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Development Update May 2020

Issue 2: Sixth Form

Dear parents and friends of the college, ur first Development Update looked at the very beginning of the educational journey – our Infant department. This second issue looks at the other end of that story – Sixth Form provision. Since announcing that we would be reopening our Sixth Form to enable students to complete their educational odyssey at Blanchelande, we’ve been patiently building our vision by speaking to our students, parents and teachers. This Development Update brings together what the Sixth Form will look like materially. (Follow these links for our Curriculum and FAQs.) As Principal, I firmly believe that we have assembled a terrific team of teachers who will go the extra mile in ensuring that our students flourish at A-Level. You only have to look at the way Blanchelande teachers have responded

to the COVID-19 crisis to see how they rise to a challenge. This disruption, which as I write is still playing out, makes it even more important to make the next step the right one.​ By choosing Blanchelande, you’re choosing to open an exciting new chapter not just for you and your year group, but for future generations too. Kind regards,

Robert O’Brien, Principal

An exhilarating next chapter…

t is a joy to welcome you to the Blanchelande College Sixth Form Odyssey. As you turn these pages and discover the new inspiring spaces that we are creating, I hope that you will sense our commitment to providing each student with new freedoms and the best chance to develop their intellectual curiosity and independence of thought. There is no better time to discover who you are and where your passions, values, interests and talents lie than as a sixth former. Our Sixth Form provides a rich academic experience stretching beyond the classroom, with a broad range of enrichment and leadership opportunities – illustrated later in this Update – that will develop many other skills in preparation for further study and employment.

Kind regards,

Sarah Moores, Head of Sixth Form

Meet Team... Meetthe the team

Jo Flood English

Amanda Brun English

Magali Brouard French

Ana Boldison-Smith French & Spanish

Sarah Moores Spanish

Gareth Rees History

Cora Lee Fine Art

Hugh Rose Photography

Neil Houston Music

James Miller History

Justine Vlad Drama

Rachel Van Der Linden Design Technology

Darren Broad Physics

Charley Mason-Smith Biology

Hugh Tabel Environmental Science

Holly Fairley Environmental Science & Geography

Maria Page Psychology

Maddie Ellert Theology & Philosophy

Christine Nicolle Mathematics & Mathematical Studies

Sarah O’Leary Mathematics & Mathematical Studies

Michelle Oestermann Physical Education

Morna McDougall Physical Education

Kate Bentley Mathematics & Mathematical Studies

Immerse yourself in the world of ideas

his September we will be opening a brand-new Senior Library. A well designed and resourced library is integral to the Sixth Form experience, as students spend a significant part of their week in study periods, immersing themselves in private study. The library will be located on the top floor of the school, adjacent to the new Sixth Form Common Room.

hough we want to see students deep in studious thought in the library, having a break to talk with friends is just as much part of the Sixth Form experience, so right next door to the new Library will be the Sixth Form Common Room. The third room on the top corridor (currently the Geography room) will be retained, but will be completely refitted and reimagined as a Sixth Form Common Room, including an area to eat and drink, plus individual lockers for convenient personal storage. Student consultations have given us a clear idea of the feel that you’re looking for, and in September we’ll give a budget to the Sixth Form committee for finishing touches.​

Your space

New learning spaces ou’ve already seen our state-of-the-art Laboratory 1 (pictured). In September we’re adding a sister laboratory (‘Lab 4’) specifically designed for A-Level scientists, with its own adjoining Science study area as an alternative to the main library (if you’re lucky enough to find a seat).​

New classrooms hen school returns in September, most of the senior school classrooms will have been switched around so that departments are grouped together. We’re also carrying out some major building work to create completely new classrooms in previously unused parts of the school, like this classroom - English 1 - which will be next door to the Undercroft.

The old with the new e’re continuing to transform some of Blanchelande’s quirky and characterful corners into learning spaces. The Pink Cottage will soon be converted into two classrooms. There’s even a sun-trap terrace round the back for Sixth Form sunbathing. Really!​

No parking clock required! Once you have passed your driving test, we will be pleased to offer you parking on site.

