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Professional equipment & tools for surface applications

The innovators in surface preparation

Airport applications BLASTRAC is the most experienced manufacturer of surface preparation equipment, dedicated to the airports market. BLASTRAC offers a full range of professional equipment dedicated to airport applications:  Rubber removal to improve safety on runways.  Recreate micro & macro texture on the airfield surface, reinforce the grip.  Ensure a perfect removal of old lines & markings.  Improve light reflection and optical effect.  Reduce vibrations and noise level when taking off and landing.  Maintain and renovate runways, taxi ways, air terminals, and parking areas.


Aquaplaning is a big danger on runways. Over a period of time and depending on the type of covering, aggregate, and the frequency of traffic, rubber marks left by aircraft tyres will gradually make the aggregate smooth and eliminate the micro texture. Soiled runway surface will eliminate the macro roughness. Without macro texture the covering no longer helps to drain the water from the runway and the film of water that then appears on the surface is responsible for aquaplaning.

Facts       

 ig aircraft leave up to 700 gr. of rubber per tyre while landing! B Friction and heat generated during the landing process make this rubber deposit crystallise, leaving, a very hard rubber layer spread over 300m. Repeated landings harden even more the crystalised rubber layer. When rubber fills in the micro-texture, the surface becomes smooth, like glass. Landing and stopping becomes difficult and dangerous! Once rubber fills in the micro-texture, water drainage is no longer efficient. The risk of hydroplaning is drastically increased, especially: - By wet weather conditions. - During take off, when aircraft is at high speed.


In order to reduce accidents on runways and to make runways safer, the roughness and skid resistance has to be upgraded to its original value, it is only a mechanical action that can recreate both the macro and the micro texture needed for ensuring a safe process. Thanks to the BLASTRAC non-destructive shot-blasting technology we are able to regenerate both macro and microstructure to its original value, and most of the times even better. BLASTRAC is the most experienced manufacturer of equipment for shot blasting runways world wide.

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The innovators in surface preparation

Airport applications Our 2-45DTM is the best possible and most cost effective and efficient solution to regenerate the macro and micro texture of runway surfaces. Because of its high performance and reliability it is possible to treat a surface of up to 3600 m2 per hour on runways.

Biggest benefits       

All BLASTRAC techniques are purely mechanical, and therefore very clean. None of our technologies are using chemical substances or are wasting valuable drinking water. Perfectly clean (closed circuit process, no waste to dispose). Safe (no risk of underground deterioration by the process itself or by frozen water, no damage on built-in lightning devices). Very fast evacuation of the airfield if necessary. Permanent control can be made through grip testing devices / CFME (Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment). Can prolong the life by a number of years without the need to immediately invest in new top coat.

Other airport solutions

Shot Blasting can also be used for surface preparation of storage areas, maintenance halls, parking decks, marking removals and before laying a new coating. Grinding is an efficient additional technique to get rid of possible thick coating defects on soft underground, or prepare surfaces before applying a new asphalt overlay on the runway. Our grinders are working on a planetary grinding principle. Scarifying is the preferred solution for removing coating defects or thick paint, for making sure that no mark remains visible on the floor. Used with Blastrac specific tools and resin bonds, do not damage the underground. Stripping is the fastest technique to remove any old soft coating (rubber or ceramic tiles, hardwood, carpet, linoleum, etc) before applying a new coating inside air terminals. Polishing is the preferred solution for shiny, marble-looking floors, made of concrete, terrazzo and natural stone. Dust collecting systems are a perfect complement to all these equipment.

T h e i n novators in surfa ce preparation

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Decorative floor applications In close partnership with concrete, stone and asphalt manufacturers and contractors, BLASTRAC have developed a full range of equipment and tools specifically meant for grinding, polishing or exposing the aggregates on floors. These techniques comply with the most common requests from architects, designers and end users of industrial floors, who are constantly looking for innovations, new aesthetics, and user friendly floorings. BLASTRAC offers a full range of professional equipment dedicated to decorative floor applications:       

Make the best out of industrial floors. Enhance floors even if made of basic material. Improve the aesthetic look of internal and external floors. Innovate by using unusual or original colours. Manage budgets through cost-effective techniques. Give an alternative to using expensive floor coverings. Fit to the expectations/fashions from the market.

Decorative floors are a new fast developing market trend. Concrete and asphalt are no longer considered as sole supports, they become part of the decoration itself. Depending upon how deep the surface is polished, and how much of the aggregate is exposed, Blastrac grinding machines will allow a large variety of different finish surfaces to be produced from a simple concrete surface. A big asset of such floors is that they ideally combine the hardness of concrete and asphalt with multiple aesthetic variations, a fast and easy application, at an economic cost:     

 epending on the desired aspect, the surface can be either left raw, or coated with D varnish, resin, seal or wax. Concrete surfaces are ideal for colouring. Excellent resistance to wear even in heavy-traffic areas. Strong surface, able to resist both warm and frost temperature conditions. Easy to clean and maintain.

