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Gulf Coast  Ecology  Webquest     Visit  each  of  the  sites  listed  below  and  answer  the  questions  that  correspond  to   the  information  within  the  site.          

Did Oil  enter  the  food  chain?­‐oil-­‐from-­‐deepwater-­‐horizon-­‐spill-­‐entered-­‐gulf-­‐food-­‐ chain     How  many  months  did  the  oil  spill  out  of  the  Deepwater  Horizon  site?       What  was  the  rate  of  oils  spilling  from  the  drilling  rig?       What  are  zooplankton  and  why  are  they  important  to  the  gulf  ecosystem?            

Where did  the  oil  really  go?­‐traveled-­‐up-­‐the-­‐gulf-­‐food-­‐chain-­‐ scientists-­‐say/   What  are  the  first  organisms  to  eat  the  oil?         How  does  the  oil  get  to  the  zooplankton?         Explain  how  the  oil  is  transferred  up  the  food  chain…use  three  levels  in  your  description.             Explain  the  term  Biomagnification  using  the  oil  as  an  example          

Species to  watch­‐work/fisheries/indicator-­‐species.html    

Whale Shark     List  all  of  the  reasons  whale  sharks  use  the  gulf:         How  are  the  whale  sharks  affected  by  oil?         Why  is  it  difficult  for  scientists  to  determine  how  many  whale  sharks  were  killed  in  the  oil   spill?  

      Kemp's  Ridley  Sea  Turtle    

Where do  these  sea  turtles  spend  the  first  two  years  of  life?             What  do  they  eat  during  that  time?       What  are  the  concerns  for  turtles  associated  with  the  oil  spill?         Blue  Crab     Describe  how  Blue  Crabs  are  a  keystone  species.         Describe  the  combined  economic  effect  of  the  Blue  Crab  to  gulf  communities.         Is  the  BP  oil  spill  the  only  problem  facing  the  Blue  Crab?          

Bluefin Tuna    

Why is  the  Gulf  Coast  such  an  important  place  for  the  Bluefin  Tuna?       Bottlenose  Dolphin     List  several  ways  that  the  Bottlenose  Dolphin  is  affected  by  the  oil  spill.         Brown  Pelican     Describe  in  detail  how  the  oil  spill  is  slowing  the  progress  of  recovery  for  the  Brown   Pelican.                       Brown  and  White  Shrimp     List  all  of  the  organisms  that  eat  the  shrimp  larvae:           What  do  the  shrimp  use  estuaries  for?           What  role  do  the  more  mature  shrimp  play  in  the  ecosystem?             How  much  money  is  attributed  to  shrimp  in  the  Gulf  States?              

One more  site…­‐species/12-­‐animals-­‐threatened-­‐oil-­‐ spill.htm    

Choose one  of  the  species  listed  at  the  site  and  describe  how  the  oil  spill   affects  them.                           Explain  why  is  biodiversity  important  both  in  terms  of  an  ecosystem  and   social  interests.    

Gulf WebQuest  

Three websites that outline some of the potential problems caused by the the BP spill

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