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K2 Electra Custom Fit Womens X-Training Inline Skates List Price : Price :


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The unmatched comfort of the K2 Softboot Enhanced Stability Cuff for Maximum support Heat Moldable Intuition Liner creates a custom fit Hi-Lo 90mm/100mm Frame puts you in the perfect skating positon Super-fast ILQ-9 Bearings Read more

Product Description The perfect skate for women who are all about speed. The Electra features our V02 Hi-Lo 100/90mm wheel set up with ILQ-9 bearings creating the most powerful skate stance built for an efficient transfer of energy. It also fits like no other skate before it thanks to the custom fit and heat moldable Intuition Liner. Read more You May Also Like TSG 3-Piece Pad Pack Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant K2 Alexis Womens 3-Piece Pad Set K2 SPORTS Inline Skate Brake Stopper (Black)

K2 Electra Custom Fit Womens X-Training Inline Skates