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Black Epic Action Sports Video Camera Package, YouTube Action Upload List Price : Price :


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Product Description Welcome to a digital renaissance of jumping farther, launching higher and exploding out of the curl quicker and sharing the adventure before you get a chance to catch your next breath. Weighing only 2.5 ounces and measuring under 3 inches, the EPIC Action Sports Video Camera contains everything you need to become a YouTube action hero. Now you can easily broadcast your EPIC adventures for your friends, family, and the entire world! You simply set it, and share it with our exclusive YouTube Action Upload web link button. No matter your sport, land or sea, the EPIC is available with multiple attachments to easily anchor, strap or mount to capture all the adventure from your point of view.Color: BlackThe EPIC Action Sports Video Camera, full digital integration, complete adrenaline renovation.- 30 frames per second digital video- 47 degree wide field of view to capture all the action- YouTube Action Upload -Built-in microphone for continuous audio soundEasy-to-use 2 button designComplete Kit Includes:- Video Camera- Strap Mount (perfect for mounting to helmets, wearing on your wrist, or just about anywhere you can tie around or strap the EPIC to catch all the action)- Shock Resistant Saddle (The dense foam pad used with a simple strap will help absorb vibrations for smoother recording and less shock to the unit)- 2 AAA Batteries Read more

Black Epic Action Sports Video Camera Package, YouTube Action Upload  

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