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…unusual… …dramatic… …eclectic…

…where nothing happens by chance…

“Rosso Metropole”… Red is Venetian velvets and Oriental rugs Red is coral and Chinese lacquers Red is dramatic atmosphere and theatre soul Red is the sunset over the lagoon

Venice‌ a captivating city which strikes the eye and moves the heart. Enveloped in the same magic, made from candlelight and black pepper fragrance, the 5-star Metropole offers you emotions involving all the senses.

The eclectic dĂŠcor becomes a journey through the times and the atmosphere is imbued with the enthusiasm for welcome and hospitality inherent in those who, as in this case, owns and runs the hotel with creativity, sharing the pleasure of collecting with their Guests.

Intriguing allure and soft sofas at the Orientalbar. On the walls, elegant Fortuny lamps, original Thai armour from the late 19th century and a site-specific neon contemporary art-work by the American artist Joseph Kosuth.

The bartenders’ team captained by the mixologist Bruno Iaconis skillfully serves «a drink for each soul». The secret? A selection of special homemade bitters and a lot of passion.

“Nero Metropole”… Black is mysterious allure and spices from the distant Orient Black is ancient kimonos and leaf tea Black is the contemporary touch

Visionary couture, Michelin-starred haute cuisine and settings that bear the signature of the Italian sartorial atelier Raptus&Rose. The heart of the Met Restaurant is the Rose Room, a dive into the brightest pink, an intimate location, ideal for informal dining and aperitifs.

Light and deeply linked to the nature, the Cuisine at the Michelin-starred Met Restaurant proposes delicate dishes always in full compliance with the seasons. Floral touch, high-quality raw materials and unexpected details in the flavour.

“Bianco Metropole”… White is scented jasmine and linen in the Citrus Garden White is tablecloths and sculptures in marble White is the candour of simplicity

Superbly located, just a few steps from St. Mark’s square and the venues of the Art Biennale of Venice. The enchanting view over the Venetian Lagoon and the Island of San Giorgio make the stay a lifetime experience. Not-to-be-missed? The sunset from our outstanding private wooden rooftop terraces.

The Metropole boasts more than 2000 antiques on display in the sumptuous Gallery, but also on the four floors and in the rooms themselves. Objects coming from the past to re-evoke a timeless romanticism, miniature treasures passed down through epochs.

Scented jasmine, palms and orange trees. The Citrus Garden is an outdoor place to linger in peace surrounded by white gazebos. During spring and summer, this delightful Mediterranean oasis offers a unique opportunity for al fresco breakfast, lunch and dining. A space filled with ancient stones and tapestries creating a memorable setting also for special celebrations.

“Oro Metropole”… Gold of sculpted mirrors and precious mosaics Gold is original furnishing in the suites and candlelight Gold is starred luxury

A hotel that combines art and fashion. Vintage and international fashion converge here to create sensational parties with theaters-looking settings, fascinating home-made costumes and the presence of VIPs from the TV and music world, including several friends of the most glamorous Italian lounges.

47 rooms and 20 suites extraordinarily different in style and original furnishing. The Exclusive Suites and Suites are chests of preciousness. The essence of luxury with top-level comfort and breathtaking views.

“Over the years, I tried to give this home a soul and a strong identity, eclectic and intense. A place where to experience an emotional journey through the attention to details that here tell a story. Whatever you live while staying or dining at the Metropole, always remember it is made with passion and love. After all, here nothing happens by chance.� Gloria Beggiato General Manager and Owner

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Hotel Metropole media kit 2019  

Hotel Metropole media kit 2019  

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