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Why is it SO hard? Well, it isn't hard, you just don't know how to work the lower abs PROPERLY yet. Let me show you exactly how to work those lower abs so you don't have to struggle anymore. Why is it so hard to work the lower abs? Well, you may be focusing on the wrong thing,, Are you wanting your lower abs to be visible, or are you wanting to work them out and feel a burn? There is a difference you know. Getting a burn in your abs from a good workout will strengthen them, but it won't get you that perfect six pack. What WILL get you the perfect six pack is by BURNING the FAT that is on your lower abs. And that, friend, is not done by ab workouts. No matter what the stupid infomercial or ad says. To get those lower abs visible and look lean, sexy and amazing, here are some ways to burn lower ab fat: Stop eating like a 5 year old. 5 year olds are dumb and eat anything that tastes nice. So are some adults. Stop this animalistic mentality of eating something "Because it tastes yum". Eat what you should be eating to get the results you want, things such as veggies, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, a multi vitamin and a good hit of protein in each meal. Stop worrying about idiotic ab exercises. START doing some cardio to burn the fat off your mid section, workouts such as body weigh circuits, jogging, exercycles, ellipticals, swimming, boxing, rowing, man I could go on forever. I am going to give you expert advice, from someone who was been in your position, came out the other end with six pack abs and a lean body, and survived to tell the tale. Me. Right now.

I have a brand new guide to help you burn fat and get six pack abs, starting today. Download "Step By Step Fat Loss System" free here today: Six Pack Secrets. Plus I also include email access to talk with me if you have questions.

Johnny is a full time fat burning coach and mentor and Six pack blog author.

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==== ==== Don't take chances! Have the best ab routine that fits for you! Visit: ==== ====

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