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This summer  the  fairy  tale  location  of  Bled,  Slovenia  will   host  the  first  annual  Bled  Film  Festival    

  The   Bled   Film   Festival   (BFF)   is   a   major   new   festival   on   the   international   film   scene,   supported   by   leading   filmmakers   from   southeastern   Europe,   Great   Britain   and   USA.   The   festival,   which   runs   from   June   17-­‐21,   will   include   8   feature   films   and   8   documentaries,   which   will   be   considered   for   juried   prizes.    The   documentaries   have   a   thematic   focus:   to   raise   awareness   of   environmental  issues  surrounding  water.       These   exciting   feature   films   and   thoughtful   documentaries   will   be   complemented  by  a  rich  assortment  of  additional  events,  including  talks   with  major  stars  and  film  world  personalities,  the  free  screening  of  four   films   in   an   outdoor   theater   beside   the   lake,   special   events,   VIP   after   parties,   and   much   more.     This   year,   afternoon   film   sessions   will   be   dedicated  to  the  famous  Serbian  director,  Srdjan  Dragojevič.   Feature   film   screenings   will   be   held   at   Festival   Hall   on   the   shores   of   Lake  Bled,  while  screenings  of  documentaries  will  be  at  the  11th  century   Bled  Castle,  perched  high  atop  a  cliff  overlooking  the  town  of  Bled  and   the  postcard-­‐perfect  lake  beside  it.  

The BFF   is   run   by   two   local   cinematic   legends   with   extensive   Hollywood   resumes:   Rade   Šerbedžija,   President   of   the   Board,   and   Branko   Djurić   –   Djuro,   the   film   festival’s   Director.   Other   Board   members  include  Slovenian  actress  Tanja   Ribič,   Serbian  actor  Nikola   Kojo,   American   actor   Armand   Assante,   British   actress   Vanessa   Redgrave,   American   Casting   Director/Producer   Donna   McKenna,   Croatian  producer  Čedomir  Kolar,  and  several  other  famous  Slovenian   actors.   Bled   Film   Festival   was   founded   by   Marko   Gajić,   the   BFF   Business   Manager,  and  Danijel  Utješanović,  BFF’s  Executive  Director.   In   addition   to   promoting   the   latest   international   and   regional   feature   films,   the   theme   of   the   documentary   portion   of   the   festival   will   be   promoting  environmental  issues  with  an  emphasis  on  water.   “The   Bled   Film   Festival   strives   to   use   the   power   of   moving   images   in   order   to   create   a   better   world,”   said   Rade   Šerbedžija,   BFF   President.   “By   launching   a   festival   like   this   by   Bled   Lake   –   one   of   the   most   beautiful   places   on   earth   –   we   would   like   to   become   a   part   of   the   global   environmental   movement   to   save   our   planet.   We   are   witnesses   to   catastrophic   wars   that   are   destroying   this   world   through   chemical   warfare   agents.   We   are   also   witnesses   to   unscrupulous   global   corporations  who  are  polluting  the  air,  sea,  lakes  and  rivers  with  their   factories,  chemical  gasses  and  industrial  waste  –  all  due  to  their  desire   to  increase  profits.  For  this  reason,  we  do  not  wish  our  film  festival  to   be  just  one  of  many,  but  rather,  we  want  to  initiate,  here  by  the  water,   an  important  environmental  campaign  to  clean  our  planet.  We  want  to   attract  film-­‐makers,  both  known  and  unknown,  to  the  festival,  who  are   eager   to   join   our   movement.   I   also   need   to   stress   that   we   are   all   initiators   of   a   great   humanitarian   campaign   that   is   starting   here   in   Slovenia.”   Festival   prizes   will   be   selected   from   the   8   competing   films   in   each   category   by   a   three-­‐member   jury   panel.   This   panel   will   give   out   “Wishing  Bell”  awards  in  five  categories.  Branko  Djurić  –  Djuro,  BFF   Director,  explained  that  the  film  selection  process  is  already  underway.   He  also  noted  that  the  final  list  of  selected  films  will  be  released  about  a   month  or  so  prior  to  the  Festival’s  opening;  a  formula  that  is  typical  at   prominent  international  film  festivals.  Noah   Charney  will  play  a  main   role   in   selecting   the   feature   films   for   the   competition,   whereas   Rada   Šešić  will  focus  on  selecting  the  documentary  films:   ”  Water  in  our  selection  of  eight  creative  documentaries  is  approached   from  different  angles:  water  as  a  savior  among  people  who  dig  and  look  

for water   meticulously;   water   as   a   destroyer   that   takes   away   lives,   houses,   hope;   water   as   the   embodiment   of   greed   when   appropriated   by   the  rich  and  powerful  while  it  belongs  to  all  of  us;  water  as  a  comforting   element  in  everyday  life;  water  as  a  friend    that  rejuvenates,  preserves   and  nourishes;  water  that  provides  food,  keeps  the  tradition  and  seeks   love  and  companionship.”   The  program  will  later  be  published  on  our  web  page.   Fall  in  love  with  film  on  the  shores  of  Lake  Bled,  which  has  been  called   the  most  beautiful  place  on  earth.                 Photographs  can  be  downloaded  from  the  website ip  (Photo  by:  BFF)     You  can  also  follow  us  on  the  Bled  Film  Festival  –  BFF  Facebook  page,   or  on  Twitter  @BledFF.         Public  relations:      Duška  Žolger,  +386  31  533  714    Jagoda  Đorđevič,  +386  41  708  485  

Bff press release eng

Bff press release eng