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The Baboon’s Umbrella

A Character Education Lesson in the Library By Ms. A.E. Blas

About the Story

This is a fable about a baboon that takes the foolish advice from his friend, the gibbon. The baboon is walking with his umbrella because it is stuck and cannot close. He comes upon his friend the gibbon who suggests that he cut holes in the umbrella so that he can enjoy the beautiful day and the sunshine. The baboon does it but the day has turned gray and it starts pouring rain. The baboon becomes soaked because his umbrella is full of holes. The moral of the story is “Advice from friends is like the weather. Some of it is good and some of it is bad.�

The Lesson

Students will be introduced to the book, Fables by Arnold Lobel. Students will read the Baboon’s Umbrella and have a discussion about the moral of the story. Students will create a Popplet showing good and bad advice that they have received from their friends. Students will be asked to share their Popplets opening up a discussion on how the moral is true – some advice can be good and some advice can be bad. Students will write a brief essay on what one should do if they receive bad advice from their friends – how they would handle the situation and ensure that everything turns out right.

Extension Activities 1 Students can read the other fables in the book. They can take the morals and give an example of a personal experience that illustrates the moral. 1 Students can put on a play; acting out the different fables in the book. 1 Students can use an exit ticket to give better advice than what the gibbon gave to his friend on how to solve his problem.

The Baboon's Umbrella  

Character Education Lesson in the Library

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