Concrete and asphalt floors can be used for indoor purposes (depending on the final use of the premises): private homes, stores, shopping centres, stations or airport halls, factories, or production halls, and also for outdoor spaces, like squares and pedestrian areas. High polished surfaces can even be used in difficult areas where high hygiene and safety standards (food, drug or medical industries), is a requirement.

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The innovators in surface preparation

Decorative floor applications Multiple results Flat polished concrete

Depending upon the concrete basic colour, the size, texture, hardness and depth of aggregates, using a few different grinding steps, creates a perfectly shiny (and coloured) concrete surface, looking similar to marble.

Concrete with exposed aggregates

This technique aims at exposing the upper surface of a concrete slab, in order to let the aggregates show up, and to get an irregular, very natural, authentic stone looking floor.

Polished asphalt

This variation is ideal when you need very strong but tough aesthetic floors, inside (storehouse for example) or outside (decorative square or court). After a few grinding steps the final result is that the stones slightly show up on the surface and turn inexpensive asphalt into high value appearance.

Polished asphalt (outside)

Colored & polished concrete

Polished asphalt (inside)

Polished concrete (inside)

In order to get a high quality floor, good surface preparation is a key factor to success. The floor must be flat and even:  To allow fast and efficient work.  To reduce the wear on tools. On old   

floors, preliminary shot blasting will be beneficial to: Clean the surface. Remove the dirt. Remove the old coating or flooring material.

High quality polishing has to be performed in several steps:  Expose the aggregates.  Smooth out the floor.  Apply a densifier, to harden the floor, reinforce its resistance and brilliance.  Perform a more or less emphasized floor polishing, using different types of diamond or resin discs to process the aggregates, until the desired finish is obtained.

T h e i n novators in surfa ce preparation

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Road applications The actual search for aesthetics in roads and urban surroundings gives BLATRAC the opportunity to introduce its experience in this area. Integrating specific aggregates to asphalt or concrete preparation, some nice, friendly and natural-looking floor variations, can easily be created. BLASTRAC offers a full range of professional equipment dedicated to road applications.    

Prolong the lifetime of infrastructures. Contribute to increase the safety of areas that are usually subject to many accidents. Ensure a perfect removal of old road marking. Participate to the improvement of urban surroundings.

By either shot blasting, flat polishing or polishing with exposed aggregates, the upper layer from the surface is removed, to allow the natural properties, specifications or colours of the aggregates to appear. This is a perfect answer to architects’ and cities’ permanent quest for innovation at reasonable cost.

Such techniques can be implemented to:    

 etter differentiate or demarcate different circulation areas (roads, pedestrian ways, bicycle B ways, bus or tramway paths). Design specific areas (roundabouts, parking lots). Reduce significantly the noise level (especially on fast driving lanes). Increase the safety and reduce fatalities by improving: - The surface grip / roughness. - The optical light reflection. - The car headlights reflection, for instance under tunnels.

Improving road safety

In order to get rid of areas that are heavily subject to accidents, BLASTRAC have developed a high performing shot blasting equipment range especially designed to recreate both the macro and micro roughness on driving lanes, with nearly no impact (during operation) on the daily traffic and without deteriorating the support. The reduction of the danger of aquaplaning is an important goal for BLASTRAC and a big opportunity for surface preparation companies. On worn-out roads, the BLASTRAC process can prolong the life by a number of years without the need to immediately invest in new Top Coat. Our 2-45DTM is the best possible and most cost effective and efficient solution to regenerate the macro and micro texture of road surfaces. Blast cleaning is a simple and environment friendly technique, which is also used to remove rubber from airport runways, car-racing circuits, etc.

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The innovators in surface preparation

Road applications Road marking removal and driving lanes maintenance

The complementing properties between blast cleaning and scarifying machines manufactured by BLASTRAC makes it possible to efficiently remove paints, usual road coatings, thermoplastics or road identification accessories, without damaging the supporting structure of the road. Scarifiers are perfect to remove thick coatings. Equipped with electrical / petrol motor, they can be used whatever the weather conditions. Shot blasters are meant for removing old or obsolete thin paints and for an in-depth cleaning between the aggregates. The underground does not get damaged by the shot impact, no dust remains on the floor, no chemicals penetrate the soil, no grooving, no confusing optical effect after rain or at night, and a perfect antiskid profile improving the safety of the drivers.

