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MASJID CONNECT PROGRAM Uniting our community for a stronger tomorrow

DALEELO Changing the way community connects


DALEELO | Uniting our community for a stronger tomorrow

Masajid across the nation face similar obstacles in their attempts to connect with their congregation and surrounding Muslim communities; announcements go unheard, pledges go unfulfilled, and many community members remain unaware of current and future events. Alhamdulillah “Daleelo” has successfully created both an economic and information network in order to empower our community. Each Masjid can individually share their information, not only with their congregation, but with Muslims all over the metroplex as well as other cities nationwide. “Daleelo” will enable Masajid to establish a single platform where community members can look for updates and announcements.

DALEELO | Uniting our community for a stronger tomorrow

Key features offered by “Daleelo”: “Daleelo” provides each Masjid a customized page which includes the following: • General Information (name, address, phone number and directions) • Services Provided • Upcoming Events • Prayer Schedule • Website Link • Email • Announcements, Projects, Newsletter, etc. • Customized Donation Button “Daleelo” will help create a one page donation mobile website allowing users to contribute directly from their phones. “Daleelo” can also help in setting up a credit card processing service as well as a full-fledge mobile website.



DALEELO | Uniting our community for a stronger tomorrow

Events Calendar Make no event go unattended. “Daleelo” will list all Masajid events: • Seerah Classes • Conferences • Halaqas • Seminars • Fundraisers • Community Picnics • Ramadan & Eid

Hasanat Section Masajid will be placed in the Hasanat section under relevant categories and subcategories. “Daleelo” has also included a Zakat Calculator along with a FAQ section to help clarify the rules of giving Zakat.

Classifieds Posts Masajid will have full access to utilize Daleelo’s Classifieds section • Employers • Volunteers


DALEELO | Uniting our community for a stronger tomorrow

Daleelo was designed to (Insh’Allah) bring the community together and to provide them with access to all local and national community businesses, organizations, Masajid, and many other facilities and services.

þ One Community

Sign up today by visiting our website or call our local office (972) 495-7722 to help unite our community for a stronger tomorrow.

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5250 Hwy 78 Suite 750-240, Sachse, TX 75048 Toll Free: (800) 699-2712 • Phone: (972) 495-7722 • Fax: (877) 839-6940 • Email:

DALEELO Changing the way community connects

Masjid Connect Program  
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