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ounded in 1964 as a brokerage firm serving

individual clients, BLB&B has evolved with our clients and the larger financial landscape. Now, BLB&B is primarily a provider of fiduciary advice,

planning, and investment management services to

endowments, individuals, and families. Throughout our history we have stayed true to our original mission:

To provide individually managed portfolios tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client, using a disciplined and relatively conservative investment approach.

Above, from left to right: Robert N. Phillips, Jr., Clifford P. Haugen, Laura W. Brewer, John T. Lawton, W. Dean Karrash, and Franklin A. Burke


e offer value-oriented equity investment management, fixed income investment management, and customized asset allocation, as well as retirement income planning and assistance in developing cash flow and budgeting, tax, estate, and risk management plans.

EquiTy iNvEsTmENT maNagEmENT Our philosophy: investing should be a dynamic, life-long process built around a client’s changing needs. But an investment manager should treat your portfolio as if your goals must be met every day, not just in the long run. For that reason, our first priority is principal protection; the second, income generation; and the third, growth of capital to build long-term financial stability and offset inflation’s effect. Our process: We select securities with an eye to controlling risk or, more specifically, to assuming no more risk than necessary to pursue your investment goals. We are conscious of the macroeconomic and market environment, pay close attention to price, and avoid highly complicated securities and product sales. Our execution: We tailor each portfolio to your unique circumstances, financial needs, and goals. These often change over time, as does your ability and willingness to tolerate investment risk, so we confer with you regularly about your investment desires and priorities.


When selecting an advisor to manage your assets, you should expect nothing less than consistency in their investment philosophy, process, and execution. We think you will find that BLB&B does indeed “walk the walk.”



Our investment process has always been guided by a strict value discipline, emphasizing risk evaluation relative to opportunity.

THREE TiERs OF DECisiON-maKiNg Because even the highest-quality stocks and bonds are vulnerable to changing market conditions, we seek first to determine the likely impact of the economy, political and geopolitical activities, and other macro factors on the capital markets. Based on this assessment, we decide whether and how to alter the asset weightings in client portfolios — to reduce risk, to take advantage of emerging opportunity, or both. Finally, we seek out individual securities that fit our value- and risk-conscious approach as well as our economic and market outlook. Our goal is to be fully invested, and we do not attempt to time the markets (i.e., completely exit and re-enter) when market or economic conditions change.




he BLB&B investment strategies were originally designed to help clients accumulate assets to meet their future goals. With the passage of time, clients now ask us to help them generate income for various purposes, such as annual payouts to cover college costs for children or grandchildren or, most often, quarterly retirement income. as a first step in creating an income plan, we review a client’s entire balance sheet, seeking to determine which assets are most appropriate to employ for this purpose. We consider the tax ramifications of selling various assets, their relative potential to generate income or growth, and how keeping or disposing of specific assets might affect the client’s estate. With this analysis in hand, we build a drawdown strategy that, in our opinion, will help to preserve the greatest amount of assets while providing the client with income.


Even the best-laid financial and investment plans need revision as significant changes occur in your life.



t BLB&B, we are strongly committed to standing by our clients during moments when life events take a sharp turn. We focus on providing perspective, access to specialized resources and, perhaps most important, solutions that help reduce anxiety and concerns. special situations where we can help: Wealth events, including advice on how to invest assets from the sale of a business, inheritances, bonuses, windfalls, and strategies for stock option distributions Changes in family status, such as widowhood or divorce Loss of income, due to illness or loss of employment Intervivos asset transfers, such as strategies for making tax-advantaged gifts during your lifetime to charity, family, or friends Providing for valuation of hard assets, including artwork and real property, for estate planning, or to raise cash



With more complex areas such as insurance, tax, and estate planning, we often create a team made up of the client’s existing advisors and advisors we know and trust.


PLaNs FOR maKiNg yOuR iNvEsTmENTs FuLFiLL yOuR LiFE gOaLs


e find that clients come to us hoping their investments can help them meet not just one but several major life goals, such as purchasing a home, funding children’s educations, and saving for retirement. Recognizing this fact, BLB&B has developed in-house skills and a network of qualified specialists to help clients better define and prioritize goals and understand how different assets can best be used to achieve them. Drawing on robust, technology-based tools and our own experience, we work with clients to craft and implement strategies that help tackle a wide variety of life goals including: Cash flow and budgeting College funding Estate planning Retirement planning Retirement income strategies social security planning


Having served on many nonprofit boards, we know first-hand how to provide institutions with a long-term investment approach and a high level of individual attention.




LB&B understands the challenges many small and medium-sized family foundations, endowments, and charitable organizations face when seeking an asset manager. as a firm, we are charity-minded — all our portfolio managers have played significant roles on boards of directors or investment committees of nonprofits in the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. We are proud to say that BLB&B gives nonprofits the service and support their worthy causes deserve. in addition to providing relatively conservative equity and fixed income investment strategies and a well-defined, disciplined investment process, BLB&B: ♦ aids nonprofits in developing investment policy statements (iPss) ♦ Provides asset allocation guidance ♦ Customizes portfolio holdings to the organization’s financial goals ♦ manages country, sector, industry, and security exposures with sensitivity to

the organization’s mission ♦ Provides in-depth account reporting ♦ Participates in board and investment committee meetings ♦ Offers suggestions on best use of assets when the organization has multiple

accounts targeted at different needs (e.g., operating and reserve accounts) ♦ Provides board training on investment management, if desired


he longstanding, trust-based relationships we

have developed with our clients over the years are

a great source of pride to us. We believe that the quality and enduring nature of these relationships

– some of which stretch as far as the third and

fourth generation of a family – are due to our

investment skill and how we work with clients.

We would be pleased to hear from individuals, nonprofits, advisors and consultants. Please visit our website at

Securities offered through Burke, Lawton, Brewer & Burke, LLC, member FINRA, SIPC. Investment advisory services provided by BLB&B Advisors, LLC • BLBB does not offer tax or legal advice.

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