Grab a coffee s a Sixth Former, during break and lunchtime you’ll be free to nip off site. So you don’t lose too much time in travelling, you can get a drink or snack at our neighbours, the Silversmiths, using a Loyalty Card unique to Blanchelande Sixth Formers.​

Growing room ne of the distinctive features of Blanchelande students is that they really like to go out, sit in a field, and talk to each other. So we’ve decided to turn our ‘walled garden’ into part lawn, part wild flower meadow, and fill it with benches for the top two year groups of the school.​

The sixth form experience his is a development update, and so it has concentrated on the facilities that we are preparing for you this September. However, facilities are only the backdrop to a brilliant Sixth Form experience. Don’t forget the big picture. Along with your A-Level choices, your horizons will be broadened in an array of enrichment opportunities that will benefit you, your school and your community.

What is the Sixth Form Odyssey? t Blanchelande, each student is the Hero of their own unique story. Each phase of education constitutes a distinct chapter of this story, and with the mentorship of our dedicated staff, and our carefully designed facilities, we are committed to making this journey full of all of the things that make a story exciting and meaningful. Students entering their Sixth Form studies have completed their GCSEs, overcoming many formative trials along the way. But what next? Having defeated the eight-headed dragon of GCSE studies, and rightfully laid claim to its treasure, what does the next chapter of the story hold?

An Odyssey is a journey home. Gaining those hard-won GCSE results tells students where their strengths lie; and triumphing over the Senior Phase means that they must now take what they have won, and spend it wisely. As in any great story, these newly-forged Heroes must now ‘bring home the Dragon’s Gold’, meaning they transform their difficult experiences into great benefits for their community. That is why we have been referring to our Sixth Form as ‘The Sixth Form Odyssey’; after the famous Greek poem, which tells the tale of the Greek Hero Odysseus as he returns home from war. In the Sixth Form, students will now focus their subject choices, further building on their strengths, and discover the value of their efforts in the wider world.

Academic E Extended Project Qualification

Alongside your chosen subjec an important element of you enhancing both your Sixth For personal statement.

A standalone qualification to develop your skills in independent research and project management.

Debating Society

Learn to debate a range of topics and develop critical thinking skills crucial for success in employment and progression to university.


That’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. In other words, the future!

These options vary in length and attached. This is a non-exhaustiv will also present you with oppo take part in competitions and en great experiences to embrace an


cts, A-Level enrichment forms ur academic study programme, rm experience and your UCAS

some have a formal qualification ve list, and your subject teachers ortunities to attend conferences, nrol on trips. There will be many nd from which to grow!

Massive Open Online Courses Use some of your independent study periods to take a detour into an area of study not on your syllabus – MOOCs are a sure way to stand out from the herd.

Creative Writing and Journalism A fantastic opportunity to be involved in editing or designing the school newspaper.

Mathematical Studies Mathematical Studies is a one-year course, equipping you with the essential numeracy skills needed in many university courses and professions.

Extracurricula Leadership

A student Leadership Team will cover various areas of general school life and some more specific roles to Sixth Form, for example Head Boy/Girl, House Captains, Sports Captain and many more.

Interact (Rotary Young People) Become a leader in your school, connect with leaders in your community, and promote international understanding.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award DofE demonstrates that you have extra qualities desired by employers and admissions officers such as teamwork, problem solving, initiative and communication skills.

ar Enrichment Work Experience

Blanchelande has established links with many local organisations and employers. Work Experience fosters new skills, different interactions with others and larger experiences beyond school.

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise enables students to receive expert guidance from those in industry: a great opportunity to set up a business and learn the tricks of the trade.

Voluntary Work

Volunteering might include helping with the learning needs of younger pupils, assisting teachers with academic clubs, or working with the Primary after-school supervisors.

Sixth Form

The personal development of ea Blanchelande. The Sixth Form Di achievement and ensures that stude in a broad range of experiences, an liberal sense.





m Diploma

ach student is central to life at iploma consists of seven areas of ents receive recognition for engaging nd education in its widest and most




Work Experience

s you draw to the end of Year 11, we’re inviting you to give us a firm indication of your plans for next year, so that we can get everything ready for you.​ Whether you are an existing Blanchelande student or a newcomer, there is no registration fee, and for the first year (2020-21), parents will be eligible to apply for a 25% reduction in our usual fee rate (£2,780.25 per term, or £834 per month based on ten monthly instalments). All each student needs to do is submit their subject choices on this simple online form and we will respond with an offer based on this summer’s GCSE grades. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Sonia Hollowell, Registrar

Blanchelande College Les Vauxbelets St Andrews Guernsey GY6 8XY

Tel (01481) 237200 www.blanchelande.co.uk

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Blanchelande Development Update 2: Sixth Form  

Blanchelande Development Update 2: Sixth Form  


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