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Comforters: Choosing and Caring Buying a comforter either for the cold or warm seasons shouldn’t be too difficult to do. All you need is the right information to guide you when choosing a comforter for your bedroom. Ideally, a comforter should provide lightweight warmth, shouldn’t be too heavy, and provides comfort that will make sleep sound and wonderful all throughout the night. Quality is prioritized here, not quantity, so you might want to expect the price to be much higher than buying a simple blanket or quilt. To be able to make the most out of your money, this article is going to help you choose a comforter and how to keep it in good condition throughout the year. There are 3 important factors to take note of when shopping for a comforter: thread count, fill power, and baffling. •

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the comforter’s fabric. In order to get the best comforter, choose one that are made with high quality fabric that has a high thread count. Higher thread count means more softness, longer durability, and it keeps the filling from coming out. If this happens, dirt and all kinds of bacteria could infiltrate the insides of the comforter.

Fill power is another factor that refers to the amount of space that a certain amount of filling takes up. If, for example, you’re buying a down comforter, fill power shows how much space an ounce of down takes up. High quality comforters usually have their fill powers listed, so look out for this measurement before buying a comforter from the store. While thread count is about softness and durability, fill power focuses more on warmth, insulating power, and the overall quality of the comforter.

Baffling basically refers to the kind of construction used to make the comforter. Good comforters are baffled in such a way that the fillings won’t clump and shift in the long run. Without this, you will feel the stitching on the cloth walls but fewer fillings in those areas. Some comforters aren’t made with baffle construction, so it would be best to ask first if you want a baffled comforter for your home.

It is also a good idea to check the warranty of the comforter before buying it. You may be given a good deal for a comforter, but at times these products end up becoming uncomfortable and useless due to low quality materials and bad handling. You might want to get a comforter that offers a longtime warranty. Here are tips on how to maintain a comforter: •

Use a duvet cover to protect your comforter from dirt and impurities of all kinds. This is a nice idea because then you get to decorate your bed with all kinds of colors and patterns.

Using a duvet cover means only having to wash your comforter once or twice every one or three years. This is because a duvet cover keeps your comforter clean and therefore doesn’t need so much washing to do.

Bring the comforter to a Laundromat. excessive heat to dry it off.

Avoid washing it with harsh detergents and using

Comforters - Choosing and Caring  

• Baffling basically refers to the kind of construction used to make the comforter. Good order to get the best comforter, choose one that ar...

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