Page 1 Utilizing astrology to this end is something I believe people are really missing out on. Many people will look at the various daily horoscope sites looking at career horoscopes while sitting at their desk job waiting for that lunch break. All the while they are completely oblivious to the idea that delving deeper into astrology could actually point them in a new direction . It can provide the insight and guidance to leave that miserable and totally unsatisfying situation in the dust!

1. Midheaven (MC) and aspects to it.

Your Medium Coeli is representative of your career path and path to glory so to speak. Someone with Leo on the MC will be a leader or spearhead a brand new endeavor for example. Aspects to the MC will either help assist you or throw a few roadblocks in the way.

Example of a positive aspect to MC:Moon trine MC. Strong inner yearning to accomplish a career goal and accomplishing this will be emotionally fulfilling.

Negative aspect: Pluto Square Midheaven. Struggles for power with authority figures. Disdain for managers,bosses etc. Which will make it difficult for someone to climb the corporate ladder if that is in fact part of your goal.

2. Second house cusp ruler and planets.

The 2nd house represents personal values and material possessions. What you value and what you want out of a career go together like peanut butter and jelly. Naturally if you want material security (Taurus as the cusp ruler, or venus in the 2nd) you will want a career that will provide you with everything money can buy. How will you get there? Well , if you have Mars in the 2nd house you will not hesitate to put in the work necessary. If Uranus is in the 2nd, you will want a career or way of making an income that allows for a high degree of personal freedom. Traveling merchant/salesmen, or maybe freelance writer.

3 True node sign,house placement, and aspects.

Your true node is what lessons we have to learn in this incarnation that will fulfill our karmic destiny. So for example if your north node falls on your MC you are one of the lucky ones because your career path will be mightily important in your life. If the true node positively aspects your MC it will have a similar effect. What house your true node falls in may or may not be telling in terms of career path. If it is in a work oriented house (6th) or career (10th) than it will have more of an impact than if placed in the 4th house which is the house of home and family.

Thanks for reading.

3 indicators for finding your proper career path using astrology  

Utilizing astrology, find the career that will satisfy your inner need to be useful.

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