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How Online Tactic Video Games Help Build Mental Alertness These days, many kids and adults alike get hooked on online free strategy game. Many daily activities that are important are being ignored so they can have more time to play these online games. Many relationships are on the rocks just because these online games are becoming top priority. They cannot seem to understand why so many people, mostly males, are so obsessed with these games. The games that we have now are far more complicated than the games we used to play when we were young. Skill is not the only requirement to win. But, it also takes lots of strategic planning. Many parents believe that these online games contribute nothing to their children's intellect. Yes, it may be true that most children would rather miss class than miss playing these games. These strategy games help kids develop the ability to plan and strategize. These online strategy games help kids develop the ability to plan tactics that can make them win the game. When these games are played over the internet, a host is used to enable the others to connect to a single network. It is through this host that people get to pick an opponent and play against him and others as well. Using Skype, you can communicate with the players so you can better perform and strategize. You need to have high speed internet connection so you can play these online games smoothly and without interruptions. Games like Ragnarok, Diablo Dark Age Wars and Diablo would require high bandwidth because of the 3D graphics involved. But if you don't have access to fast internet, you can still play other online strategy games. Even if you have low speed internet connection, you can still play chess, poker and blackjack. The loading tine of these games are fast because the graphics are not very detailed and complex. So, even though you have low internet speed, you can still play these online games. You have a choice between downloading these games or playing online. You can also get these games from dealers online. Although you are tempted to play all day, you should also make time for other things. You must also see to it that you get a life outside of these online games. If you are a husband, you have a family to provide for. And if you are a son, you have parents to respect and obey. Also, as a word of caution, these games should not be made to interfere with important day to day activities. At all times, you must prioritize family conversations instead of prioritizing gaming, no matter how interactive they are. And besides, no amount of

playing strategic games can make you good in school if you do not attend.

How Online Tactic Video Games Help Build Mental Alertness