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1986 –2016

WE’RE CELEBRATING OUR 30TH BIRTHDAY IN 2016! Our journey began in 1986 with Oblado, a series of furniture constructed on a ring of form-pressed birch veneer. Through all these years we have focused on making a difference in the market, and we are still (despite our great age) driven by curiosity and passion. We never ask the market what it wants or needs; instead we manufacture the kind of furniture that we like ourselves and that we believe deserves a place on the market. Blå Station was established by the designer Börge Lindau, our father, who after many successful years had tired of designing yet another chair and decided to devote himself to something completely different. But with a recent design award in his hand and too many rounds of golf behind him, it wasn’t possible to avoid the temptation of doing what he loved best – namely the challenge of designing at least one more chair... only this time as a producer. This is a status report in which the pictures tell their own story about the things we’re doing, the places we’re influencing and the time we’re living in. We have visited two locations where you can find our newest products and some of their older friends. Of course there is much more to see on our website. Enjoy! Johan & Mimi

Åhus | Outofstock 2016


Honken | Thomas Bernstrand + Lindau & Borselius 2015


COBE is a Danish architecture firm founded in Copenhagen in 2006 by architect Dan Stubbergaard. COBE focuses on architecture and design – from buildings to public space to large scale urban planning. Since it was founded, COBE has createdseveral high-profile, prize-winning projects in Denmark and abroad. Among the firm’s most important projects are the combined library and culture centre in Copenhagen’s north-west district, Nørreport Station – the busiest railway station in Denmark – and the development of the Nordhavnen harbour area in Copenhagen – currently the largest urban development project in Scandinavia. For COBE, architecture is not a matter of a certain style or form, but is more importantly about its adaptability to the local context, its social life and its users. The aim is to create social interaction through all projects. That is why COBE has developed a community of architects with the capability to approach all scales of architecture, from urban planning to buildings and public space. It is these elements combined that create the physical conditions for people’s lives and their social interaction. COBE is based in a refurbished warehouse centrally located on “Paper Island”, on Copenhagen harbour front. The firm currently employs approximately 80 dedicated architects, urban planners and thinkers of different nationalities.

Straw | Osko + Deichmann 2010


Size | Thomas Bernstrand 2013

Bimbo | Peter Brandt 1994

Mika | Mika Tolvanen 2012

Superkink | Osko + Deichmann 2013

Straw | Osko + Deichmann 2010

Size | Thomas Bernstrand 2013

Straw | Osko + Deichmann 2010

Straw | Osko + Deichmann 2010

Poppe | Stefan Borselius + Bernstrand & Lindau 2015

Size | Thomas Bernstrand 2013

Ping-Pong | Johan Lindau 2001

Ă…hus | Outofstock 2016

Couronne | Johan Lindau 2015

Code 27 | Stefan Borselius & Johan Lindau 2014

Gaia | Stone Designs 2016

Morris Jr | Johan Lindau + Borselius & Bernstrand 2015

Dent Wood | o4i 2013

Ping-Pong | Johan Lindau 2001

Dent | o4i 2013

Dent Dressed | o4i 2014

Size | Thomas Bernstrand 2013

Wilmer T | Stefan Borselius 2012

Morris Jr | Johan Lindau + Borselius & Bernstrand 2015

Innovation C | Fredrik Mattson 2001

Peekaboo | Stefan Borselius 2005



FATBUREN was the name of a lake that once lay on the island of Södermalm in Stockholm. It was a shallow lake with oxygen-poor water, and when the railway expanded in the mid-1800s the lake was filled in. Now Fatburen is the name of the large office building previously known as “Korvfabriken” (“The Sausage Factory”) because a meat processing plant was once located here. For a time, the Swedish Tax Agency occupied the premises, and today the building contains a variety of businesses, service and restaurants. During Stockholm Design Week in February, Blå Station opened its new showroom here, in the re-energised “Meatpacking District”, in the heart of Södermalm. The former sausage factory has been transformed into the city’s best meeting place, and with us you can also find Zero, Källemo and String. If you’re in Stockholm, you are always welcome to drop in to see, try out and get a feel for our furniture. The address is FATBUREN, 36 Södermalmsallén, Stockholm. You can also find us at various places across the world. To find out where, please contact us.