Multitask vehicle

Especially for the road maintenance, BLASTRAC has introduced the first and only multifunctional and hydrostatically driven machine on the global surface preparation market, the BMR-85D. Due to the fact that the BMR-85D can fit several attachments, it gives the user a lot of flexibility to satisfy the needs of the job in hand whatever they may be, SHOTBLAST, SCARIFY, OR SWEEP, all are possible with the BLASTRAC BMR-85D. Work functions are carried out by the machine operator working from an enclosed cab from where he is able to control all the important processes, with one user friendly touch screen. The cabin is air conditioned and heated and has a maximum decibel rating of 72 dB(A). Work functions are carried out by the machine operator working from an enclosed cab from where he is able to control all the important processes, with one user friendly touch screen. The cabin is air conditioned and heated and has a maximum decibel rating of 72 dB(A).

T h e i n novators in surfa ce preparation

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Steel applications BLASTRAC steel blast cleaning system is the surface preparation industry’s most effective and environmentally friendly method of removing paint, coatings and other contaminants from steel applications. BLASTRAC steel shot blasting systems can use a mixture of steel shot and angular grit, allowing the operator to achieve a wide range of anchor profiles needed for almost any job type.

Blasting of ships and offshore platforms

In the shipping and shipyard industries, the BLASTRAC blast cleaning machines for steel surfaces are designed for processing large areas on horizontal, vertical or near vertical surfaces. Horizontal steel blast cleaning machines are used to clean horizontal ship decks, aircraft carrier landing decks, hatch covers and similar horizontal surfaces. BLASTRAC horizontal steel blast cleaning machines can either be used in the shipyard during normal maintenance programmes or at sea whilst the ship is travelling between ports. On offshore platforms, helicopter landing decks and access walkways it is possible to blast clean without disrupting the normal day to day working of the platform. Vertical machines are suspended from either a crane or a rigging system and operate in an up or down direction to clean and profile ship hulls, they are remotely controlled from a mobile work station. BLASTRAC machines fully comply with the very strict safety operating conditions that exist in the industry.

Blasting petrochemical surfaces

In the petrochemical industry BLASTRAC steel blast cleaning machines are used as a quick and efficient surface preparation method prior to painting small and large surfaces of storage tanks areas, for example, the internal bottom and the external roofs of oil storage tanks. Because of the environment and location of storage tanks in and around oil refining sites, the blast cleaning process must be dust free and safe. BLASTRAC horizontal steel blast cleaning machines are specially manufactured for the petrochemical industry, the systems are specially designed to enable each machine to be disassembled and that the parts of the machine passed through a standard 24� / 600 mm manhole access opening into areas inside tanks that are normally inaccessible to blast cleaning machines. All the E Series of equipment are built according to the strictest safety devices that allow blast cleaning, safely into storage tank areas. The Blastrac vertical blast cleaning machines for steel surfaces are designed for processing large areas on vertical or near vertical surfaces. The machines are suspended from either a crane or a rigging system and operate in an up or down direction to clean and profile steel tanks. They are remotely controlled from a mobile work station.

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The innovators in surface preparation

Steel applications Vertical rigging and winch system

BLASTRAC have developed a number of specific optional rigging and winch systems to increase the performance of their client’s vertical steel blasting systems, thus simplifying the operators responsibilities and job scope. The well known BLASTRAC EBE-350VH vertical blast cleaning technology in conjunction with a Blastrac rigging system increases the total performance of the machine, without interfering with other trade working disciplines. It also helps to reduce total square meter costs compared with compressed air powered blast cleaning, or high pressure water blasting, both of which create immense pollution to the local environment. BLASTRAC winch systems are especially developed to complement BLASTRAC 350VH and BLASTRAC 500VH vertical blasting machines, both are designed to be suspended and work in an up or down direction to clean and profile vertical steel surfaces up to SAE 2.5 (according the standard ISO-8501-1).

Working principle

The working principle of all BLASTRAC-EBE equipment is based on the laws of kinetic and mechanical energy. The cleaning operation is performed by steel abrasive being thrown at high velocity against the surface to be cleaned. Throwing action is achieved through centrifugal force, where a wheel with blades located radially is rotated at high speed. On to this revolving wheel, abrasive is fed in such a manner that it travels along the radial length of the blades and then is thrown off in a high velocity stream at the surface to be cleaned, efficiently blast cleaning the work surface. After the abrasive has impacted the work surface, it rebounds back into the machine, taking the rust and old coating debris with it. Inside the machine the abrasive is separated from the dust and debris. The abrasive is returned to the abrasive storage hopper to be re-used. The debris is transported by air flow into the dust collector, where it is collected to enable it to be packaged into containers for disposal. This process is an on-going and automatic continuous operation. For the vertical shot blasting machines there’s a system of especially designed magnets, specifically arranged and attached to the machine, pull against the steel work surface. By this means the machine is maintained in close contact with the work surface, thus ensuring that abrasive loss and dust emissions are kept at a minimum. This allows the machine to operate in close proximity to other process functions and follow on painting procedures can continue without loss of time.

