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Tab Dividers Choose Printable Mylar Copytabs™ Tab Dividers print easily on digital


Custom Printed Tabs with Mylar




Custom 5-Bank Cookbook

Choose Custom Punching 3-Hole GBC

f. 800.328.7312

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5-Bank Copytabs™ with Printable Mylar



Copytabs™ with Printable Mylar and 3-Hole Punch

105 315 305 515 505 705 Clear Lt. Yellow Lt. Orange Pink Yellow Amber

Custom Printed Tabs Mylar Color Options

205 Red

805 415 Purple Lt. Blue

425 Md. Blue


405 Dk. Blue

Mylar Reinforcement

615 625 605 115 Lt. Md. Dk. Gray Green Green Green

915 Brown


1. Custom Printed Copytabs™ with Colored Mylar (pg 52) Achieve a clean and organized look with colored mylar. Choose from 1 to 12-bank formats and various color options. 2. Custom 5-Bank Cookbook (pg 52) Compile book formats with custom options. Call for pricing on GBC punching, collating and printing to complete your project. 3. 5-Bank Copytabs™ with Printable Mylar (pg 52) Offer clear mylar printable tabs with the ease of running on digital equipment. Printable Mylar provides tab durability while saving money and finishing time. 4. Printable Mylar Copytabs™ (pg 52) Shown in white with 8-tabs and a 3-hole punch. 5. Colored Mylar Options Add colored mylar on your custom printed tab dividers to increase durability and organize content. Mylar is a transparent polyester film made in extremely thick sheets. Similar to cellophane wrap, but stronger, it is applied over pre-printed tabs or adhered in strips to the binding edge of sheets for reinforcement. Mylar helps prevent tabs and edges from curling, ripping or smudging.

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Blanks/USA Catalog Volume 27  

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