Fatburen Showroom | Södermalmsallén 36, Stockholm, Sverige


Puppa | Stefan Borselius 2010

Oppo | Stefan Borselius 2009

Pucca | Stefan Borselius 2016

Oppo + Puppa | Stefan Borselius 2009/2010

Ginkgo | Stone Designs 2014

Size | Thomas Bernstrand 2013

Dundra | Stefan Borselius 2011

Wilmer T | Stefan Borselius 2012

Couronne | Johan Lindau 2015

Poppe | Stefan Borselius + Bernstrand & Lindau 2015

Pucca | Stefan Borselius 2016

Dundra | Stefan Borselius 2011

Ping-Pong | Johan Lindau 2001

Poppe | Stefan Borselius + Bernstrand & Lindau 2015

Unit | Tomoyuki Matsuoka 2016

2016 –

THE FUTURE… Blå Station will continue to focus on seating such as stools, chairs, sofas and armchairs, but also on their closest associates, such as benches and tables of various types. We look at design from an innovative perspective and we always strive to adopt a new approach to form, function, material and technology. To succeed with this, you have to be as curious about industry as about young people’s behaviour. We constantly reassess what we surround ourselves with and how this affects our lives and opportunities. We carry out our own business intelligence analysis and we never rely on anyone else’s trend analysis. We want our furniture to add something to the market, something that’s not already there, something yet-to-be discovered. Sustainability and environmental awareness, new technologies, new materials and new machinery are important foundations and building blocks for us. All of this can be achieved within a small area here in Sweden, making us quite unique as a production country. We want high quality and a well-thought-out process. We never take shortcuts. On our wish list, as always; Peace, Love and Good Design!

Ginkgo | Stone Designs 2014


B2 | Börge Lindau 1986

B4 | Börge Lindau 1986

SPARTA | Börge Lindau 1993

HÖVDING | Börge Lindau 1986

BEPLUS | Börge Lindau 1987

L1 | Börge Lindau 1987

GATE | Börge Lindau & Johan Lindau 1994

BIMBO | Peter Brandt 1994

SÖNDAG | Vardag 1996

DENT | o4i 2013

DENT DRESSED | o4i 2014

STING | Stefan Borselius & Fredrik Mattson 2003

GECCO | Stefan Borselius & Fredrik Mattson 2006

LEVEL | Stefan Borselius & Fredrik Mattson 2004

KAFFE | Thomas Bernstrand 2014

STRAW | Osko + Deichmann 2010

BOO | Stefan Borselius 2008


SUPERSTRAW | Osko + Deichmann 2015

BOO VACUUM | Stefan Borselius 2008

SUPERKINK | Osko + Deichmann 2013

PEEKABOO | Stefan Borselius 2005


DUNDRA | Stefan Borselius 2011

DUNDER | Stefan Borselius 2010

INNOVATION C | Fredrik Mattson 2001

MORRIS JR | Johan Lindau + Borseius & Bernstrand 2015

Ă…HUS | Outofstock 2016

WILMER | Stefan Borselius 2012

POPPE | Stefan Borselius 2015

OPPO | Stefan Borselius 2009

PUPPA | Stefan Borselius 2010

OPPOCEMENT | Stefan Borselius 2009

PUCCA | Stefan Borselius 2016


HONKEN | Thomas Bernstrand + Lindau & Borselius 2015

ALLY | Hertel & Klarhoefer 2012

POLSTERGEIST | Christine Schwarzer 2000

CODE 27 | Stefan Borselius & Johan Lindau 2014

QVARTO | Bรถrge Lindau 1999

UNIT | Tomoyuki Matsuoka 2016

KOJA | Fredrik Mattson 2008

B25 | Cate & Nelson 2011

ISLAND | Tomoyuki Matsuoka 2001


PM | Peter Molin 2011

SIZE | Thomas Bernstrand 2013

PING-PONG | Johan Lindau 2001

BIT | Börge Lindau 1992

CLIP | Jonas Forsman 2005

LEVEL | Stefan Borselius & Fredrik Mattson 2004

BABEL | Fredrik Mattson 2008

MONO | Mia Cullin 2010

HONKEN | Thomas Bernstrand + Lindau & Borselius 2015

GINKGO | Stone Designs 2014

COURONNE | Johan Lindau 2015

POND | Mia Cullin 2013

L1 | Börge Lindau 1987

MIKA | Mika Tolvanen 2012

KAFFE | Thomas Bernstrand 2014

GAIA | Stone Designs 2016

KOJA ELEMENT | Fredrik Mattson 2014

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cobe Architects – Irina Boersma | Fatburen – Lasse Olsson | Collection – Erik Karlsson

VISP | Staffan Holm 2011

STYLIST: Cobe Architects – Kate Imogen Wood


Blå Station AB. Box 1OO S-296 22 Åhus. Sweden Tel: +46 (O)44 24 9O 7O Showroom: Sandvaktaregatan 17. Åhus Södermalmsallén 36. Stockholm Via Osti 3. Milan

Brochure COBE 2016  
Brochure COBE 2016