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LittleGaudi: The Little Genius of Barcelona.

I have My Own World En Gaudet, the little GaudĂ­, is very imaginative and he loves to doodle.

NATURE is the MASTER He is also very observant and he learns from plants and bugs, while playing alone in the countryside of Tarragona.

When moving to study in Barcelona, he becomes fascinated with the city and its people.

I'm a Genius !!

“We have given this academic title either to a fool or a genius. Time will show.� Says the director at his graduation.

Loneliness is my only F riend Rejected in love, only art consoles him.

Art for LIFE, Life for ART He designs all objects in the house, his art involves life.

To Be is to Do He likes what he does so much, that he lives for working rather than he works for living.


He says that originality is going back to the origin. But he is the origin for some others.

I'm not Practical He prefers the curved line to the straight line, details to the simple thing, and the pleasure of beauty to the tyranny of the useful.

I'm REVOLUTIONARy He puts up the models upside down to design the form of his buildings.

NO FIGHT, NO LIFE No matter if people criticize his weird style, he never gives up.

I'm an

His style is very personal, but we all benefit.

nother type of HERO


The majority of his works are in the streets of Barcelona.

I'm POOR of Money Although he has to ask for alms to be able to build his masterpiece, he is rich in ideas, values and faith.

To c reate is to Believe To create is an act of faith, and he is very devoted.

I Sacrifice myself for my Art He truly dedicates himself, body and soul to La Sagrada Familia.


He walks so engrossed in thought that he is struck by a tram, and he looks so unkempt that they take him to the poor hospital, where he dies.

But his work, is always more and more alive...

because you Love it !

The Little Genius of Barcelona The famous architect Antoni GaudĂ­, who represents modernism more than any other artist, died alone and apparently poor, focused on his work, which is currently a very important source of wealth for the city of Barcelona. LittleGaudi is a character freely inspired by the human figure of GaudĂ­, who is showing us, in a pleasant and accessible way, the work and values of the genial architect of Barcelona.


The Little Genius of Barcelona.

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