25 – 28 Wine Route in tunnels under the Kranj old town, November 15 – 17 Advent in Kranj, exhibition of Advent wreaths in tunnels under the Kranj old town, November Merry December in Kranj – entertainment program, December 20 – 31 Open air New Year's Eve celebration and fireworks, December 31

NAKLO Hiking at night to Kriva jelka – Duplje, January 5 Offroad 2013 – gravel pit in Naklo, March May Day Old-Timers Parade – Naklo, May "Finfranje" – Duplje, May "Na vasi se dogaja" event – Naklo, Duplje, Podbrezje, June Tabor Days – cultural event – Podbrezje, September Pirc Days – cultural event – Podbrezje, November New Year Concert, December

PREDDVOR Music and joy festival – entertaining musical event, end of May Trade Fair in Kokra – display of lumberjack huts, stands covered in bark, local food, June International Meeting of Folklore Groups, June 23 Peter's Fair, July Hiking around four castles of Preddvorje, July Farm Fair under the Storžič, August Pir fest – entertainment and music event celebrating hoppy beer, mid-September

RADOVLJICA Flea Market in Radovljica, every first Sunday in the month Popular folk evenings at the "Pri Jožovcu" Inn in Begunje, every Wednesday and Friday Koledniki Cup – ski competition in the old style in Kropa, January 12 7th International Accordion Competition for the Avsenik award, January 18 – 20 Carnival parade in Radovljica, February 10 St. Gregor's Day in Kropa and Kamna Gorica, March 11 2nd Chocolate Festival in Radovljica, April 20 – 21 Pottery Festival in Radovljica, May 23 – 25 Bonfire at the Kamen Castle, Begunje, June 23 Blacksmith Holiday in Kropa, July 6 Summer Music Academy in Radovljica, July Venus's Path – medieval market in Radovljica, August 4 31st Old Music Festival in Radovljica, August Airplane scale models show in Lesce, August 15 Avsenik Festival 2013 in Begunje, August 23 – 25 Christmas Fair in Radovljica, December 20 – 23

ŠENČUR Carnival parade – "Godlarji", February 10 and 12 Cycling Race for the 15th Grand Prize of Šenčur, April 8th Symposium of Ceramic Art "V-oglje" 2013, July 1 – 14 5th Šenčur Challenge – Potato Run on the street of Šenčur, October Christmas-New Year Concert of the Wind Orchestra of the Municipality of Šenčur, December 26 Traditional Festival of St. Stephen in Srednja vas, December 26

ŠKOFJA LOKA Ski Competition in the old style, January 26 Loka Cup – international children’s ski competition, February 16 – 17 Flea Market, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7, October 5 Cycling in the old style, May 25 Trade and Enterprise Week, May 25 – June 1 Week of Countryside, June 2 – 8 Loka in music, June 8 Four Bridges Run, June 15 Historial – History Festival, June 22 Colourful Loka – music and entertainment event, July, August Days of Tourism in the Loka region, September 21 – 28 Meeting with wine growers and December's Fair, December 7

TRŽIČ St. Gregory's Day, March 11 41st International Days of Minerals, Fossils and Environment – MINFOS 2013, May 11 – 12 Summer events in Tržič 2013, Fridays and Saturdays in June and August 5th World Festival of Roast Beefs of Tržič, June 22 Reception of Rolls-Royce automobiles in honour of the 100th anniversary of the »Alpenfahrt« race, June 25 11th EU Dance without Borders, August 18 45th Shoemaker's Sunday – shoemaker’s fair with a rich accompanying program, September 1

ŽELEZNIKI Light in the Water – ethnological event, March 11 Zelefest – entertainment event, May 17 – 19 Lacework Days in Železniki, July 18 – 21 Day of Flax Dressers - ethnological event, August 17 – 18 Fruits of Autumn – cultural and ethnological event, September 14 – 15

ŽIRI Slovenian Knitting Days, April 27 – May 2 Military Spectacle – Battle for the Rupnik Line, April 28 Biker Meeting in Žiri, June 7 – 9 Bonfire Evening in Ledinica, June 23 Žiri Cycling Circle, August 31 Hiking along the Rapall Border, September 15

ŽIROVNICA Hiking along the top trail of 2012 – The Cultural Heritage of Žirovnica Trail and the main celebration on the cultural holiday, February 8 Mark's Fair, April 28 "Under the Free Sun" Run, May 18 Triathlon "Friends of the Karawanks", June 8 Cycling day in the heart of the Karawanks, June 15 Happy Days in Žirovnica, 31 August – September 1 Archaeological day and hiking to mount Ajdna, October 5

TRIGLAVSKI NARODNI PARK Opening of the photography exhibition "Take care" (in cooperation with National Geographic Slovenia and the US Embassy in Slovenia), Bled, March 6 Triglav market in front of the Info centre TNP Triglav Rose in Bled, every third Saturday of the month Day of Alpine Convention, recreational-cultural program through the entire day, Mojstrana, Zgornja Radovna, June 29 Fire in the Alps – cleaning action and evening event, Bohinj, August 10

Publisher: Tourism Bled - RDO Gorenjska; design: Snežana Madić Lešnik, photos: archives of local tourist organizations, TNP archive, Picture Slovenia: Jošt Gantar; printed by: Tiskarna Dalmatin, Ljubljana; print run: 5.000, 2012 The event organizers reserve the right to change the program due to unforeseeable circumstances.

17th Oak's Memorial – race of old-timer automobiles and motorcycles, September 8

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