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where do I find information about adult autism? Get more Info here: http://autism-children.orgQuestion by e: where do I locate info about grownup autism? I am 33 yrs old. My whole grownup experience can be distinguisheded by my participation in alternative recovery. My interests began in an attempt to attempt to recover myself. I have some behavoirs and patterns in my life and other things about me and my life that have actually been more daunting for me than for others. It has been confusing to me why things in my life are challenging in the methods that they are. Several years ago I saw a lady on Oprah that offered her testament about discovering as an adult that she was autistic. Her sympsoms were the exact same signs that I suffer from. I think that I might be autistic. I have research autism on the net. Most information that I have actually stumbled upon about the topic is concentrated on kids. I need info about grownups that are diagnosed in their adult years with autism. Best response: Response by JinxAutism is a psychiatric term and the diagnosis is the same whether you are an adult or youngster. If you fit the requirements then you are diagnosed as such. I am fortunate my son got diagnosed at age 2. People who were not identified as a children, have to go through the exact same criteria – a professional to identified you. You could be on the spectrum of the umbrella called PDD which is a Pervasive Development Disorder that branches off Autism and Asperger (which many individuals call High Performance Autism. The majority of kids who are able to cope in society and operate at your level (if you are) are thought about Asperger or PDD NOS which is you have Autism attributes however undetermined. Attempt the istes listed below and if you wish to speak even more connect to me at Yahoo360. Great Luck! What do you think? Response below!Get more Info here: Read more here:

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where do I find information about adult autism?  
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