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No.1: Paint Introduction by Kevin Bradshaw

Spat on a cave wall; daubed on sugar paper by a child's podgy fist; sprayed in underpasses and alleyways; primed canvas, decorated houses and buffed-over graffiti; dribbled, scrawled, scratched and brushed; finely executed with a single hog bristle, or squeezed and squashed from a damp sponge. Paint is art. The death of painting was once (or twice) foretold, yet the medium continues to enthral and excite artists and art lovers. Paint is perhaps the most fundamental of art materials; so direct and tactile, during both the processes of creation and of consumption. A single stroke of colour can be read in more ways than there are people in the world. Paint's artistic use extends far beyond painting into collage, sculpture, installation, performance and even digital, and may it continue to do so for as long as there are people and as long as there is art. Even removed of an artistic context paint surrounds us; our bedroom walls, cars and fingernails. Paint is art and paint is everywhere.

blankpages Issue 38  

Welcome to Issue 38, our September edition of blankpages: Blank Media Collective's very own concoction of music, art and literature... and i...

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