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Blackgirlhood. there’s this notion that young black girls are somehow not girls… and are not young. we don’t carry the same value and innocence as young white girls, we are seen as monsters and ppl don’t give us a break. I think black girlhood is very diverse but still comes down to the fact that it has everything to do with us being black and therefore we have it different, before we can even talk and walk, there’s a certain route paved for us already (a very challenging route) that not many people can relate to. and so we are automatically set apart from the rest but still deserve recognition, representation, and respect.

IMMIGRANT GIRL GANGS 2K14 i lived/grew up in Cameroon till I was 8 or 9/y/o then moved to europe then america. when u are an immigrant, you learn to pick out other immigrants immediately from a crowd so u can see if you finally have someone you can link to or relate to. being here as an immigrant girl is cold and lonely as fuck and everything feels temporary/unstable. ive always thought immigrant girls like me who had to adapt to different situations were very strong. I cant begin to describe what has happened in the last 7yrs but I know that there is a lot of strength in the girls that can speak in their mother’s tongue and also adapt to whatever jargon they have to use and the girls that spend years trying to run away from where they are from and blend in so they can cope.

Playlist #26, 5/23/14             

where the boyz at – omg girlz whip my hair – willow smith summer time fling – willow smith forever – haim so into you – swv heaven lost an angel – zendaya my baby – zendaya fantasy – Mariah carey team – lorde crush on you – the jets let’s hear it for the boy – deniece Williams head to toe – lisa lisa & cult jam I think we’re alone now - tiffany

coming of age films about queer girls and girls of colour  Mosquita y mari(2012)  Bande fe filles(out soon)  Tomboy(2011)  I cant think straight(2007)  Some girls(tv series)  Pariah(2011)  Blue is the warmest colour(2013)  Foxfire(1996)  D.E.B.S(2004)  Ma vie en rose(1997)  Akeelah and the bee(2006)  Yelling to the sky(2011)  Just another girl on the irt(1992)  Wadja(2013)  Yes or no(2010)

MEN DON’T PROTECT YOU ANYMORE. the people who were supposed to protect us failed and I am holding everyone accountable for not believing us or taking care of us like they promised to. it is important that we take matters into our own hands when we need to because people rarely come through, especially not for us. We’ll look over our soldiers constantly, carry little sharp objects in our back pockets whenever we leave the house, put all fear at the bottom of our stomachs and toughen up because we have to. it is important that we don’t sugarcoat anything. im not putting my safety in the hands of men, ever.

an ode to the spaces we create for ourselves