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Front cover

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Welcome to the world of badge making... What can I make??

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Machine assembly instructions

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Producing your artwork/images

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How to make a badge (G212 Machine)

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Adjustable cutter instructions (GADJ)

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Our contact details

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Template guide Template guide

How to make a badge, continued (G212 Machine)

Desktop cutter instructions (GDP) and Handheld cutter instructions (GHC)

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Welcome to the world of badge making... and thank you for purchasing a Buttonfab 'G series' machine. We are sure that you will be totally happy with your new machine. Please take a little time to read through this user guide as it will ensure correct badge making. Should you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Your new machine comes almost ready for use, simply follow instructions on page 4 and your machine will be in full working order. Unpack the box carefully and you will find your new machine and some samples of other products that your machine is capable of making. These components are all available from our website and can be seen in the chart below. Please check our website for helpful hints and tips to help you on the road to successful badge making. What can my badge machine make?


Pin Badge


25mm Rnd



31mm Rnd



38mm Rnd



50mm Rnd



59mm Rnd




75mm Rnd




G series O

Pocket Mirror

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Safety Clip


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G212 Machine Assembly Instructions 25mm, 31mm, 38mm, 50mm, 59mm & 75mm Contents of Machine Box: 1. Machine. 2. Black screw-in handle. 3. User guide. 4. Sample badges of various buttons your machine can make. 5. Screws x 2 to fix your machine to surface should you wish. Your machine comes almost fully assembled apart from the black handle that requires screwing into position as the diagram below shows. Simply insert black handle into the hole at the top of the lower red handle, screw clockwise and tighten firmly (Do not over tighten). Screw in handle, in a clockwise direction

Lower red handle

Your machine is now ready for use.

G series O

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Producing your artwork/images for badges Artwork guidelines are shown overleaf (pages 6 & 7) with a summary in chart below. The circles need to be pre-cut to the 'Cut Size' which is the same size as the plastic mylar (top plastic cover of badge). Do not cut the circles oversize as this can cause problems when making badges. If you wish to speed up your template cutting out, we have a range of cutters available for purchase from our website. Once you have your badge artwork printed and cut out the templates, you should expect to be able to produce upwards of 250 badges per hour. We do advise that you clamp or screw the machine to a work surface which will keep machine stable, leaving hands free to load artwork/components into dies at a quicker rate. Badge Size

Overall Print Size

Template 'Cut Size'



















G series O

Templates on A4 Sheet

Suggested Strip Width



















(4x7) (4x6) (3x5) (3x4) (2x3) (2x3)

(see page 11)

Paper Weight Guide

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Template guide for artwork/image The inner dash line shows the recommended artwork/image area. Inner coloured circle = total print size, includes bleed for wrap around edge of badge, this can be extended to cutting circle if required. Outer circle is cutting line and must be shown on all artwork as this will aid the cutting out of circle.

31mm Badge 28mm Image Picture

36mm Bleed 41mm Cut

38mm Badge

34mm Image Picture

25mm Badge 22mm Image Picture 30mm Bleed 34mm Cut

50mm Badge

46mm Image Picture

44mm Bleed 51mm Cut G series O

56mm Bleed 61.5mm Cut

6 O

59mm Badge

G series badges O

55mm Image Picture

65mm Bleed 70mm Cut

75mm Badge

70mm Image Picture

G series O

82mm Bleed 87mm Cut

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How to make a button badge (G212) Note: On lower revolving plate, dies are engraved as 1 or 2 Place machine in front of you. 1. With lower die 1 in front of you, place the front plate (edge downwards) so that it sits in centre of die. 2. Place your artwork/image side up (so you can see the image) on top of front plate in die 1. Position artwork in die as per diagram A (opposite page) 3. Place the plastic mylar on top of your artwork in die 1. 4. Rotate the bottom plate 180 degrees, the lower die 2 is now in front. 5. Place the pin back in lower die 2 in line with grooves as diagram A (opposite page, please note 25mm pin back differs slightly from other sizes) For other components parts, the front plate, artwork and mylar are the same, it is only the rear component that is different as below. Magnet: Place the magnet component with magnet facing upwards, once magnet button is made, the magnet will be inside. Mirror: Place the ring with edge facing upwards and then mirror reflective side downwards in middle of die. Magnetic Bottle Opener: Place the magnet part facing down in die. Safety Clip: Place clip part facing down in die. 6. With die 1 directly under upper die, pull down the handle until you feel resistance and then lift handle up to original position. 7. Rotate the bottom plate 180 degrees, so that lower die 1 is in front of you. Note: the top plate, artwork and mylar will now have disappeared into the upper die. 8. Pull down the upper handle again as operation 6 and return. 9. Rotate the bottom plate 180 degrees and remove finished badge. Tip: When badge making, keep loading dies alternatively as this will speed up badge making. G series O

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How to make a button badge cont (G212) Components Loading Guide Die 1

Die 1

Die 1

Die 2

My Badge Artwork 1. Load Top Plate

2. Load Artwork

3. Load 4. Load Plastic Mylar Pin Back Plate

Diagram A Die 1

Die 2 (Pin back plate)


My Badge Artwork

Grooves on die Upper die Lower dies 1 & 2

Front of machine G series O

Bottom revolving plate Engraved number for dies (1 or 2)

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Adjustable cutter instructions (GADJ)

Contents of Adjustable Cutter Box: Adjustable Cutter. 6 Metal Cutting Circles. Cutting Mat Allen Key Instructions


Adjust cutter to correct cutting size by inserting allen key in the hole of the blade axis through hole located in the circular frame.


Then adjust the cutting wheel rod as markings to the diameter badge being made. Tighten allen key once correct size is selected.


Select metal cutting circle as same size on cutting wheel rod. (i.e. badge size). Then affix to bottom of circular frame. (magnets will hold in place) IMPORTANT: Ensure that correct sized metal circle is used as wrong sized metal plate can damage cutting wheel.


G series O

Place artwork onto supplied cutting mat, and place cutter over top of artwork. Line cutting circle on your artwork up with metal circle. Apply minimal pressure on handle and rotate 360 degrees to complete cut. 10 O

Desktop cutter instructions (GDP) Metal circular plate

Handle push down

Insert paper strip (see page 5 chart 'suggested strip width')

1. Where possible clamp cutter to work surface 2. Cut paper into strips to allow you to pass through cutter. 3. Insert paper strip between metal plates as below. 4. Line up cutting circle of artwork with metal circular plate 5. Push down handle to complete cut. Handheld cutter instructions (GHC) Metal circular plate

Squeeze together to cut

Insert paper strip

(see page 5 chart 'suggested strip width')

1. Cut paper into strips to allow you to pass through cutter. 2. Insert paper strip between foam & metal plates as above. 3. Line up cutting circle of artwork with metal circular plate 4. Squeeze handles together to complete cut. G series O

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G series O buttonfab button badge machines

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version: 24022012

Buttonfab G Series User Guide  
Buttonfab G Series User Guide  

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