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The first step for you is obviously to eat right. You can't be spending hours doing abdominal exercises and then rendering all that work worthless by eating junk food and unhealthy food. Eat a balanced diet before you set out on exercising your abs. This tip will serve you well, and the ignorance of this will end up in you having to work twice as hard to get that 6 pack. Read further on abs diet. Workouts for Lower Abs for ladies and men Leg Lifts This is the most elementary of all of the workouts for lower abs for men and women. You want to lie down on a level surface, and place your arms on your side. Tighten your abdominal muscles, control your breathing and lift both your legs up off the ground, till they are perpendicular to the ground. Keep them there for one or two seconds. Then gently lower them back onto the ground. Begin with sets of 10 - fifteen repetitions and perform 2 - 3 sets at a time. As you progress and your abs get stronger, you can increase the number of repetitions per set. Alternate Leg Walk This exercise is similar to leg lifts. You want to station yourself in the same manner as before and then proceed. Now lift your legs together until they are at an angle of forty five degrees to the ground. Now gently lower one leg towards the ground, but confirm not to let that leg rest on the ground. Meanwhile the other leg must remain as it was. Now get the leg you moved back up and move the second leg towards the ground. Set the quantity of repetitions for yourself dependent on how long you can continue this procedure. Remember to time your respiring to perfection. Leg Circles This is another one of the best workouts for lower abs for ladies and men, that you will come across on many occasions. You must lie down on a flat surface for this exercise as well. Place your hands under your lower back or your butt. Now you need to lift your legs up to a ninety degree angle ( just like you did for the leg lifts exercise ) and revolve both your legs together in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. As you're feeling your abs getting stronger, you can increase the number of circles you make.

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==== ==== Don't take chances! Have the best ab routine that fits for you! Visit: ==== ====

Routines for Lower Abs