T h e i n novators in surfa ce preparation

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Remediation applications BLASTRAC have developed a full set of equipment specifically meant for the very demanding jobs of remediation, decontamination and lead removal – sanitation, in the full respect of norms and conditions assigned by local health and safety authorities. For the operator’s health, safety and comfort, there must be imperatively no projection of dust, fume or contaminated particles to the atmosphere. Whichever the selected technique, using a performing dust collector, specifically designed for decontamination jobs is a key factor. BLASTRAC dust collector range is equipped with a teflon primary filter with either manual or automatic cleaning, and as an option with a secondary E-filter unit, in order to ensure a 99,99 % filtration rate, the customer must strictly respect the bagging and evacuation and storage instructions dictated by the local health and safety authorities. The Blastrac range of professional equipment is developed with very specific features for remediation and decontamination jobs:  Remove neoprene and bituminoid glues.  Withdraw glued flooring materials.  Grind or scarify contaminated surfaces.  Remove thick mortar layers.  Remove old paints and lead paints. Shot blasting machines from BLASTRAC are closed circuit, this means that there is no emission of dust thanks to a direct suction and filtration of all particles into the BLASTRAC dust collector, with absolute filtration (to be ordered as an option). BLASTRAC shot blasting machines are ideal to remove elastic bituminoid glues on compact, hard and cohesive floors. The absence of fume or dust, no vibration and a very low noise level makes the machine very user friendly and comfortable to use. Scarifying can be used to break off tiles or flooring material that are strongly stuck to the supporting base material. Scarifying machines can also remove thick mortar layers, clean soft / semi-soft flooring materials. Equipped with tungsten carbide tips and connected to a Blastrac dust collector with absolute filtration (to be ordered as an option), these machines are perfect on soft floors since working depth can be precisely adjusted. Grinding & Polishing diamond discs easily get rid of sticky, bituminoid or neoprene glues on almost any surface. Our grinding and polishing machines are ideal to remove thick mortar layers, leaving a flat and smooth surface, they are also very effective to remove old or lead-based paints on any surface. This technique is perfectly clean when the machine is connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collector. Strippers which combine strong fabrication and efficiency, low sound level and easy manoeuvrability, can be used everywhere on nearly all types of floors. Dust collectors are specially designed for clean and healthy jobsites. Different levels of filtrations as options.

*To be used exclusively by certified contractors who are skilled for those very specific and risky applications, and with the environmental conditions instructed by the local health and safety authorities.

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The innovators in surface preparation

Industrial floor applications As a specialist of manufacturing equipment for floor renovation and preparation, BLASTRAC have developed a full range of specific techniques, equipment and tools to fulfill all needs in the field of removal, renovation and preparation of industrial floors.  Renovation of industrial floors.  Removal of older flooring materials and or dirt.  Preparation of most surfaces to give improved adhesion for subsequent coatings giving better resistance to wear.  Choose the correct surface preparation to suit area of activity of each jobsite.  Manage costs through economical means and the most modern techniques. Depending upon the type of job that has to be performed, the different techniques available will either complement or work individually, in order to fulfill two most important steps:  Efficiently removes old floor materials.  Ensures a perfect adherence of the new floor coating. Blastrac techniques comply with the most common criteria requested by private and public customers:

Fast and easy implementation:

For limited downtime in the areas that need to be renovated and thus optimize the production. Prepare floors that comply with health & safety regulations, but also that are easy to clean and maintain: this is the most important criteria in the medical, drug and food industries.

Perfect match between floor and the specific industry hosted in the premises:

In other words, each industry should have a specific floor, based upon the final use of the premises (e.g. anti-static, water or oil-proof, non porous and seamless floors).

Long-lasting and cost-effective:

A good preliminary preparation is THE ABSOLUTE CONDITION for getting a floor able resist to medium to long-term wear, especially in heavy traffic areas (production halls, railway or airport halls and parking lots).

Surface preparation techniques

Shot blasting machines are especially designed for the removal and preparation of most floors (industrial or commercial buildings, parking lots, swimming pools, steel, etc). Scarifying is a more general purpose technique meant for a deeper removal of material, for instance, for complete floor renovation (production halls, factories, farms, parking lots, etc) in upper floor levels or underground. Grinding is a technique through diamond discs that does not generate any vibration and helps to simultaneously remove old coatings and to level the floor. Dust collecting systems are especially designed to work indoor and outdoor, on the most uneven surfaces and in the most confined areas. Most of the Blastrac dust collectors have an optional screw conveyor or longopack system for accelerating the dust evacuation.

T h e i n novators in surfa ce preparation

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The innovators in surface preparation Equipment Services Spares Consumables Expertise

Ride-on units Hand-held equipment

Shotblasting Dust collection systems

Grinding / Polishing Stripping

Scarifying Steel blasting

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Blastrac systems are the preferred method for surface preparation used by contractors in a wide range of industries including: • Airports...

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