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‘There are ten of us in our family.’ That’s how Dad saw it: my sister and I, our partners Stefan and Rhodri. His 4 grand children, Kate, Rebecca, Wil and Amy. His younger sister Dilys. And Tenovus. “You see, 6 years ago Mum got bowel cancer. But Tenovus talked Mum and Dad through the ups and downs of her treatment, and when she passed on, their help continued for us all. So when Dad made his Will, naturally he included Tenovus. Because like everyone in our family, they’re always there for us. Rhiannon Jones, aged 46. Pontardawe, Swansea.

How will you be remembered? A bench at your local park? A commemorative plaque? A planted tree? OR

A legacy, that could help someone in Wales, with cancer?

Tenovus’ continued success, and 65 years of history, providing support to countless cancer patients, owes much to the people who have remembered the charity in their Will.

“Legacy gifts are tremendously important, however big or small. When writing your Will you don’t have to choose between your family or charity. A gift in your Will can be the most powerful and effective way to support those touched by cancer both today and tomorrow.

Furthermore, charitable bequests are tax free. So, by remembering Tenovus in your Will you could reduce the burden of inheritance tax on your entire estate. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to think of including Tenovus in your Will. It could make the world of difference to the cancer patients which Tenovus supports. From your first diagnosis, right through treatment and beyond, our specialist Cancer Support Team help with all aspects of cancer care, from counselling and advice to help with tackling more practical problems. If you need a little reassurance, help finding answers, someone to talk to medical staff for you, or need advice on how to claim the benefits you may be entitled to, the Tenovus team are there for you. As our local services develop we are bringing support services even closer to your home – through our Mobile Cancer Support Unit and local drop in centres. None of this would be possible without the support of people who choose Tenovus as a beneficiary in their Will. It really is critically important to us. I very much hope this booklet will provide you with sufficient information so that, if you haven’t already, you may consider supporting Tenovus with a gift in your Will.” Claudia McVie, Chief Executive

How legacy gifts can help Providing support and treatment to cancer patients closer to their home

Delivering unique support services to cancer patients and their families

Launched in February 2009, the Tenovus Mobile Cancer Support Unit is a crucial part of our promise to bring cancer care to the heart of the community. Wherever the Unit goes we work in partnership with the NHS in giving patients their chemotherapy, and in offering support to those who need it. The Unit helps us to raise cancer awareness and provide education where it is needed most – so that future generations can reduce their risk of getting cancer. “The Unit is the best thing since sliced bread”

“ ‘You have cancer’ are the three words anyone fears. When I was diagnosed terminally ill with prostrate cancer three and half years ago, I thought my life had come to an end. For the first three months I did not know what to do or who I should blame. After three months my consultant referred me to a Tenovus Counsellor, at last I had someone to talk to about me; someone who had experience with people with terminal cancer. Those weekly meetings over 18 months were just as important to me as the drugs the consultants were giving me. The strength that I gained from those counselling sessions has given me armour to fight and live with cancer, rather than dying with cancer. I believe all cancer patients should have access to a Tenovus Counsellor and preferably as soon as they have been diagnosed”

Clementina Cordani, patient

Keith Cass, patient

Providing welfare support and advice on financial issues

Conducting and funding research to improve cancer outcomes and experience Tenovus has had a long and distinguished history of funding cancer research. Over the last 45 years, we have funded huge advancements in the treatment of cancer. These included the development of Tamoxifen, the world’s most successful breast cancer drug, pioneering the use of antibodies in the treatment of lymphoma and discovering that the most common form of leukaemia is actually two separate diseases. We have also funded research of nearly 200 PhD students in our history, many of whom have gone on to become world leading cancer scientists. Throughout this time we have always put the needs of the cancer patient at the heart of our research.

Mike Evans, 62, from Llangeinor was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the oesphagus in July 2000. He came into contact with Tenovus at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff. “As well as checking up on me, the advice that Tenovus offered was very practical. The support team sorted out my finances together with my wife and I – I’d always been healthy and had a regular salary, so it was a huge shock suddenly being put on the sick. The people at Tenovus are marvelous and I can not thank them enough. They became like a close family to me throughout my treatment and helped me and my family face a frightening time and always gave us hope. I’ve rallied around my home village and a group of us run events every year to support Tenovus. I’ve been fundraising for them since I recovered through various raffles, walks and charity nights”. Mike Evans, patient

What happens next? Making a Will isn’t as expensive as most people think, but because it is a legal document it is strongly advisable to use a solicitor. Doing so will ensure that your Will is legally correct and that all your wishes can be carried out.

Some simple first steps could be: 

Make a list of your assets and what you think their value is

Decide who will benefit – people and/or charities.

Choose your executors – these are the people you choose to make sure that your wishes are carried out, such as family, friends or solicitors.

Choose a solicitor.

If you have already made a Will but you want to update it, you may just need to add a codicil. This is simply an addition or alteration to the existing Will so you can add extra gifts or alter amounts being shared without making a completely new Will.

What happens next? The main ways you can leave a gift in your Will are: A residuary legacy _ a share or percentage of your whole estate This type of gift means that however much your financial circumstances change, the proportion of your estate each person or organisation receives will stay the same. Usually it is shown as a percentage of what is left of your estate once all the expenses, debts and specific gifts have been taken out.

A pecuniary legacy _ fixed amounts of money Specific gifts / bequests such as a house or land, or personal possession such as a painting or jewellery. In order to ensure that there is no misunderstanding in your Will, it is important that your solicitor refers to specific wording. We strongly advise that you include our registered charity name and number within your wording in respect of your legacy gift:

Charity name is “Tenovus,” Charity Number is “1054015”

Contact the Tenovus Legacy Officer

Our dedicated Legacy Officer can provide you with advice on a number of issues: •Demonstrating how your legacy gift will help and how you and your family can be remembered •Saving time and money by taking you through important steps to consider before seeing your solicitor, and to ensure Tenovus will be able to act upon your wishes. • Finding the best way for you to help Tenovus and the cancer patients we support. Please call us on 0808 808 1010 and ask to speak in confidence to our Legacy Officer.

Useful contacts for financial or legal advice: St James’s Place Partnership 01656 783614 Hugh James Solicitors 029 2022 4871 Leo Abse & Cohen 029 2038 3252

This family made a difference During the 1990’s Ken Fickling who had been a strong supporter of Tenovus for many years left a gift of £20,000 in his Will to Tenovus. Here, Mrs Mary Fickling recalls her late husband’s commitment to the charity. “Ken was the Chairman of Tenovus for a number of years and he always felt passionately about the charity. He wanted to remember Tenovus in his Will and we were very proud that his legacy gift enabled Tenovus to commit to research funding”.

Thank you Without the support of people who had made the decision to leave a gift in their Will we would not have been able to provide the support that we have outlined in this brochure. Tenovus owes a lot to the people who give so generously to ensure we continue to be able to provide support and conduct research long into the future.

Be there for your family, always. Freephone Cancer Support Line 0808 808 1010 Find out more at www.tenovus.org.uk

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Tenovus Cancer Care 'Legacy brochure'  

Tenovus Cancer Care 'Legacy brochure'