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Abs muscles are a complex of six muscles, while actually only one half is visible. The other three muscles are hidden. In terms of development, the abdominal muscles are the hardest ones and that's why they require a lot of patience and self-discipline. It is also said that it's a little bit harder to keep their shape and size on the same level. Even after a few weeks break, you can pretty much notice that your abs are getting weaker and weaker. With abs, there is an interesting and well-known fact to mention that they can be trained even each and every day, if the correct volume and intensity are met. That means that you can basically exercise and tune your abs without worrying too much about overtraining them. The volume and shape of belly muscles are affected by subcutaneous fat, which means that even with daily abs exercising, there is no shape change taking place. It is therefore important that in addition to the abdominal muscle, you also elect a suitable aerobic exercise to break down fat deposits in the abdomen. The following exercises are one of the most common exercises assigned to the training plans for recreational and professional bodybuilders. 1. Regular sit-ups - this exercise is the most basic and most common exercise in the development of tummy muscles. Variability with which they can be performed makes this exercise the number 1 exercise all over the world. The activated muscle group are the front abdominal muscles and hip flexors. 2. Sit-ups on a sloping bench with your head down - put your arms on the chest or behind your head. The level of resistance can be controlled by the angle in which you install the bench. This exercise is not performed lying down in full, but there is a detention motion, causing the continuous involvement of your abdominal muscles. Among the activated muscles, there are the direct abdominal muscle, external oblique abdominal muscle and internal oblique abdominal muscle. 3. Sit-ups on a sloping bench with your head up - similar to the previous exercise, with the only difference that you don't lift your whole body, but only the shoulders and arms - rolling. The affected area you your abs are the direct and oblique abdominal muscles. 4. In sitting across the bench and pulling your knees in a sitting position - in this exercise it is important to maintain balance throughout the series. It is difficult to coordinate movement. Activated muscles - the entire abs muscle.

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